Lady Bug Bedroom

by lou16

A lady bug bedroom is a great theme for a baby girl up to a pre-schooler and even beyond if they love lady bugs, in fact as an adult I’d love a lady bug bedroom myself!

How to Create A Gorgeous Girl’s Lady Bug Bedroom

I would’ve loved a lady bug bedroom when I was younger, actually I’d like one now, but I don’t think I could get my hubby to agree!   Lady bug themed bedrooms are very popular as a girls bedroom decorating idea so if your little girl loves lady bugs here are some ideas for you.

Lady Bug Bedroom for a Baby

When it comes to decorating a bedroom for a baby I would keep the walls and floors rather neutral so that you can update the colors depending on what your child ‘discovers’ for themselves as they turn into a toddler and beyond.

When my daughter was a baby we used bedding and a framed poster to inject a theme into her room and it worked really well.   When it comes to posters there are a huge selection of lady bug ones available and if you scroll further down you’ll see a great personalized poster available.

There are some gorgeous bedding sets for babies available, but it seems most sets contain little extras besides just the bedding which is great.   I’ve located three awesome lady bug sets for you to look at and they all contain plenty of gorgeous things to make your baby’s bedroom the envy of everyone.

This set opposite is the smallest one I have found for you and is only a 6 piece crib set which includes a quilt, bumper, fitted sheet, dust ruffle, diaper stacker and valance.

This next offering is a 9 piece set that features not only bedding for the crib (comforter, bumper, fitted sheet and skirt), but also 2 window valances, a diaper stacker, toy bag and throw pillow.

If you’re after just one set to create a lady bug theme then this one will do beautifully.

This last gorgeous lady bug crib set contains 10 pieces which are a quilt, bumper, sheet, skirt, diaper stacker and valance along with 3 wall hangings and a musical mobile.

I love the addition of the last two things as they are great to add to a baby’s room.

Creating a Lady Bug Bedroom

Toddler and Up

Have you ever seen a toddler’s face light up the first time a lady bug lands on their finger?   It’s a beautiful sight and it evoked lots of memories of my own childhood which is probably why a lady bug themed room is so much fun for me to create.

Every girl’s bedroom starts with her door and what better introduction to her lady bug slice of paradise than a lady bug welcome sign?

A lot of your daughter’s friends will probably have their names on their bedroom doors, but I doubt any of them would have a sign quite as cool as this one with lady bugs on it!

Next is to think of the bedroom walls and there are lots of colors you can choose to use on the walls for a lady bug inspired bedroom.  

Green is lovely as it showcases the ladybug theme really well while also being a very restful color for a bedroom.   Another color that surprisingly looks good is the chic mocha wall color that’s available.  

Cream is another very safe color to use that works well and will also adapt if they decide they prefer butterflies to lady bugs in the not too distant future!   A pale blue can also look absolutely gorgeous with lady bugs so you really have plenty of choice here.

The other thing to think about is decorating the walls and one great way of creating a gorgeous Lady Bug bedroom is by hanging up some Lady Bug art like this fully personalized poster with your special little girl’s name on it.  

The great thing about this piece of art is that you can purchase it as is or in a frame.   Adding a frame to a poster really makes it more of a focal point and will make your daughter feel like she has a really special piece of art on her wall.

You could also add posters or canvas prints of lady bugs and there are some absolutely gorgeous ones available.

Wall decals are very fashionable right now and these lady bug ones look absolutely adorable and they’re easy to remove when your daughter has moved onto other favourite things.

Lady Bug Bedroom - Windows

When creating a themed bedroom for a little girl you have to first decide on a budget as you can go completely overboard and have a fabulous room or you can just select a few items to ‘theme up’ and still have an utterly gorgeous room.

Windows are one of the areas where you can cut back very easily – you could go for a Lady bug window valance coupled with window panels as below or…..

Red and White Ladybug Polka Dot Window Valance by JoJo Designs

JoJo Designs makes this beautiful window valance goes perfect with the matching crib bedding sets. Designed to fit most standard windows.

Only $21.99
Red and White Polka Dot Ladybug Window Treatment Panels -Set of 2

Create a stylish look with these JoJo Designs Window Panels. Pair with coordinating JoJo children's bedding sets to help complete the look and feel of the bedroom theme for ...

Only $38.72

There are a couple of alternatives to how you can frame the windows.   I personally like to use a blind in my daughter’s bedroom, but that’s because where we live it gets light really, really early in the morning!   If you chose a plain blind you could still use the valance above for a touch of lady bugs or you could even have no valance at all and just use some lady bug stickers on the blinds or even use fabric paint to stamp or paint lady bugs onto the blinds.

Alternatively just use plain window treatments and put a couple of cute lady bug ornaments on the window sill or window clings on the windows.

Lady Bug Bedroom - Floor

Looking to the floors I would go with a neutral colored carpet or wooden floors and just add a ladybug rug if you want to, like one of these gorgeous ones below -

Lady Bug Rug

The Ladybug Nursery Area Rug features a ladybug, dragonfly and flower design theme in shades of red, pink, green and cream.

LA Rug Red Lady Bug Rug 35"x39"

35"x39" Made out of 100% Nylon with Latex backing

Only $20.0

Now we need to move to the focal point of the room – the bed and this has to be lady bug inspired.   You can leave the whole room neutral if you want to, but the bed has to say ladybugs!   Luckily there are lots of different lady bug bedding sets to choose from.

Lady Bug Bedding

Polka Dot Ladybug Childrens Bedding 3pc Full / Queen Set

Little Ladybug Full/Queen Bedding Ensemble has all that your little one will need. This funky and fun children's bedding set uses a collection of soft 100% Cotton fabrics ...

Only $119.99
Ladybug Parade Childrens Bedding 4pc Twin Set

Ladybug Parade 4 pc. Twin Bedding Ensemble has all that your precious little one will need. Let the little ladybug in your home drift to sleep on this unique and exquisite ...

Lady Bug- Yard Twin Sheet Set

Includes one twin sheet set of 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and one pillowcase.

These three bedding sets show how diversely you can decorate your lady bug bedroom from red, black and dotty to a calming green with lady bugs dotted around the room.

You could use matching lady bug sheets, but I tend to just get plain sheets that match the duvet cover and only get themed duvet covers or blankets as the effect is the same without quite as much of the cost.

Now as far as the bed is concerned I always recommend getting either a white classic looking bed or a wooden one so that it will suit anything that your daughter likes as she gets older.    A white bed looks stunning with lady bug bedding.

Lady Bug Bedroom Accessories

Now you already have a great lady bug bedroom for your daughter, but there are different things that you can add which are a bit like icing a cake – chocolate cake is yummy, but chocolate cake with icing is even better!

Here’s a few cool ideas for adding extra lady bugs into a bedroom…….

Jackie Popp Wildlife N Nature insects - lady bug - Light Switch Covers - single toggle switch

lady bug Light Switch Cover is new and handcrafted utilizing unique process resulting in a stunning high gloss ceramic-like finish. SET OF MATCHING SCREWS IS INCLUDED giving ...

$13.75  $11.75

View on Amazon

Lady Bug - Switch Plate Cover

The Ladybug Nursery Switch Plate Cover features a whimsical ladybug, dragonfly and flower design theme in shades of red, pink, green and cream.

View on Amazon

Lady bug light switch covers – now I only discovered themed light switch plate covers in recent years and I am sold on how great they are.   It’s something that’s not actually necessary in a bedroom, but it sure makes a really great finishing touch.

They are really easy to put on and take off so you can easily update the switch plates as they go through different phases of their lives. 

Lady Bug Night Lights - This cute little lady bug night light is absolutely gorgeous and is a must if your daughter is used to night lights.  

I must admit I never introduced night lights to my daughter so I’m not sure what you need to look for in a night light, but if you’re after the cute factor this one has it in spades.

Lady Bug Lamp - A lamp is a great addition to a bedroom and this Lady Bug one is really cute.   It's great to be able to read their bedtime story to and it's something that they'll enjoy being able to turn on before turning off their main light so that they can see to get into bed.

We found that getting our daughter a bedside lamp really helped her to understand that going to bed meant going to bed and staying there - it gave her a routine that she could be 'in charge of' ie turning on her lamp, turning off her bedroom light ready for me to read her a story.   It was then my turn to turn off her lamp which meant time for sleep!

There are lots of other great ideas for adding finishing touches to a ladybug bedroom and they include photo frames, piggy banks, jewelry boxes and of course lots of different lady bug ornaments or stuffed toys!  

It really is a case of letting your imagination run wild (and how much money is in your wallet!), the best thing about all of these little extras is that they can all be added at a later date which means there are lots of gift ideas for birthdays and Christmases until she grows out of ladybugs of course and then the whole creating a gorgeous bedroom process starts all over again.

Updated: 07/20/2012, lou16
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sheilamarie on 12/05/2011

These are all so pretty! I'd like a bedroom with these friendly bugs.

ohcaroline on 11/21/2011

These are so cute. I like the red and white lady bug outfit the best!

Digby_Adams on 11/17/2011

Oh my gosh these are adorable. I missed my chance for this as well. My husband wouldn't go for it either. But if I ever have a daughter.....

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