Is Article Marketing Dead?

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Article marketing and how to market your article content.

Article marketing is an old online marketing method that hasn't really died. You just have to adapt to the changes to online search and learn to market your article content together under your trusted article author accounts.

Article Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

Article Marketing Methods

Article marketing isn't dead. It just needs to evolve with all of the other online marketing promotions you can do to drive traffic back to your website or business web page. 

When it comes to the process of article marketing. There are many options to promote your written works and your main website through article marketing. In another article I mentioned, the main ways you can use to market your articles. Now I'll go through some other advanced marketing methods for promoting your article content.

Guest posting on high traffic blogs - Guest posting works quite well if you target blogs that have a good amount of traffic and the blog is very relevant to your topic.

Guest posting on blogs is sort of like writing an article on a laser targeted niche. And because readers are ready to read as soon as your guest post has been published and they are open to new ideas and perspectives, so make your posts helpful and relevant. Of course you need to be acquiring the privilege of becoming a guest post blogger, you need to be approaching other bloggers about this. Most bloggers will welcome the idea of guest posts, because it frees up more time for them to do other blogging activities.

Guest Post Tip

One of the best ways to get a guest post on another blog is if you can add a post that is unique and fills the gap of information. So what you would do is search through the blog to see and identify content areas that need expanding on. Then you can write an email proposal to write blog content that will of course link back to your main website.

Content Publishing Community Sites -Using these types of sites like here at Wizzley and Squidoo, you can write sets or series that all fit around one main topic and you write about different things within that topic. I've been using the series formula on Hubpages and Squidoo, but there are other places out there that you can use for further back links and other promotional ventures.

The community behind these content sites are very useful to find out more information and other possible networks that may arise out of the discussions in the forums. In particular when you help answer questions and problems that people have and if your articles or websites help as part of that solution then they will follow your profile link to get at your online help.

Also the articles that people write will help you with more ideas for your niche. And so you will always get to know these other writers and interact with them for future network leverage as a possible business contact. This is how joint ventures happen. So always look to connect or comment on others hub pages and lenses and blogs or whatever else.

PR Press Releases -If you have the time to write articles. You can schedule in a few press releases that will drive some traffic from other sources that you wouldn't ordinarily get through normal article directories or other article submission sites.

Press releases are slightly different to a regular article. They are generally written more direct instead of indirect and are more focused on you and your company or business, without being too promotional. These can be more in a conversational style which is easier on the mind I suppose. Some of the PR sites that you can submit your press release to have different policies as to what and how you can write your press release. So I would check them out first!

Two of the best ones I recommend are:


Free Press Release

Offline Marketing Is A Good Thing Too - Working online can be time consuming. But the habit to think about is to not to just promote your content online as there is a whole offline world that can be appreciative of your article content.

Shortened articles that you have already written that have been re-written can be posted as flyers in relevant places, like libraries, doctors surgeries, hospitals, bars and pubs. And you would want to place your website link in a prominent place that really stands out. Of course this type of method can be said to be untargeted, but with some planning on your part, you can generate some good results through offline promotions.

Try to be creative and inventive with offline marketing. By using guerrilla marketing tactics that provide an aggressive form of marketing that most big companies don't do as they have the money to spend on advertising campaigns that probably waste lots of money in the process.

Business cards, stamps, stationary, logos, banners, t-shirts and many other things can all be used around your content marketing campaigns as they all essentially link to the same thing. This can be used to your marketing advantage. When I did my marketing training, the one thing that was the main thrust of the marketing is that you should use what's available and test it for a set period and then you track your results to see which forms of marketing are more effective. Once you have determined this, you can increase your efforts within them marketing areas.

Article marketing should be your top marketin. So it's about finding other marketing methods that you can add to your promotional calendar that you do to a plan and you stick to it, never being swayed from your goals.

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/02/2023

The five paragraphs under the first subheading, Article Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing Article Marketing Methods, defers to guest author-posting on high-traffic blogs.

Is the guest authoring done without compensation?

What might be a standard compensatory arrangement in the event of recompense?

SEO Marsha on 08/11/2014

Nope, article marketing is the most popular and risk free way to jumpstart your own online wealth stream, even if you have no previous experience with internet businesses.

onepagearticles on 04/12/2012

Cheers now! I've only done a press release a couple of times for my best 2 websites and the traffic boost I got for one of my sites was more amazing than I ever imagined. You just have to really write them exactly right or else you may just be writing another filler article. As the press release places are usually more strict with the press releases you submit. It pays to double check and re-check your article how it reads and for any spelling mistakes or punctuation. Something that I usually miss often!

Bhavesh on 04/12/2012

Some great tips on article marketing! Never thought of press release - will have to check that out. I also like your idea of doing offline marketing as I write online to market my offline business.

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