Orange Christmas Tree Ornaments

by lou16

Add a little zest to your Christmas décor with some orange Christmas ornaments. These stylish orange ornaments will help your Christmas tree stand out from the rest.

If you’re bored of the more traditional colors of red, green and gold for your Christmas tree then why not check out orange as a Christmas color?

The look of these orange Christmas ornaments will have you asking yourself why you’ve never had them on the tree until now. Depending on the shade of orange and what other colored ornaments you use orange Christmas ornaments can add a touch of freshness to a tree or a touch of elegance - you choose.

Orange Christmas Ornaments

Orange is a very warming color which is very appropriate for the holiday season and it looks fantastic on your traditional Christmas tree (real or artificial).   There are a wide selection of orange Christmas ornaments available from the ball style of ornament to the icicles and finial styles as you can see opposite.

If you wanted to you could use just orange ornaments on your tree and it would look warm, cosy and Christmassy.   Sometimes it’s nice to add a few other colors to your tree though and there are a number of different colors that go well with orange.

Black is the first color I think of and you can incorporate black and orange in two different ways.   Firstly you can add orange Christmas ornaments onto a black tree for a look that can take you through Halloween and into Christmas.

Secondly you could just add a scattering of black Christmas ornaments to break up the blocks of orange color on the tree.

Gold is another color that works well with orange and you can see how well by the gold and orange Christmas ornaments below.

You could incorporate these gold and orange ornaments with your orange Christmas ornaments or you could just add a mix of both gold and orange ornaments onto your Christmas tree.

Orange & Gold Retro Reflector Shatterproof Christmas Onion Ornament 8" (200mm)

8 Inch Reflector Onion Ornament Item #011-936 Shatterproof ornaments combine the beauty and luster of real glass with the unbreakable practicality of plastic This reflector ...

Orange and Gold Glitter Stripe Shatterproof Finial Christmas Ornament 12"

12 Inch Shatterproof Finial Christmas Ornament Item #011-932 Features swirling and sparkling gold glitter stripes against a shiny orange finish Fully dimensional ornament ...

Orange and Gold Retro Reflector Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornament 8" (200mm)

8.5 Inch Reflector Ball Ornament Item #011-935 Shatterproof ornaments combine the beauty and luster of real glass with the unbreakable practicality of plastic This reflector ...



Orange Christmas ornaments also look well with brown Christmas ornaments as they are both warming autumnal colors.   I think the chocolate or coffee colored browns work best with orange Christmas ornaments on a traditional Christmas tree.

You could use a brown Christmas tree and add orange Christmas ornaments for a totally different and very stylish look that is sure to get people talking about your tree.

I recently saw a white table top Christmas tree that only had a few Christmas ornaments on it and the colors were orange, pink, apple green and purple.   Now I would not have ever dreamed of putting that combination of colors together, but with the white Christmas tree as a backdrop it worked really well.   I especially liked the apple green with the orange.

Apple green Christmas ornaments seem to be popping up in a number of Christmas tree designs in big shops, malls and office buildings this year.   The combination of apple green with orange is really good as it makes the orange appear more zesty and gives the whole tree a very youthful and fun look.

Another color that can really compliment your orange Christmas ornaments is blue, you just have to match up the shades of your oranges and blues carefully or else you look like the tree is representing a sports team!   Of course if your favourite team’s strip contains orange then you’ve already decided on the other ornaments to add haven’t you??

Here’s a few more orange Christmas ornaments that will help to add a little pizazz to the balls and icicles I featured further up the page –

I love the contrast of the glitter stripes on the matte orange ball in this shatterproof ornament, it’s a great way of adding texture and depth to your Christmas tree.

Stars look great on the Christmas tree adding their geometrical shape to the hoards of rounded ornaments that seem to abound on all of our trees!   I particularly like this orange star because of the alternating glitter and matte look of the ornament.

This last orange Christmas ornament is a style my daughter absolutely loves – it’s got glitter and it’s got texture and it just acts like a star!   You only need one or two of these on a Christmas tree to make them stand out and they are especially great when surrounded by matte orange Christmas ornaments.

Want More Christmas Ornament Ideas?

If you really don’t think orange will suit your Christmas tree then maybe some of my other ideas will – from white Christmas ornaments to peacocks and more you’ll find a great selection on this webpage –

Christmas ornaments are one of my favorite Christmas decorations as they make the Christmas tree feel dressed and festive.
Updated: 11/20/2012, lou16
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Will You Be Adding Orange Christmas Ornaments to Your Tree?

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r menc on 11/16/2011

I found ribbon at Michaels that is dark purple with an orange and sage green paisley print...I already had the dk purple and sage green balls, so I picked up some cute orange accents..the tree is a small one I use in the family room which is decorated in tans---looks really YES, I am using orange this year!

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