Christmas Ornaments

by lou16

Christmas ornaments are one of my favorite Christmas decorations as they make the Christmas tree feel dressed and festive.

A Christmas tree without any ornaments is naked, although you don't need very many to make a statement.

I love looking at Christmas trees and seeing how people have pulled together different themes - some people have nothing by angels, santas, bells or stars on their trees while other people have different color combinations on theirs.

Personally I love finding unique Christmas ornaments that have meaning to people in my family which means our tree is unique to us. I have a little Kangaroo Christmas ornament as my daughter is Australian and I have some black Christmas ornaments with the silver fern on them as my hubby is a Kiwi!

What Kind of Theme Does Your Christmas Tree Have?

Colored Christmas Ornaments

Deciding on a colored themed Christmas tree is a great idea and is often used by party planners when they're organizing Christmas parties or Christmas weddings.   It's also used by big businesses and small businesses alike and some times it's fun just visiting all of the malls that are in our city and seeing how many different color themes are featured each year!

There are lots of classic combinations such as red and gold or red and white and then there are more 'fun' Christmas color themes like pink and silver.   Which ever color theme you decide on for your Christmas tree you will need to make sure you have the Christmas ornaments to support it.

Are you dreaming of white Christmas ornaments? I have collected together a great selection of white Christmas ornaments just for you!
Are you looking for some gorgeous black Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree this year? Look no further as I have a great selection for you right here.
Aqua Christmas ornaments can look very special on your Christmas tree and goes well with several different Christmas themes.
Add a little zest to your Christmas décor with some orange Christmas ornaments. These stylish orange ornaments will help your Christmas tree stand out from the rest.
Red Christmas ornaments are a very traditional color ornament to hang on your Christmas tree and when you choose red you're assured of a great look.
Silver Christmas ornaments are a great accent to any themed tree and I’ve compiled a lovely selection of silver ornaments here for your family’s Christmas tree.

Purple Christmas Tree Ornaments

I love the look of purple ornaments on a tree and it's a color that has been gaining in popularity over the last few years

Victorian Christmas Ornaments

There seems to be more and more people looking at vintage or antique styles of Christmas trees in recent years which leads us nicely into Victorian Christmas ornaments.

The fact that Queen Victoria had a large, decorated Christmas tree every year at Windsor Castle is really where the trend that we see around the world is said to have originated.   Queen Victoria's tree was really (probably) the work of her German husband Albert, but her popularity and how society wanted to constantly copy her is what saw decorated Christmas trees popping up in society homes around Britain.

From stately homes to everyday houses around the world Christmas ornaments have really changed, why even the trees themselves have evolved from 'real' trees to the rise in artificial Christmas trees in colors ranging from black and white to purple and aqua!

Christmas is a time when we get nostalgic which is why vintage, antique and retro ornaments are so popular, the pages I've linked to below feature a number of different types of ornaments that are Victorian in nature and sure to make an impact on your holiday decor.

Beaded Christmas ornaments were very popular with the Victorians because the beadwork added a touch of opulence to a Victorian Christmas tree.
When it comes to adding a touch of Victoriana to your Christmas tree you should think about handmade Victorian Christmas Ornaments.
The Christmas tree that we all know has it's roots in Victorian Britain which is why we love the Victorian methods of tree decorating creating rich, opulent looking Christmas trees

Nativity Christmas Ornaments

If you want to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas then you can theme your tree around the nativity by adding a star tree topper and ornaments of nativity scenes like the Christmas ornaments opposite.

Angels are also a popular Christmas ornament because of their link to the nativity, God and the Christian faith which is why I have listed the Angel ornaments on their own page below.

Angel Christmas ornaments add a little magic to everyone's Christmas tree. I've compiled a great selection of angel Christmas ornaments for you to browse through.

Disney Christmas Ornaments

A number of people celebrate Christmas with different types of Disney ornaments including Christmas tree ornaments and it's hardly surprising as most of us grew up with Disney as part of our lives.

There are so many different types of Disney Christmas ornaments available that you need a separate page for them....... well at least one!

When you combine the magic of Disney with the magic of Christmas it's amazing what can happen as you can see with these gorgeous Disney Christmas tree ornaments.

Peacock Christmas Ornaments

The Victorians and Edwardians both looked to nature for inspiration, but we seemed to have moved away from these inspirations in recent years, until now that is.   Peacocks seem to be coming back into fashion and that includes adding their vibrant colors to our Christmas trees.

Curious?   If you're interested in seeing what's available then click the link below, you will not be disappointed as the gorgeous colors look fantastic on a Christmas tree and if it's not you, well there's no harm in looking is there?

Hanging peacock Christmas ornaments on your tree will have people complimenting your Christmas decor throughout the holiday season.

Hallmark Christmas Ornaments

Hallmark produce lots of different types of Christmas ornaments every year and many of them become collectibles.

More Christmas Ornaments

Unique and Unusual Christmas Ornaments

I love finding unusual Christmas ornaments or ornaments that will be special for a family member of friend.   I also give Christmas ornaments as gifts sometimes.

There are Christmas ornaments on just about everything these days from your hobbies such as board games or sports to your profession so you really can represent everyone in your family on your Christmas tree.

If you don't believe me check out this next link which is bursting at the seams with great Christmas ornament ideas.

Unique Christmas Tree Ornaments
Christmas Tree ornaments for all the family! I've compiled a great selection of Christmas ornaments for you to hang on your tree this year.....and every year that follows. Why don't you come along and check out the selection for yourself.

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Mira on 11/08/2012

I didn't know about the Hallmark Christmas ornaments. Great idea!

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