How To Create a One Direction Bedroom

by lou16

The boy band One Direction has tweens and teens everywhere swooning which means giving them a One Direction bedroom will have them jumping up and down in excitement!

My dd and my youngest niece have both fallen under the enchantment spell cast by One Direction - a boy band from the UK. This means that I can actually singalong to all of their songs (talk about earworms) and that I'm also looking at how to help my dd turn her bedroom into a One Direction haven!

Come along with me if you want some tips on creating the perfect One Direction bedroom that will have your tween or teen swooning as they walk over the threshold.

Sourcing One Direction Bedroom Goodies

The biggest problem I have with creating a One Direction bedroom is sourcing lots of goodies to add to it.   One Direction are big in their homeland of the UK (or so I'm told) and I know they're huge in both Australia and New Zealand, but finding merchandise online is really hard.

Luckily for me there's this not so little site called ebay which has come to the rescue as a great source of One Direction memorabillia, even a door sign!


Having a door sign on your child's bedroom door is something that they usually love when they're younger.   Tweens and Teens usually feel that door signs are too childish, however I'm sure a One Direction door sign will be very much appreciated.

Hopefully the ebay seller has a lot of the personalized One Direction door signs available as they do look awesome.   There are sometimes door signs which just depict one of the band at a time, but these seem to disappear from ebay quickly so if you see one with your child's favorite band member snap it up quickly!

One Direction Door Sign

One Direction Bedding

Now at the time of writing this I've only seen one bedding set with One Direction on it and it's pink which is a color that my dd has very recently said is too girly, however when she saw this set all she worried about was that it was One Direction and any color was fine!

There seems to be two different types of One Direction bedding sets available now, the pink one that you can see pictured in the introduction and one that is called Crush which is now available on Amazon which is great as up to now I've only been able to find their bedding on ebay.

I have always recommended to people that they keep their child's bed in a white color or natural wood just so that it's easy to match with licensed bedding as they discover and fall in love with different things throughout their childhood.    It's also a great idea to keep walls and flooring fairly neutral too.

Let's have a look at what One Direction bedding is available right now on ebay.....

One Direction Posters

One way to really embrace your child's latest favorite thing is by using posters.   There are lots of One Direction posters to choose from and there are also lots of ways of displaying them.   At the moment my daughter has 'grown out' of her last fad so she's taken down the framed posters that I had on her wall and has plastered her walls with posters (from magazines) stuck up with blu tack - including three One Direction ones.

One Direction Posters on Bedroom Wall
One Direction Posters on Bedroom Wall

This brings back memories as I'm sure plenty parents used the same methods in their rooms growing up.   Another idea that I've employed for a few years is to get a couple of nice frames and frame a couple of posters to hang on the wall.   This really frames the posters and makes them seem more like artwork.

The third idea I've used is to get a poster block mounted to hang on the wall.   I did this with a Black Eyed Peas poster, but if I had more than one child or my child changed their minds on favorite bands, stars etc quite often this would get too expensive.

You can check out a range of cool One Direction posters at the site below and decide how to incorporate them into your One Direction bedroom -

One Direction Posters
If you're looking for some One Direction posters I've compiled a great selection here for you from the whole band on a poster to posters of your favorite band members.

As well as posters providing wall detail in a One Direction bedroom you can also use wall art stickers.   Wall art stickers are a very hot accessory for rooms that are being used more and more and there's a great selection available for One Direction fans to choose from.

As I've only been able to source these stickers through ebay the selection is constantly changing, but I've seen ones that just say One Direction, ones that show an image of the boys, ones that say Keep Calm & Listen to One Direction along with stickers that say 'You don't know you're beautiful' from one of their hit songs.

One Direction Clocks

I've put a clock in my daughter's bedroom from the time that she could get out of bed and walk into our bedroom so I'm always looking at incorporating a clock into the bedroom decor and there are some great One Direction clocks available on ebay.

You can also now find some One Direction clocks on Amazon which is awesome, although stocks seem to be running out quickly.

These clocks are not only great to incorporate into a Directioner's bedroom they also make a great gift idea for Christmas, birthdays etc.

The first clock I've featured for you is a wall clock with one of their early images on it (one that I know my 11 year old would love as she loves Louis in his striped shirt!).   It takes AA batteries so if it's for a gift remember to include these as well.

Next I've included a couple of alarm clocks (always handy to have an alarm clock in a teen's room if you want them to get up for school!   You can get an analogue double bell alarm clock or a digital alarm clock whichever they're more used to.

One Direction Wall Clock

View on Amazon

One Direction 1D Twin Bell Alarm Clock

View on Amazon

1D Alarm Clock

Start your mornings off right, and wake up to the tune of ONE DIRECTION with the ONE DIRECTION Alarm Clock. The black, white and hot pink digital-face alarm clock includes an FM...

View on Amazon

Make Your One Direction Bedroom Even Better

With limited supplies available online you sometimes have to add the wow factor by being a little creative.   There's very little other things that I can find to decorate the room, however I have found a selection of One Direction dolls available.

Now my daughter is not into playing with dolls any more, but she loves the idea of having One Direction dolls so a simple solution is to buy shadow boxes to put onto the wall or sit on shelves.   Measure the shadow boxes first and make sure that they are big enough that you can stand one of the dolls up in them (affix the feet with blu tack if the doll doesn't stand very well).

You can choose to get their favorite One Direction member as a doll or get all five and incorporate them into the room.

There seems to be two different sized One Direction doll on the market - the Barbie sized dolls and some mini dolls.

One Direction Harry Collector Doll

Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam & Zayn. Each come with their own personally styled fashion outfits. Collect all 5 members of the band.

Only $9.99
One Direction Zayn Fashion Doll

Only $44.5
One Direction Liam Collector Doll

One Direction Liam Collector Doll

Only $66.91
One Direction Niall Collector Doll

Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam & Zayn. Each come with their own personally styled fashion outfits. Collect all 5 members of the band.

One Direction Louis Fashion Doll

Only $33.75

Another way to incorporate One Direction into the bedroom is with a photo frame.   If your daughter is anything like mine she loves having photos in her room whether it's friends, grandparents or dogs (never any of her parents I note!).   There's actually an official One Direction frame which I'm sure they'd love to pop their favorite photo in.

Official One Direction Photo Frame

One Direction (1D) Photo Frame
Only $15.23

Looking For More Bedroom Decor Ideas for Your Daughter?

There's a Collection of Ideas Available at This Website
Creating a girls bedroom can be a lot of fun and very rewarding when you see their face light up as they enter their own special kingdom for the first time.
Updated: 05/29/2014, lou16
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Theresa on 12/21/2014

Omg I'm gonna faint right mow and I just did

Theresa on 12/21/2014

I love one direction I put on my Christmas I said all I want for Christmas is a lot of one direction I iloved one direction since my best friend emily said she was over them so I got home and looked up on my computer and I fainted

Baylee♥1D on 08/05/2014

My room is covered in One Direction posters and merchandise. My favorite is Louis :):)

TatianaHoran(cwhatididthere) on 03/05/2014

love these ideas! @Emma I just found another sista! (I have so many, as they say, they gained four brothers. we gained 100,000 (& more) sisters!) One Direction Forever gurl! haha how much does it cost for the magazines? my mom isn't one of their biggest fans (if you wanna put it dat way) it's really annoying

1Derful boom I love dat 1 so good gonna use that xx

lou16 on 03/09/2013

I love the 1Derful pun, I must use that when talking to my daughter today :)

Emma on 03/09/2013

These ideas are great! I'm 13 and totally obsessed with 1D. I subscribe to 8 different One Direction magazines, which means that I get about 10-15 posters of them a month. Basically what I'm saying is that my walls are covered. I have all the dolls and I even have a Harry cardboard cutout. I have the notebooks, a pillow case, pens, etc. But I never found a One Direction bedding set that I was quite satisfied with. HOWEVER, today I went to Target in search of a new comforter and sheets and happened to come across a One Direction comforter. But the thing is, it was in the kid's section and I suppose they assumed that most children have a twin sized bed. I have a double bed but they only made the One Direction bedding in twin! I thing they are loosing a lot of purchases by only offering the bedding in twin sizes. In fact, I would say that the majority of 1D fans are hormonal teenage girls- like myself! Many kids and teens nowadays have double or queen sized beds. So, I apologize for my rant. This was a 1Derful article. See what I did there? A little band humor. :)

lou16 on 08/04/2012

@Danielle - that sounds absolutely awesome :)

Danielle on 08/03/2012

Ok so basically my room is 100% covered in posters, only One Direction. I'm not even sure what color my walls are anymore. NO JOKE. and I just buy a lot of magazines i have every one(: i also put up the letters derrrrrrence with scrapbooking paper and it is on the side of my loft bed. i made pillows using screening paper. my whole one direction room probably costed about 50$ total (:

Directioner 4 Life on 07/20/2012

Everything is so expensive. I'm 14 and I have to ask my mom to buy anything. I hope I'll get this stuff for the next upcoming Christmas.

katiem2 on 03/13/2012

I just was the band One Direction on the today show, they remind me of the Beetles, had a smile on my face the entire time I watched them perform. Its about time we had the privileged of a great boy band. Simon really knew what he was doing. The one direction bedroom is sure to be a big hit. I'll show this to my daughters :)

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