Peacock Christmas Tree Ornaments

by lou16

Hanging peacock Christmas ornaments on your tree will have people complimenting your Christmas decor throughout the holiday season.

There’s just something absolutely gorgeous about the peacock, the way the blues and greens off his feathers blend together is nothing short of stunning so it’s no surprise that you can now get peacock inspired Christmas ornaments.

Let’s face it if you combine the beautiful blue and green of the peacock with your Christmas tree you will be making a stunning statement.

Peacock Inspired Christmas ornaments

I had never thought about having a peacock Christmas tree until I was searching for some Victorian Christmas ornaments,

In my search I came across a peacock inspired Christmas bauble and I fell in love!   That feeling makes me featuring a heart shaped peacock Christmas ornament first quite appropriate don't you think?  

Upon looking (mainly online as it’s the best way to find gorgeous and unique Christmas ornaments) I’ve discovered lots of peacock Christmas ornaments.   I was thinking of keeping them to myself, but then I thought no that’s not fair who wouldn’t want the opportunity to use these ornaments on their own Christmas trees.

Peacock Christmas Ornaments

You can actually get peacock ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree with.   If you love the birds then you could display them on an ornament tree all year around.

These birds in shades of blue, green and purple have a majestic dignity about them which I think helps to make your Christmas tree stand out.   I think you could use these peacock Christmas ornaments on the traditional green Christmas tree as well as a lot of modern colored trees.

A silver Christmas tree would look simply stunning with these peacock Christmas ornaments dressing it, while you could also display them on a brown, blue or purple tree to great effect.

I think even a black tree would look great with the peacock's vibrant colors - it would certainly make them stand out and shine on the tree.

I’m not sure if I prefer the peacock ornaments with the tail closed (which is how I usually seem to see peacocks) or with it open and on display, what do you think?

Do you like your Peacock Christmas Ornaments with tail closed or open?

Peacock Inspired Christmas Ornaments

Of course you don’t have to have peacock ornaments on your tree in order to have a peacock inspired ornaments as there are lots of other ways of incorporating peacocks on your tree from images of peacocks or peacock feathers on Christmas baubles to incorporating the colors of the peacock onto your tree.

7" Regal Peacock Green Sequined Starburst Christmas Ornament with Jewel Accents

From the Regal Peacock Collection Item #XM2622-PC Starburst-shaped design drenched in dazzling, vibrant green glitter Features an iridescent jeweled center medallion Accented ...

11" Regal Peacock Teardrop Dangle Christmas Ornament with Jewel Accents

From the Regal Peacock Collection Item #XN3224-PC 3-tier teardrop design drenched in dazzling, vibrant green, blue and purple glitter Finished with a light green jewel pendant ...

7" Peacock Themed Beaded Dangle Christmas Ornament

Peacock Beaded Dangle Christmas Ornament From the Regal Peacock Collection, Item #8095652 One-sided, flat back ornament Dimensions: 7"H x 2"W Material(s): Plastic & Metal ...

18" Regal Peacock Green Sequined Fan Christmas Ornament with Jewel Accents

From the Regal Peacock CollectionItem #XM2624-PCFan-shaped design drenched in dazzling, vibrant green glitterAccented with sequins and beads throughoutFinished with a dangling g...


Peacock Angel of Peacock Fairy Christmas Ornament

You can even get an angel Christmas ornament that is inspired by the peacock!   I kid you not, cast your eyes to the right of the screen and you'll see her in all of her glory - isn't she gorgeous?


This gorgeous peacock angel as I call her (or peacock fairy if you read the product description!) comes with a gold cord to hang from the tree and I think she looks really regal with her purple outlined wings and her peacock skirt, she's almost like a peacock princess with wings.

This is a great ornament for a peacock inspired Christmas, but it would also be great for someone who loves Christmas angel decorations as it gives a fresh look to the usual angel Christmas ornaments that are available.

Peacock Christmas Ornaments - Christmas Ball Style

Some people prefer ball shaped Christmas ornaments so that they can balance out the look of their Christmas trees easier.  That's not me, I love all different shapes, but I'm trying to cater for everyone here so I've found some Peacock inspired ornaments that are also ball shaped!

The Christmas ornaments opposite are unmistakably peacock Christmas ornaments even if they're not shaped like the birds or even the feather.

From the Regal Peacock range these Christmas ornaments are gorgeous, I've placed my favorite at the top.   Embellished with sequins and beads the vibrant colors of this Christmas ornament really stand out, but my favorite thing about it is the way it drapes - almost like the way a peacocks tail drapes when it's down.

The other peacock ornaments are lovely, but if I could only have one the ornament at the top of these ball shaped peacock ornament is the one I would have.

Now that you've seen a selection of peacock Christmas ornaments how do you put your peacock inspired tree together?

Creating a Peacock Christmas Tree

As I've mentioned earlier a peacock theme can work on a number of different colored Christmas trees, it can also work with just one or several peacock Christmas ornaments so let's have a look at how to pull it all together.

You could simply add peacock ornaments onto your tree and it would be a nice looking peacock tree, but could appear a little over the top to anyone who doesn't like peacocks quite as much as you.

Another way is to use a mix of the ball shaped Christmas ornaments, the dangle Christmas ornaments as well as a few peacocks.   This creates a great look as well.

Yet another way is to incorporate a few of your favorite Christmas ornaments on this page with some more plain looking Christmas ornaments in complimentary colors.

There are a number of different Christmas ornaments in peacock colors such as the ones featured opposite that you can add to your Christmas tree.   There are two advantages to using some 'plainer' Christmas baubles among your other peacock ones.   The first is that they are usually a cheaper option while the second is that they help your other one's to stand out more, after all you can only have so many stars.

 I love the peacock color scheme and you could also add just the balls opposite and forget about adding anything peacock (besides the colors) at all and still have a great looking tree!

There are other colors that can be used really well with this peacock tree and they include gold Christmas ornaments.   The gold color is very warming and compliments the blues and greens of the peacock really well.

Silver Christmas Ornaments will also look great, although they don't have the warmness of the gold they do stand out more and will help to make the purples and teals really 'pop' on your tree.

If you have any brown Christmas ornaments they can compliment the peacock Christmas tree as well, especially the chocolate browns.

More Christmas Ornament Ideas

If you don't feel like wowing your friends, family and neighbors with a peacock inspired Christmas tree this year, maybe you'd like to get a few other ideas instead.

I've incorporated a few different Christmas tree ideas on my Christmas ornament webpage below that may be more to your style.

Christmas ornaments are one of my favorite Christmas decorations as they make the Christmas tree feel dressed and festive.
Updated: 05/11/2014, lou16
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Cheryl on 11/06/2011

I started adding this theme to my tree last year ... Love it! Being a bit eccentric anyway, I have discovered the theme fits my personality

Jimmie on 11/02/2011

Love the colors of these ornaments. This would be a gorgeous themed tree.

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