White Christmas Ornaments

by lou16

Are you dreaming of white Christmas ornaments? I have collected together a great selection of white Christmas ornaments just for you!

White Christmas ornaments are a classic color for hanging onto Christmas trees - white is a color that looks good no matter what other colors you're putting on your tree.

Most Christmas tree themes will look great with white Christmas ornaments as well, to me white symbolizes innocence which I think is quite appropriate...... it's also a way in which you can be sure and have a white Christmas!

White Christmas Tree Ornaments

Dress Your Christmas Tree in White

White is a great color for Christmas tree ornaments in my opinion as it reminds me of snow and who doesn't dream of a white Christmas?   As more and more people chose to use artificial Christmas trees they are also getting more variety in the color of Christmas trees available - white Christmas ornaments look great on any color tree!

White Christmas ornaments look great on a traditional green Christmas tree, but on some of the alternative Christmas trees they can look absolutely stunning.   Red Christmas trees are sizzling with white Christmas ornaments.   Turquoise Christmas trees really make white Christmas ornaments 'pop'.   If you have a black Christmas tree - well black and white is a classic color combo, so what's not to like?

There are quite a few different white Christmas ornaments available - the Christmas ball ornament is the most common one seen and you can buy them in sets or even like you can see opposite you can get white glitter ball ornaments.   The glitter really helps to give the illusion of a snowball on your tree and is awesome.

The icicle style of Christmas ornaments really suits the color white and you can let your imagination believe that Jack Frost really did visit your Christmas tree and left you some white Christmas ornaments as a calling card!

Another classic white Christmas ornament are the snowflake ornaments.   I mean, really, can you get snowflake ornaments in any color but white?   Well okay you can, but white is the color that makes them come alive.

I love the selection of snowflake ornaments above as they are all very different - a bit like snowflakes in that respect.   It's said that no two snowflakes are the same and I like that thought.

Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornaments
These snowflake Christmas ornaments are designed to bring a smile to my face and bring out a little bit of my inner child - Christmas is for the children (inner or otherwise) after all.

"Hark the Herald Angels Sing..." never before have angel Christmas ornaments looked as gorgeous as this collection of winter snow angels.   Encased in white any of these Christmas angels would look fabulous on your tree.

Personally I like the first white snow Angel set that is shown, but I'll take any of them.   When I was younger we used to have an Angel at the top of our tree, but no angel ornaments.   I'm not sure why because these are pretty cool.

The heritage late Christmas angel would look lovely nestled among other vintage Christmas ornaments - she really wouldn't have looked out of place on a Victorian Christmas tree would she?

Peace on Earth at Christmas Time

White Dove Christmas Ornament

The dove is a symbol of peace and Christmas is the perfect time for peace on earth.   I love the feeling of Christmas cheer when even strangers who pass you by smile and wish you a Merry Christmas.   I think the white dove Christmas ornament opposite helps to capture the Christmas spirit in a special way.

One of my favorite Christmas stories is a true one that Paul McCartney sang about in his 80s hit song - The Pipes of Peace.   It's about a Christmas truce in 1914 between the British and German troops on the Western Front.

The inspirational white Christmas ornaments above really reflect the traditional sentiments of Christmas and goodwill to all men.   Made from felt these white Christmas ornaments have a lovely homemade feel to them which will add nostalgic charm to your tree.

I think one of the reasons I like these ornaments is because they remind me of a red star felt Christmas ornament that my daughter made for me in first grade!  

The messages that these ornaments hold are also so relevent at Christmas, all that's missing is one that says peace.

White & Gold Christmas Ornaments

A Touch of Opulence for Your Christmas Tree
Pack of 12 Neutral Warmth White/Gold ...Pack of 4 White with Gold Diamond Gli...
$14.99  $9.99

Sometimes keeping ornaments all one color can leave you wanting more for your tree and a touch of gold to white Christmas ornaments helps add a touch of luxury to your tree.   Gold can also bring a touch of warmth to your tree as white can be very cooling so the Christmas ornaments above would be great to add to other white Christmas ornaments.

I also think that the white with gold adds a touch of opulence to a tree, they just look expensive!   I particularly like the set of 12 white and gold Christmas ornaments on your left as you look at this webpage - gorgeous!

White is a color that plays well with all over colors and so you can add it to any tree.   There are also lots of different Christmas ornaments that incorporate white plus another color.   A very popular variation is the red and white which is very festive as it's like candy canes.

There are so many different types of white Christmas ornaments available that it's hard to know when to stop adding them.   Start off with some white ball ornaments and then add a few of the other selections like the snow angels and snowflakes to create a beautiful white themed Christmas tree.

Below you can see a range of other types of Christmas ornaments that come in white and include polar bears (they're so cute!), Christmas trees, Snowy owls (I love owls), reindeer and more.   There are lots more that I couldn't find room for such as white dogs, white horses, white shoes etc.   Whatever your hobby or interest I am sure that there is a white Christmas ornament that is based around it.

Looking in more detail at the white Christmas ornaments above we start with a set of two white tutu Christmas ornaments.   These are absolutely gorgeous and are ideal for anyone who loves ballet.   In fact there are a number of different dance inspired Christmas ornaments available to hang on your Christmas tree, but these are some of the nicest white ballet ornaments I've seen.

Next we have a set of 6 white owl Christmas ornaments.   There are lots of different owl Christmas ornaments available to purchase online including other cute white Christmas ornaments.   I included this set though because they really do look so realistic.

The third white Christmas ornament that is featured above is a pair of ice skates - what can I say about them?   It seems like every time you watch a Christmas movie someone is ice skating!

The white Christmas tree ornaments are made from hand blown glass and although you may think - a Christmas tree ornament hanging on a Christmas tree, what?   These ornaments can actually look pretty cool, I haven't actually seen white Christmas tree ornaments on a tree, but I have seen red, green and silver ones and the effects are sensational.

When it comes to reindeer - you don't get more Christmassy than that, although none of the set of white reindeer Christmas ornaments featured here have a red nose so obviously Rudolph got left behind!

Lastly I decided to feature polar bear ornaments.   I love polar bears they just look cool and, of course, they are white!   I'm not sure when we started using polar bears in our Christmas decor, but I love it and when I have enough money I'm going to buy a large outside polar bear ornament that I came across last year!    Do you like polar bears at Christmas?   If you answered yes as you read that last question then you'll want this set of white polar bear ornaments as they are really cute! 


Do You Like White Christmas Ornaments?

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Will You Be Dressing Your Christmas Tree in White This Year?

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traveller27 on 09/03/2011

I love white ornaments - I really like the dove.

GrandmaMarilyn on 08/13/2011

Yes, I could see some white Christmas ornaments on my tree. They would show up so well.

ohcaroline on 08/05/2011

I like white ornaments...but probably won't be using any this year. Yikes! Christmas is just a few shorts days away.

mandeesears on 08/05/2011

The ice skate reminds me of growing up. White ornaments are so classic and always have a place on my tree!

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