Aqua Christmas Ornaments

by lou16

Aqua Christmas ornaments can look very special on your Christmas tree and goes well with several different Christmas themes.

Aqua Christmas Ornaments Are Gorgeous

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I love the color aqua and it can look awesome on a Christmas tree.  I particularly love an aqua and silver combination, but there are so many different options that it's hard to decide how best to display your aqua Christmas ornaments.

If you've never thought about using aqua in your Christmas decor you're going to wonder why not by the time you've finished reading this article.   If you do use aqua Christmas ornaments already then hopefully you'll find a few more ways to use these gorgeous decorations.

Aqua Beach Style Christmas Tree

If you want to think of summer then why not have a beach themed Christmas tree?   There are some great beach Christmas ornaments available from the fish to mermaids, palm trees to beach chairs, along with shells and even Hawaiian Santas!

Aqua Christmas ornaments are a great addition to a beach themed Christmas tree as they embrace the color of the ocean beautifully.

Aqua and Silver Christmas Themed Trees

Aqua Christmas ornaments also look great when combined with silver Christmas ornaments or to decorate a silver tree.

I particularly like aqua Christmas ornaments and silver Christmas ornaments when they're on a white Christmas tree as they look like something out of a winter wonderland.   It's almost how I remember the Snow Queen from fairytales decorating her Christmas tree (if she had one).

Aqua and silver Christmas ornaments can also look very chic when on a black Christmas tree and really make an impact.   It looks so stylish and sophisticated when used this way, makes me think of a page in an interior design magazine for the stylish New York appartment at Christmas time!!

Aqua Victorian Christmas

Although I don't usually think of the color aqua in regards to a Victorian Christmas tree when you see the aqua, silver and green paisley designed Christmas ornaments opposite you can see how gorgeous a Victorian themed Christmas tree could be with a touch of aqua.

The coolness of the aqua color works as a gorgeous contrast to the warmer, more opulent colors that you usually associate with a Victorian Christmas tree like reds, golds, purples and other gem tones.

Aqua works really well to pull these warm colors together and at the same time add a touch of sophistication to the tree as well.   In a word - gorgeous!

Aqua and Peacock Christmas Themed Tree

Peacocks were a popular Christmas tree theme for 2011 and aqua is another color that mixes well with the teals and purples found on a peacock tree which means if you want to update your peacock decor this Christmas an aqua ornament or two might be the ideal way of doing so!

More Aqua Chrismtas Theme Ideas

Aqua Christmas ornaments work really well with a number of other colored Christmas ornaments for some striking effects.

Aqua ornaments and black ornaments together on a green or white Christmas tree.

Aqua ornaments on a red Christmas tree - very striking.

Aqua and purple ornaments work well on any color Christmas tree.

Aqua and lime green ornaments look stunning on a white Christmas tree.

Aqua and orange ornaments were born to be placed alongside each other on any type of Christmas tree!

Do You Own Any Aqua Christmas Ornaments?

More Gorgeous Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are one of my favorite Christmas decorations as they make the Christmas tree feel dressed and festive.
Updated: 01/27/2012, lou16
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Jimmie on 01/28/2012

A gorgeous selection. I think aqua and pink (or purple) are lovely together.

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