Introduction To Autoresponders For Email Marketing

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Thinking about starting up email marketing? You should consider an Autoresponder service.

Email marketing requires the technology to send out automated email messages to anyone that subscribes to your email list. Here is an introduction to Autoresponders and how they are useful for managing an email campaign.

An Introduction To Email Autoresponders

Autoresponder Introduction

Autoresponders are a great email tool for responding to subscribers that you have built up over a certain time frame and they are still a prominent marketing promotional tool for getting the word out on special products and valuable informaton on a certain niche.

Autoresponders are the host to many email messages, but most are not the same, from simple email messages to newsletter and blog broadcasts, always be on the look out for new ways of using your autoresponder, mostly when a message is sent to an autoresponder address a message is sent back

Sometimes though an email autoresponder may be used for an unscrupelous spam promotion, but thankfully the majority of automated emails are legit and quite useful for their niche, An autoresponder can be a good addition for daily tasks, such as communicating to your email list and organizing certain content streams.

Many dubious Internet marketers will put their autresponder address out there, so that any other autoresponders that respond will be spammed to death with their marketing messages, of course there are ways of stopping this with unsubscriptions and email filtering, but it is quite annoying if this ever happens to you, so never make your autoresponder address known, unless you trust another marketer and you can swap email autoresponder addresses for joint ventures and such.

Saving time is the name of the game with an autoresponder and so it is wise ti invest in one that will serve you well, Aweber or Getresponse are the two top ones, but I guess you can look at many other options that are out there to benefit your email marketing campaigns.

Look after your autoresponder and use it wisely as it is a business asset and one that can mean more customers for your business and it saves a lot of time and effort with an easy to use software that emails your subscribers with the messages that you write and set to send out when you want.

Aweber Marketing Tips

Accessing Secret Web Pages With Autoresponders

Link To Secret Pages On Your Websites

Autoresponders Could Provide Access To Secret Pages For Subscribers

Secret page access with Autoresponders

Having secret pages on your website can be a useful marketing trick which helps the lucky few to be granted access to them, you could provide limited access for a select amount of people or you could impose a time limit and this is all possible with a bit of website technical know how and just by using an autoresponder to help with the process.

By creating a directory within your web host account for your website that is password protected with a unique login and password that your lucky few will hace access to login to the secret pages and all you have to do is think of some valuable content to place on that directory, this could be called your top secret membership or some other clever title that entices your select few to either buy the product offer or download the free never released software that will benefit them in some way.

Although this method does require that you know how to make a website from within your web host account and get all the pages set up for this secret site access, you need to put the access URL and the one login and password in your autoresponder and the write a professional looking sales page and send it to your mailing list and say that this is not available anywhere else, because this is just a secret for your subscribers and they are the only ones with the secret log in details.

Access to the secret area should always be free as your aim is to just get people to sign up to get the log in information, so they can access it through your autoresponder, just remember that what will be in your secret site will have to be of use and be very valuable for them to sign up for it and free stuff helps add value, just make it so that it is. You gain by obtaining name and email addresses and the subscribers gain from the freebies and useful content or bonus downloads.

This is a very creative way to use an autoresponder and again the top internet marketers are using this marketing method and once they are on your list you can market to them gently and not bother them everyday or they will unsubscribe, this is also the perfect opportunity to inform them of any updates and offers that are timely and discounted.

There are many uses for autoresponders, so start using them effectively.

Squeeze Page Templates

Email Capture Products - Templates For All Business Needs

Don't Use Autoresponders Any Of These 3 Ways

Be Responsible With Email Autoresponders

Autoresponders: How Not To Use Them

Never Use Autoresponders This Way

Autoresponders can be a brilliant marketing tool for the serious online marketers, but in the wrong hands they can be a way to spam all sorts of crap, such as Viagra and Rolex watches that no one really wants in their emails, spam has become a problem of epic proportions what with various software programs that can lift email addresses off web pages and then send you spam messages.

Spam online is now illegal with the Can Spam Act which came into force a few years ago, which means that anyone caught spamming may be reported to their Internet service provider and their Internet connect could be shut down for persistent spamming. One way not to use an autoresponder is when you sing up to be on someone else's list, never sign up with your own autoresponder address as this in the past caused chaos and many email messages to be sent and then others sent back and forth between the autoresponder accounts, this happens because the autoresponders are created to respond to email addresses and not autoresponder addresses which look similar to email addresses..

The only way of fixing the above problem is to get the administrator of the main autoesponder to sort it out manually, by removing the autoresponder address. But this can be done on purpose by some people who don't give a damn and quite rightly they get banned from the list for signing up on purpose with an autoresponder address, because this method could mean you temporarily take over someone else's list and confuse the opposing messages, so what could look legitimately like someone else's posts in an autoresponder, they wouldn't be.

Spamming the people on your list is another one that is frowned upon and will certainly make people unsubscribe from your list, so just offer valuable information and not product after product promotion as no one wants to get this in their email, I certainly don't!

Another way of ticking people off is to get their email and first name and sell that information on to some other third party, this is the most common way of getting spammed with crap, so if you decide on using an autoresponder, then use them wisely, because falling foul of the spam laws will just make you look desperate for money and will do you no good at all.

Updated: 04/20/2012, onepagearticles
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DerdriuMarriner 3 days ago

The third paragraph under the first subheading, An Introduction To Email Autoresponders
Autoresponder Introduction, advises us that "an email autoresponder may be used for an unscrupelous spam promotion" sometimes.

What can be done to avoid, mitigate or terminate spammers attempting to ruin the Autoresponders experience for others?

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