Irish Claddagh Ring

by katiem2

The Irish Claddagh ring is given as a symbol of loyalty, friendship and or love. Get the best deals on Claddagh rings here in a wide range of the most popular assortments.

The tradition of the Claddagh ring goes something like this, long ago in Ireland a man was captured in the fishing village of Claddagh. He was sold into slavery. Many years passed as he pined away wondering if his true love would wait for him knowing in her heart he would return to her. The love and image of his true one lingered in his heart, mind and soul. Through out those years of slavery he stole tiny bits of gold from his master making his true love a ring. He imagined over and over the day he would lay eyes on her again, giving her his token of love never being separated again.

The Claddagh Ring History

His broken heart ached for her and so he fashioned a heart for love, a crown for loyalty and hands as a symbol of friendship. The ring included everything they shared and the hope they would one day share these experiences together again. After many years of slavery he finally returned home to Claddagh. Once he made it home he was over joyed to discover his true love had waited for him. He gave her the ring as a symbol of their undying love, loyalty and friendship, now forever known as the Claddagh ring. Do you have someone in your life you wish to pledge your love, loyalty and friendship to forever? If so the Claddagh ring is a blessed symbol of your love they are sure to cherish as they will your love.

Nickel Free Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh

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14k White Gold Polished Claddagh Ring

14k White Gold Polished Claddagh Ring

True to tradition this beautiful stunning Claddagh ring is made of fine gold.

The heart of love, the hands of friendship and the crown of loyalty are three intricate pieces to the circle of true love. This ring is a impressive way to get the message across. Anyone receiving this ring will be thrilled and deeply touched by the gesture. This ring can be given purely out of love, the love of a man for a woman, a father for a daughter, a mother for a daughter or friendship. There are no hard rules as to who can give this ring to who. It must be given only with the ties of true love, adoration and devotion. While this is a traditional Irish ring it is commonly exchanged between Irish families or Irish people to others non Irish whom they love, admire or hold dear in many ways. 

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14k White Gold Claddagh Ring w/ 0.10 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamonds

White Gold Claddagh Ring

14k White Gold Claddagh Ring w/ 0.10 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamond

The struggle to over come slavery and regain freedom has become a very meaningful history to this time honored Irish ring.  Many Irish people were imprisoned becoming slaves, this heroic and faithful story of freedom after slavery is a vital part of the Irish history and pride. This beautiful ring is often adorn with diamonds. The choices are vast sure to include one with your loved ones favorite gold, metal and or stones.

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Green Amethyst Celtic Claddagh Ring

Green has long been the color of Ireland, this grand Celtic ring honors this with its green amethyst.

This is a stunning ring with its 14K white gold brilliantly accenting the breath taking green amethyst.   Nothing says I love you more Irish style than a beautiful Celtic Claddagh ring celebrating the green beauty of amethyst. This ring has long been a perfect token of love, friendship or engagement to loved ones. The Claddagh ring represents everlasting commitment and adoration.


Genuine Green Amethyst Celtic Claddagh Ring

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14K White Gold Heart Created Alexandrite Celtic Claddagh Ring

Alexandrite Gem Celtic Claddagh Ring

White Gold Heart Created Alexandrite Celtic Claddagh Ring

What a beautiful ring with its 4 prong 1 carat Alexandrite heart shaped gem. The ring is 14K white gold.  This brilliantly colored ring is perfect for those who like color.  The stone is beautiful making the ring more stunning and captivating.  Any of these Claddagh rings will make for a treasured keepsake, one sure to be handed down through the generations of loved ones in your family. 

This is one very special gift for the very special person in your life.  

Meet Wizzley Author Jo Harrington

Irish Claddagh Rings: A Love Token for your Gaelic Man

I'd like to introduce you to fellow trusted Wizzley writer and my friend Jo Harringtion.  Jo has written a fantastic article on Irish Claddagh rings.  You can find her work on this beautiful tradition below.  

Jo's article is different than mine as it's about Irish Claddagh Rings: A Love Token for your Gaelic Man 

This ring truly can be given to anyone from anyone if given for the reasons the ring was originally created.

Thanks Jo for this great piece on giving your man a Claddagh ring.  :)K

Originating from Galway, in Ireland, Claddagh rings were historically worn by men. They were clues towards love and friendship (and politics).
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katiem2 on 10/04/2012

Jerrico, Glad you liked it. We should consider collaborating on like articles with intro's to one another. :)

Jerrico_Usher on 10/02/2012

I really loved the ring, I may actually get that for Michelle :) I like the way you introduced Jo, that's giving me ideas for when I mention other writers in my wizzles :)

katiem2 on 08/06/2012

cherylone, Always happy to share traditions. Thanks for commenting.

cherylone on 08/06/2012

Thank you so much for sharing. This is a wonderful article. I knew the ring meant love, friendship and tradition, but I didn't know the meaning behind it.

JoHarrington on 08/06/2012

There are legends and there are histories. They both add to the color and charm of this ring.

katiem2 on 08/05/2012

2uesday, thanks for sharing your lovely Claddagh ring story.

katiem2 on 08/05/2012

The Alexandrite Gem Claddagh is my favorite too. Love the color. Thanks for the back story on the Claddagh rings tradition, I told the one I was told growing up as a kid, but since have heard many others. Regardless it is a great story and an even better tradition. :)K

JoHarrington on 08/05/2012

Thank you so much for bigging me up here! {{{{{hugs}}}} While historically, Claddagh were for men, that's not true today. Men and women alike wear these beautiful rings. I'm female and I've personally got my eye on the Alexandrite Gem Claddagh that you have high-lighted here. Want and covet! It's gorgeous!

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