Indoor Herb Gardens

by candy47

Ideal for small living spaces or limited outdoor planting areas, indoor herb gardens will provide freshly picked herbs all year round.

Freezing winters, limited outdoor space and living in an apartment building are just a few reasons to consider growing herbs indoors. You don't need to have a green thumb to grow some of the basic herbs used in everyday cooking, and with these kits shown below you'll have fresh herbs within a few weeks and they will grow year-round. Grow them on the kitchen window sill or in any room where there's full sun. Plenty of sunlight is the key to a successful indoor herb garden.

Above photo provided by Amazon product available below.

The 3 most important elements to consider when growing herbs indoors are:

  • Light

  • Water

  • Drainage

Fortunately with herb growing kits, there is no guesswork. Included with the kits are complete instructions and all the equipment you'll need.

Children Can Get Involved Too!

Herb Garden in a Box...

Here is a Garden in a Box by Growums. This kit comes complete with everything needed to grow a garden of herbs.

  • Self watering container and tray
  • 4 Different types of seeds
  • 16 Seed Starting Pellets
  • 8 plant ID tags

Visit the Growums website to register your garden and watch easy to understand instructional videos.  There you'll meet Elvis Parsley and Frank Cilantro, just to name a few celebrity herbs.


Official Growums Video

Take a moment to learn a little about Growums!

Books by Rosemary Gladstar

Available in various formats

Since 1978 author and herbalist Rosemary Gladstar has been studying and teaching herbalism from California to Vermont. She authored several books about the use of herbs for healing, medicinal purposes and beauty regimens. Ms. Gladstar's books are educational and entertaining, here are a few.

Easy to Grow

With this kit you get:

  • Clear Mason Jars
  • Basil,Chives,Cilantro and dill
  • Kitchen Scissors
  • Complete instructions

Helpful Hint

If your plants have long stems with very few leaves, they're not getting enough light. In that case, either add an artificial gardening light or move the plants to a sunnier spot.

Herb Garden Kit

In a gift box

Everything needed to start an indoor gourmet herb garden in one box.  Sweet basil, Italian parsley, cilantro, tarragon, chive and thyme seeds included along with planting pots, peat blocks and plant markers.  Great gift idea for anyone!

Cocktail Garden Kit

For those who like herbs in their cocktails, this is for you.  Impress your guests at your next cocktail party with these exotic herbs garnishing their drinks.  Six seeds included with the kit - cucamelon, blue borage, lime basil, hyssop, lemon balm and mint.  Recipe book and planting instructions.  Great gift idea for anyone!

Chia Herb Garden

Chia makes it easy!

Just about everyone has heard of Chia, at least those of us who watch late night television infomercials. 

Yes, Chia has a Gourmet Herb Garden for the 'green thumb challenged'.  This kit is complete with 4 terra cotta pots, Chia growing sponges, seeds for growing curly parsley, dill, chives, basil, cilantro and marjoram, instructions and recipe booklet.

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candy47 on 07/19/2017

I'd love to see the progress of your avocado tree!

Guest on 07/15/2017

I am trying to grow an avocado tree from the pit! We will see what happens! I am growing herbs outdoor, will have to try into this winter. Thanks for all the great information!

candy47 on 08/19/2015

Thank you frankbeswick, I hope Mira sees your comment!

frankbeswick on 08/19/2015

Peat alone is insufficient for herbs, as it is low in nutrients, but what you get in the Growum will be peat with added nutrients.

candy47 on 08/18/2015

Mira, my knowledgeable gardening friends tell me the 'magic soil' is peat. It's an accumulation of vegetation and organic matter widely used in plant starter kits. I hope that helps!

Mira on 08/18/2015

What kind of soil is that in Growums? It looks like real soil but it grows out of that sponge-like thing.

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