Indispensable garden tools make weeding, planting, and pruning easy

by teddletonmr

Love gardening, me to. Make your time spent in the garden more fun, and rewarding, with these garden tools that make weeding, planting, and pruning easy.

Ok, I believe we will all agree. As avid flower and vegetable gardeners, we share a passion for cutting and enjoying fresh flowers, our first vine-ripened tomatoes, and other such treats that tantalize the senses. After all, gathering a bountiful harvest from our backyard and container gardens, suffice it to say, it just doesn’t get any better than that.
From weeding around delicate plants to planting bulbs and seedlings, sewing our favorite flower veggies and herbs from hybrid, organic and heirloom seeds I believe we all agree. Having the proper tool for the job at hand is extremely important to us.
Follow along and join in on the chat. As we uncover important things, both flower and vegetable gardeners should know about which garden tool are best for a particular garden task, which ones are indispensable time and labor savers, and which garden tools make tending to our favorite flower and veggies more fun, and rewarding.

Selecting proper garden tools

Durable, easy to use, or the latest and greatest bright and shiny objects

Where many gardeners like you and me tend to our gardens differently, has everything to do with which garden tools we select and use. I grant you many of us make our choices based on durability after all no one wants a flimsy spade or garden rake when there is important planting and soil amending work we need done.

Old school gardeners that have amassed tons of experience know all too well, when it comes time to buy a new tool it’s all about ease of use. No one in their right mind wants to wrestle with some over engineered, heavy weight, hard to work with garden gadget to be sure.

Furthermore the enthusiastic and willing to give new things a try newbie gardeners, are routinely captivated by the latest and greatest garden gizmos, featured on one of those testimony-filled infomercials filled with all sorts of promises they may, or may not make good on. We all cannot help but find entertaining for one reason or another.

Now that we have that bit of business out of the way, let’s take a closer look at indispensable garden tools, their uses and what tools work best, when and why.

Indispensable garden tools
Indispensable garden tools

The art of weeding

Weeding made easy, what is a gardener to do, dig, pull, or chop

For many an avid gardener, weeding is merely an excuse to get up close and personal with their prized garden plants. Similar to a new mother always on the lookout for something that would cause her newborn baby boy or girl harm. Passionate gardeners like you and me take great care to keep our plants stems, branches, leaves and blooms free from harmful diseases, as well as all those nutrient stealing, unsightly, invasive weeds.

Kindle Fire HD, color photos make Identifying weeds easy

garden weeds
garden weeds

Pulling weeds made easy

Using a watering can, soaker hose and spring shower to make weeding easier

Many an experienced vegetable gardener has discovered pulling stubborn weeds such as crab grass and the like from heavy clay type soils. Easiest after a good watering, loosening the weeds foot hold in the tomato patch, rows of green beans, or squash plants, where we dare not use our trusty garden tiller for fear of doing more harm than good.

Perfect watering can

$39.99  $24.93
Water before pulling weeds
Water before pulling weeds

Hori Hori knife is simply a great all around garden tool

Buy you and a friend a Hori Hori garden tool here today
Tomita Japanese Hori Hori Garden Landscaping Digging Tool...
Hori Hori knife makes a great gift
Hori Hori knife makes a great gift

Where and when to use a garden tiller

Knowing what size, how and when to use a tiller makes all the difference.

Although a tiller works well in-between rows of young vegetables grown in rows, corn, bush style green beans, okra and the like. Tomato cages, trellises and other tight garden structures is another thing all together.

Tomato cages, trellises, compact plant beds, and container gardens require the use of good old fashion hand tools that have stood the test of time. In other words, garden tools such as the Japanese Hori-Hori knife are indispensable garden tools that do a great job weeding and cultivating in tight spaces, last for decades, making these types of tools, affordable time, and labor savors all gardeners will enjoy using.


Before you buy the best garden tiller for your gardening needs, check out this review of the most popular big and small tiller features ..
Identifying common garden weeds
Identifying common garden weeds

Planting seeds and seedlings

Plant by the phase of the moon and proper soil temperature

Experienced organic vegetable gardeners with a keen understanding of their environment know, and understand exactly how important. Planning garden work such as sowing seeds, and transplanting seedlings coordinated with not only the rhythms of the moon phases, proper soil temperatures produce better fruit and vegetable crops.

Pick-up a copy of the Gardening & Planting by the Moon 2013 Kindle Edition and a digital soil thermometer by following the Amazon link below, you will be glad you did.

Proper soil temperatures and moon phases
Proper soil temperatures and moon phases

Pruning bushes, trees, & more

Knowing the best time to prune is as important as which tools to use, and how

With 60 plus different types of shrubs used in landscapes across North America alone, boarders, privacy fences, statement pieces, and topiary . Keeping our landscape beds, gardens, well cared for and looking good, is as much about. Knowing exactly when is the best time to prune Azaleas, Holly bushes and trees, and other ornamentals is I believe we will all agree, just a bit challenging to keep up with.

Only $9.99

Rather than waste your valuable time with all those Google search results, do yourself and fellow gardening friends a huge favor. Follow the link just above and right of this paragraph to pick up a copy of, The Complete Guide to Pruning Trees and Bushes.

Learn the top 10 pruning methods used by passionate gardeners to prune everything, which tools to use and why, when to and not to prune, trim and plant all your favorite ground cover, vines, shrubs, bushes and fruit, ornamental, and shade trees.  

Be well, happy gardening, and remember, gardeners know the best dirt, teddletonmr

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teddletonmr on 04/04/2014

Debbie, weeding after a spring rain is one of my favorite gardening activities, ok maybe second to picking and eating the first vine-ripened tomato of the season as I go about weeding.
Our daughter calls the three-pronged digger thingy the bear claw and likes to use it when tending to her strawberry patch.
Thanks for sharing, happy gardening. Mike

Debbie on 04/04/2014

I pull weeds after a rain. I try to use Mother Nature as my garden planner. The Rototiller is the best thing that I ever got for my gardens. The best thing hand held is my three tinned digger (or whatever you call it). This dirt up here where I live is hard, no matter what I do to amend it.

frankbeswick on 03/05/2014

I share your feelings exactly. I know that you have had bad snow and ice in parts of the United States. On this side of the Atlantic we got the same weather system as storms and floods, but you can feel the season warming up.

teddletonmr on 03/05/2014

I for one am tired of all the snow, ice and below 0 degree Fahrenheit wind chill temperatures.
I am ready for spring, transplanting, sowing seeds and tending to my vegetable garden. :)

ologsinquito on 03/04/2014

It's hard to believe that gardening season is almost upon us.

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