Indoor Gardening

by blackspanielgallery

An indoor garden, although small in comparison to outdoor gardens, can bring much visual pleasure, as long as the plants are selected carefully.

Indoor gardens can be rewarding. The idea of having growing plants flowering in easy view being a rewarding experience is obvious. How often do people cut flowers outdoors, or purchase floral bouquets, and set the out to be enjoyed? The enjoyment of flowers is both visual and aromatic. But, how few people think of growing flowering plants indoors?

The advantages are immediately obvious. The flowers will last longer, and in many cases the plants will produce more blooms once the first ones have died. But there are other advantages, as will be revealed below.

Careful Selection of Plants


Not every plant is suitable for indoor growing.  Select plants that do not need full sunlight, and can be cared for easily.  The selection is also to be driven by the size the plant will grow, and the size of the pot that can be used in the space available.  A five gallon pot might be too large for a center-piece on a table.  Envision where the plant will be, and let this dictate the size that can be considered.

Also, does the plant need sunlight?  If so, how is the location it will occupy situated for its light requirements?  Yes, potted plants can be placed outdoors or on a window sill, then retrieved, but this is work many have no time or inclination to perform.  And if the plant and pot are too heavy to easily move this will be a serious problem.


Rearrange as Desired


Gardens are intended to offer an appealing vista.  As plants finish flowering, gardeners must work to keep the focus on flowering plants, whether redirecting the focus, changing the plants, or adding plants.  In an indoor garden one simply has to swap out plants, and either place the variety that has finished in a less used location until they bloom again, or even send them to a greenhouse.  Moving pots is far easier than digging up beds and planting anew.


Add Fragrant Plants

Most plants produce fragrances, many of which are pleasant.  A pleasantly fragrant room containing flowers is to be enjoyed by multiple senses.  This can easily be enhanced by choosing locations for your plants that have good air flow.  As the air passes over the plants the fragrance given off is distributed throughout the room.

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Add Herbs

For both aromas and for use in cooking herbs can enhance the indoor garden.  Yes, and indoor herb garden is possible, so a few herbs sharing space with your florals is worth considering.  In fact, some herbs can function in a shared pot with larger flowering plants, provided the pot itself is large enough. These herbs can mimic a ground cover in the pot, albeit a useful ground cover.

Air Quality Improvement

Plants take in carbon dioxide, use the carbon, and release oxygen.  They are constantly working to make the air quality better in a room, even when not blooming.

Indoor Gardening Can Be for just about Anyone

Some people are physically incapable of working in an outdoor garden, and paying a professional gardener might be beyond their means.  But, indoor gardens can be maintained by most people.  The few who cannot maintain an indoor garden can often find a relative or friend to add a little water to a few flower pots regularly, and fertilize plants when needed.  This then allows them to enjoy the plants, and that might be the small thing that takes them out of a depression, and builds the spirit.


Avoid Poisonous Plants

Some plants might have poisonous parts, or perhaps the entire plant is poisonous.  This can range from mildly poisonous to more severely poisonous.  While this might be no problem for adults, this is a consideration for places visited by children or by pets.  Check the toxicity of any plants you use if there is a possibility of children or pets coming in contact with them, and ingesting them.

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Start an Indoor Garden Club

A garden club is an excellent way to exchange information, whereby everyone learns from the other members.  Why not extend the idea to a garden club that specializes with the specifics of indoor gardening?  This will allow for an exchange of knowledge pertinent to indoor gardens, and thus be of mutual benefit. 

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Updated: 03/30/2017, blackspanielgallery
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frankbeswick on 03/31/2017

You can buy in plants with fruits on from garden centres/nurseries.

Yes it is correct that pollination requires pollen vectors, but breezes inside houses will stir some pollen and there is ever the presence of insects that will be drawn to the plants, especially if there are open windows.

Some plants are monoecious, meaning that they have male and female sexual organs, and while pollen vectors are still required, the distance that the pollen has to move to fertilize the flower is very small.

blackspanielgallery on 03/31/2017

Thanks for the input. It is not a difficult thing for people to do. I did not include vegetables, for too many need pollen, but if you say there can be vegetables I respect your vast knowledge on the topic.

frankbeswick on 03/31/2017

Further thoughts on this very useful article. Many homes have a conservatory, but how many get the best benefit of it in terms of plant growth? You could get some nice fruits that would feed you as well as looking attractive. Not enough, I think. Sadly, my house is too small for a conservatory, but I would like one.

frankbeswick on 03/31/2017

Good article. All the essentials of growing plants indoors were covered.

When I taught gardening at the special school there was a specialist class of sick children, one of whom was doomed to die before she was twenty of the incurable Huntingdon's chorea, who grew their own vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers on the classroom window ledge. Indoor vegetables can be a boon for such sickly people.

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