Inspirational Wall Quotes

by HealthfulMD

Inspirational quotes can provide encouragement and raise the spirits. With wall art quotes, your favorite quote can be applied to a wall in your home or office for inspiration.

Words that Inspire Now Available as Wall Art Quotes

For years, I have collected inspirational and motivational quotes. I have had inspirational quotes up on my walls during college and medical school to pick me up when I might be feeling a bit low, or needed a boost. Reading an inspiring quote can help pull you out of a funk, and raise your spirits when you are feeling low.

To this day I keep motivational and inspirational quotes on my walls as calendars. Now with the rising popularity of wall art quotes and wall art words you can easily put up a large inspirational wall quote for visual encouragement.

The benefit to using wall art quotes is that they are removable so you can easily change the inspirational wall quote as you get inspired by a new motivational quote.

Wall art quotes are being put up on walls in the living room, family rooms, dining rooms and children's rooms. Inspirational and Motivational Wall Quotes are going into the workplace to inspire those in the office. Inspirational quotes can even be used in health care settings to inspire healing.

Inspirational Quote


Life is not measured by the breaths we take,

but by the moments that take our breaths away.


Wall Art Quote - Take Our Breaths Away

Life is not measured... 23x28 vinyl wall lettering words art sticky...
Sticky Words Vinyl Lettering

Mother and Son Moment

From Falconreid
Moment to Take Ones Breath Away
Moment to Take Ones Breath Away

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Inspirational Wall Quote - Dance


Dance - Like No Ones Watching 

Love - Like You've Never Been Hurt

Sing - Like No Ones Listening

Live - Like Heaven is on Earth 


Learn How to apply a Wall Quote

From vinylisms and MrsLioLee

Tips to Apply a Wall Quote

Applying a Wall Quote is very easy. 

  1. Tape your vinyl word art to the wall.
  2. Check to see that it is straight.
  3. Pull the backing off of the vinyl word art.
  4. Rub over your vinyl sticker with a credit card or squeegee.
  5. Carefully remove the transfer paper from the vinyl art sticker. (Pull off at a sharp angle)
  6. Admire.

If you need to remove the vinyl heat with a hair dryer to make it easier to remove.

After reading the instructions and watching a few of the helpful YouTube video tutorials, you should be able to hang up your own inspirational wall art quote. 

After all, as shown in "How to install vinyl lettering" it is so easy even a child can do it.

Wall Art Quote - Learning to Dance

Only $9.99

Inspirational Quote - Dancing in the Rain


Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,

it's learning to Dance in the Rain.


Inspirational Wall Quote - Gandhi

Change - Gandhi - Grey

Inspirational Quote - Gandhi


Be the change 

you wish to see in the world.



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Inspirational Wall Quotes at a Resturant

From SweetOnVeg
Inspiration at Loving Hut Restaurant
Inspiration at Loving Hut Restaurant

Inspirational Quote - Destiny


Destiny is in your hands.

You can become whatever you want

with determination.

Where to Put Your Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational and Motivational quotes are finding there ways into all sorts of decors. People are bringing inspirational quotes into their children's rooms to inspire them as they grow up and into the workplace to inspire people at work.

Some of the places you might consider putting up an inspirational quote:

  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Kids Rooms
  • Family Room
  • Workplace
  • Office
  • Hospitals

Inspirational quotes are also being used to help create healing spaces.

More on Creating Healing Spaces

The medical community has recognized the importance of sacred spaces and healing environments on the healing process. Create a healing place by following a few simple steps.

Motivational Quote - Walt Disney

If you can dream it you can do it! Walt Disney wall art wall sayings
Epic Designs
Only $12.99

Motivational Quote - Walt Disney


If you can dream it.

You can do it!

Walt Disney    

Wish Wand

From lynnc
Wish Wand
Wish Wand

Wall Art Quote - A Wish Your Heart Makes

(NEW) A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes wall sayings vinyl letteri...
Wall Sayings Vinyl Lettering
Only $17.99

Inspirational Quote


A dream is a wish, 

your heart makes.



Motivational Wall Quote - Roosevelt

Hard to Fail - Theodore Roosevelt

Motivational Quote - Roosevelt


It is hard to fail, 

but it is worse

never to have tried to succeed.

Theodore Roosevelt   


Motivational Wall Quote - Churchill

Never Give Up - Winston Churchill

Motivational Quote - Winston Churchill


Never, Never, Never 

Give up.

Winston Churchill   


More Sources for Inspirational Quotes

My Favorite Sources for Inspirational Quotes

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More Motivational and Inspirational Quotes on Wizzley

Bite sized chunks of wit and wisdom which have kept me going over the years!
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mandeesears on 06/04/2011

i love inspirational quotes and find myself reading them when I need it most. Having it posted on a wall would be instant inspiration!

Jewelsofawe on 06/04/2011

These are cool and I use that Walt Disney quote on my Zazzle products so I was glad to see it here.

petunia on 06/04/2011

These quotes are inspirational to the children in the house too. I still remember a quote mama had on the wall when we were little children. "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry all by yourself."
I have always wanted quotes on my walls - glad to see it is now possible to do it in an acceptable fashion. These are lovely!

ohme on 06/04/2011

I have been thinking of putting an inspirational quote on my home office wall and you have made me think more seriously about it. My problem is that I have so many pictures hanging that I am not sure there is room for a quote.

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