Inking Tools And Equipment For Inking Comic Books

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The tools and equipment needed for inking comic books or any other illustrations or drawings.

Comic Book Inking Equipment

Inking Tools

When considering the vast inking tools that there are available you have to have a basic understanding of the inking process and actually know which tools are best for the job. Is it going to be ink pens or brushes? or a combination of both ink tools? Usually a good way of finding out what pens and brushes are best is to just buy some of each and just go for it and experiment with inking methods on your drawings.

Fine line ink pens are a good alternative if you can't master the paint brushes with ink and there are some really great ranges of ink pens from the Manga Pitt pens and the Rapidograph ink pens which come in a range of tip thicknesses. On many drawings that you may want to ink you'll find that a mix of thin and thick ink pens work best on certain areas of your drawing that you want to show different line weights which look most effective on any illustrations.


Pitt Pens From Faber Castell

Artist Ink Pens Ideal For Cartooning Or Other Illustration Work
PITT ARTIST PEN BLACK SET/4 Drafting, Engineering, Art (General Catalog)

PITT ARTIST PEN BLACK SET/4. FABER-CASTELL®, PITT®, Artist PensSuitable for sketches, studies, and ink drawings, the PITT®, artist pen has a long life and is easy to use. The ...

FABER-CASTELL  / Only $19.99
MANGA KAOIRO BRUSH PEN SET/6 Drafting, Engineering, Art (General Catalog)

MANGA KAOIRO BRUSH PEN SET/6. FABER-CASTELL®, PITT®, Manga Artist Brush Pen SetsIdeal for Manga cartooning, India ink is smudgeproof, waterproof, lightfast, and archival ...


French Curve Templates

Draw Smooth Curves Inked To Perfection

The French Curve Templates are a solid and professional tool for artists and requires a little bit of further experimentation to draw smooth curves for swords and other curved areas within your illustrations or drawings. They come in a range of different sizes with oval stencil shapes too to draw more variety of curved objects.

With a bit of practice you can start to ink curved lines with precision with these simple yet effective inking stencils.

French Curve Templates

Plus Flexible French Curves
MLCS 9326 Woodworking 24-Inch Flexible Curve Ruler

Our flexible curve rulers are adjustable to hold shape and give precise measurements on curved edges. Raised edge lets you draw a line. Calibrated in 1/16-Inch measurements on ...

MLCS  / Only $12.88
FRENCH CURVE DRAWING TEMPLATES By Peachtree Woodworking - PW2902

French curves are most useful when laying out projects that require smooth clean curved lines.


The Sharpie Markers

Black Sharpies

Black Sharpie markers are great for creating a permanent ink line on not just paper but other surfaces that you can ink too. Sharpies have been used for years by professional artists as they lightfast and waterproof and fade resistant making them the ideal ink sketching pens also.

Sharpies also come in different colors and look great for doing color proofs of art before going with digital coloring.

India Ink

Indian Ink For Professional Artists

India ink is the preferred ink to use with paint brushes for painting in large areas of inked or black areas such as deep shadow and they come in small bottles for ease of dipping the paint brushes in. Additionally there are some dip pens which you can use with India ink too as the metal quills on these dip pens hold a small amount of ink per dip to really have a go at inking fine lines or cross hatching in the traditional comic book inking way.

Indian Black Ink

Good Quality Black Ink Bottles
Talens Indian Ink 490ml

Only $28.6
Higgins 44204 Waterproof Pigmented Drawing Ink, Black, 32 oz Bottle

Only $45.71
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Ink Tools And Equipment For Artists

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/05/2023

The first paragraph to the first subheading, Comic Book Inking Equipment, asks whether or not the comic book demands ink brushes or ink pens or both.

Can ink brushes and pens be 100-percent exchangeable and interchangeable? Or do ink brushes dominate some areas and ink pens others?

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