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by Seelyon

iOS games like Zelda let you get the entire Zelda experience all over again but this time from the palm of your hand. Owning both an iPhone and iPad while being a huge fan of the Z

iOS games like Zelda let you get the entire Zelda experience all over again but this time from the palm of your hand. Owning both an iPhone and iPad while being a huge fan of the Zelda games I went in search of the perfect Zelda-esque game for me.

For the many other Zelda fans out there like me this page will serve as a great reference for those looking for something with a similar experience to Zelda. I decided not to restrict to myself to any particular Zelda game and instead focused on the general vibe of what Zelda games envision and play like.

If you know of any other iOS games like Zelda I'd love to hear from you in the comment section so that I can try them out myself!

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Easily One Of The Best iOS Games Like Zelda

Oceanhorn is your first stop if you are looking for iOS games like Zelda, it definitely ticks all the right boxes for me and even after finishing it twice I'm ready to play it through for a third time. At first glance the price is definitely on the steep side of things in the App Store but I guarantee you'll love the experience.

Storywise you'll find a standard experience as you wake up to a missing father that you have to track down. This adventure takes you across a number of islands that are simply filled with dangers and mysteries that are all beautifully presented.

While the story is standard it's the way that it's told that will really be impressive and the 3D worlds that you get to explore. Everything raps itself up in about 15hours if you play through it slowly so it isn't short by any means.

bit Dungeon

Definitely Comes Second In The iOS Games Like Zelda Category

Another one of the iOS games like Zelda that I had a lot of fun with was bit Dungeon. It also has some Diablo like elements which is a game series that I've also had a huge loving relationship with during my gaming history. It's also got the elements of the classic 16 and 8 bit genre.

After waking up to your wife being taken by demons you'll start your quest to rescue her and bring her back home. To add an element of difficulty the game is a roguelike where death is permanent, requiring you to jump back into the game from the very start. There is some potential to gain some extra lifes but these are few and far between.

Every adventure you've got plenty of depth in stats and randomised items that definitely lets you build your character to your desired playstyle which is where most of the games long term appeal comes from.

Secret of Mana

One Of The Classic iOS Games Like Zelda

Secret of Mana is a gaming classic and not many people know that the game was actually ported over to iOS devices. When I realised it was on the iTunes App Store I was ecstatic as it was a game I loved many, many, many years beforehand (original release in 1993).

Maybe your a returning fan to Secret of Mana or an entirely newcomer to the game, either way you'll really enjoy the experience. Just like the first option on this list of iOS games like Zelda the game isn't a cheap option but it's the kind of game that you'll get a good amount of hours from. I didn't bat an eyelid at forking out the cash but other players might want to do some due diligence beforehand.

So what made Secret of Mana so popular? Most notable was the command ring that made it easy to swap between items, potions, weapons and more. Just like all the other olden day action RPGs you'll find a deep story as well.

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