Inspirational Christmas Drawing Themes for Kids and Enthusiasts

by WriterArtist

Christmas Drawings can be fun, relaxing and a bonding time for the entire family. Create lifetime sweet memories together and fun filled family adventure this Christmas.

It is Christmas, the magic is there in the home, the garden and the paper. Make your creative juices come into play. Give your rusted brain, thoughts to put in practice. Not all of us are great cooks. Not many of us can decorate our Christmas tree with grandeur.

Lavish Christmas decor and crafts can get complicated. Not pencil and crayons. You just need paper and some trivial, thrifty drawing tools. You will come to love and rely on the pencil and crayons to work their magic in Christmas drawings.

Although Nature’s true intricate forms are too enigmatic to recreate. Drawings can reproduce the difference of object’s images and shadows and perhaps the complicated shades of lights and contrasts. Pencils and crayons have limitations. Water colour and oil can come to rescue.

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Colours of Christmas


Natural tones and compositions of original environment can sometimes become hazy. In that case, use your imagination in using Christmas colours. However, don’t paint the sky green and the water red. You are free to paint the Christmas objects from the hues of your palette without being weird. White and red go well with Christmas. So, do white and blue, red with green and white with green. Red, green and gold give a Christmas filled with sunshine.

Magic of White and Black Sketches

What if we had lived in a world of Black and White, for many creatures in this world are colour blind. Humans are lucky to enjoy a wide range of colour spectrum.


White and Black drawings have their own charms. You can achieve ultimate results from pencil drawings in black. The most amazing sketches I have ever seen were in black and white. Black, grey and white can give rise to the world’s most splendid drawings.

Choose your Drawing Tools









 You can choose from a plethora of drawing tools. Start with a smart kit and enhance later. Good quality paper, Bristol Board, paint brushes, graphite pencils and erasers, coloured pencils, watercolour pencils, acrylic pens, charcoal, coloured chalks, 24 sets of crayons, thick and thin felt markers are some of the choices you need to make. Oil pastels are a good option and they tend to be less messy. Water crayons are very vivid, expressive and you can use them to show creativity. Pencil drawings can be addictive if you stick on.

Measuring instruments like scale, T-square and stencil will come handy for elaborate drawings. Other accessories include sharpeners, sandpaper pads and knife

Rainbow Colour Palettes

While there are creatures who are colour blind, humans have been gifted to enjoy the multitude of rainbow colours in this unusual amazing earth. So utilize the colours and bring your pictures to life with the most colourful palette of crayons and water colour.

Nativity Scene and Infant Jesus


Christmas without a Nativity scenery and Baby Jesus would be incomplete. Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem and Mary gave birth to Baby Jesus in a stable. Three wise men came to visit Jesus and brought gifts. Drawing a manger and adorning the stable with the cradle, the hay and all these glorious members would be another beautiful theme for Christmas.

Christmas Tree Drawing

 How did the Christmas tree become a part of Christmas celebration? It is a story in itself. Romans decorated their trees with wreaths, candles and trinkets. The Vikings celebrated the festival by decorating the evergreen trees as a mark of the end of winter. The Druids decorated their trees to celebrate Harvest and offered fruits to the Deities. Decorating or drawing a tree can become a family affair and there are so many ways to draw a beautiful Christmas tree.

Santa Claus


Nicklaus or Nicholas the fat belly guy who makes Christmas a joyful experience is now famously known as Santa Claus named after Saint Nicolas. It is fun to draw him.

The white bearded old fellow who is assisted by the magical elves and reindeers is a favourite of many. Children wait for Santa Claus to bring them presents on Christmas and many of them dream that he forever survives the deadly blizzard of north Pole and remains immortal in their memories.

Elves Santa’s Secret Helpers

Who can forget Santa’s great helpers. Without them it would magnify mundane  tasks and complicate chores and the toys would never complete in time.

Of course there are many kinds of Elves. There are forest elves, cookies elves, garden elves, shoe elves and Christmas Elves. All elves are funny looking guys with a crooked nose and curved shoes. But they are of great help to Santa Claus. Without their help old Santa cannot make those toys and deliver it on the same night to all the kids in the world.

Which is your favourite Christmas symbol?

Airborne Reindeers

On a white clad mountain run the airborne reindeers with the background of aa magical lit sky and twinkling stars that shone bright in the dark sky but on a silhouette of silky white alps.

Christmas Ornaments and String of Lights


Christmas Lights add the glamour and twinkle to the Xmas night. Add colourful baubles and tinsels for the sparkle in your sketches. Add candy canes and Xmas stockings in your themes.

Christmas Fairies and Cherubs


Who doesn’t love Angels offering Christmas pies and melodies. Draw cherubs playing the trumpets and drums, fairies playing harps and angels singing in the background.

How do draw a Christmas Symbol?

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blackspanielgallery on 12/04/2019

I like the rock paintings, since they can be kept for future years. They can be as decorative as ceramic Christmas decorations, and cost much less.

WriterArtist on 12/03/2019

DerdriuMarriner - Well, red waters and green skies were rarely seen by me. But I understand if there is an urge for the inside artist to paint them this way. Thanks for bringing out when this can happen in Nature. I like your idea of compiling Christmas activities and making it family affair that can carry on, year after year for generations to see.

DerdriuMarriner on 12/03/2019

WriterArtist, Thank you for the practicalities and products.
It amuses me that you advise against green skies -- precursors to thunderstorms at best and tornadoes at worst -- and red waters -- indicators of algal blooms or excessive iron.
One of the artists I've met brought up free-hand drawings, as opposed to coloring books, as to how and why she became a creative professional. She encouraged her daughter (who became a doctor!) and her grandchildren to do likewise.
So this Christmas activity really gladdens me. It's something that can be compiled Christmas after Christmas as part of family histories.

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