Victorian Beaded Christmas Ornaments

by lou16

Beaded Christmas ornaments were very popular with the Victorians because the beadwork added a touch of opulence to a Victorian Christmas tree.

Victorian Christmas Ornaments with Beads

Victorian Christmas Ornaments

The Victorians loved to decorate their Christmas trees and used beaded Christmas ornaments, crocheted Christmas ornaments, tassels and gilded nuts to create an opulent feature for their Christmas celebrations.

Within Victorian society times were prosperous, Britain still had an empire and, quite frankly, the Victorians like to show off!   Creating spectacular Christmas trees were another way to show their social standing in the community, whether they were members of the landed gentry or the nouveau riche.

Victorian ladies didn’t go to work instead they entertained and amused themselves in their homes.   This meant that activities such as needlepoint or beading were enjoyed by a number of them and this led to some beautiful handmade Victorian Christmas ornaments being created.  

You can still make your own beaded Christmas ornaments if you’d like to, but the great thing about living in this millennium is that you can buy a number of Victorian inspired beaded Christmas ornaments online for your own tree.  

Personally, although I love beading I'm a little more time poor than the ladies of the Victorian era.   This means that buying my Christmas ornaments is a much better idea for me and there are some fantastic beaded Christmas ornaments available, especially online.

Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Victoriana Style!

When you’re looking for beaded ornaments to put on a Victorian inspired Christmas tree you can go a couple of different ways.   You could use ornaments that are merely sequined and beaded Christmas ball ornaments that would look great on both a modern or a Victorian tree or you can use ornaments that have a more ‘Victorian’ feel to them.   Personally I think a mix of the two is a great way to go.

The Victorian’s loved rich colors like purple, burgundy, red, blue, basically the colors of gemstones, they also liked the opulence of gold while cream was another color that was embraced in their décor (with accented gem like colors of course).   Combining these colors with beadwork on a Christmas ornament is definitely the way to create a Victorian styled Christmas tree.

Tassels were another decorative piece that the Victorians liked to incorporate into their homes – think of the tassel tie-backs for curtains as an example.   Combining tassels onto the Christmas tree can be easily adapted with some beaded ornaments as you can see below.

Christmas balls with crystal drops are very Victorian inspired and look awesome on any Christmas tree, I've only featured green and silver ornaments here, but the same principle would work with other colors as well.  

The origins of Christmas tree decorating actually go back much further than the Victorian era and one of the things that used to be used to decorate the old Christmas trees was food stuffs such as baked goodies for the family, fruit and nuts.  

Combining that Christmas history with the lavish decor enjoyed by Victorian society I think that these beaded ornaments below that are based on sugared fruits would look right at home on any Victorian inspired Christmas tree.

There are so many more Victorian beaded ornaments to choose from that it was hard to know where to stop!   I guess the trick to producing a great Victorian Christmas tree is first to decide on the colors and add the ornaments (beaded or otherwise) from there.   Popular color schemes are Gold, cream and red; purple and gold or the peacock colors.

You can get more ideas on Victorian Christmas ornaments on the page below.

The Christmas tree that we all know has it's roots in Victorian Britain which is why we love the Victorian methods of tree decorating creating rich, opulent looking Christmas trees
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