Is Black Magic For Real?

by Roohi

Is black magic for real? What is black magic? What is white magic? How can I protect myself from black magic spells? Should I use herbs or crystals to ward off black magic?

What is Black Magic?

It is very difficult to say what constitutes black magic. Wikipedia defines black magic as "the use of supernatural powers for evil and selfish purposes". However, this is only the traditional definition of black magic. These days, black magic seems to encompass a lot of things.

For example, simply cursing someone with a clear intention of making bad things happen to that person is also considered to be a part of black magic. Breathing life into a dead body is also black magic. 

However, the most common form of black magic is placing a hex by using spells or certain rituals to harm someone else. The intention is quite clear here: causing harm to someone else. Placing a spell on someone just because you are jealous of their success, beauty, or money is an example of black magic done for the sole purpose of harming the other person. You know it will not bring you any benefit but you do it because you can't handle someone else getting something that you know you won't be able to achieve.

White magic vs Black Magic

There are some people who indulge in what is often called 'white magic'. So, what is white magic? You may want to carry out a ritual to attract money into your life but without the intention of harming someone else. However, when you do the ritual to attract money into your life by harming someone else, it becomes black magic.

The difference between both of these basically rests on the intention of the person. If the intention is good, then it is white magic and it is fine. If the intention is bad, then it is black magic and it is wrong.

Is it fine to do white magic?

Some people think that it is fine to do white magic since the intention is good and it does not harm anyone. However, there is a very thin line between what is good and what is bad. You may think that you are not harming anyone. However, what if you are and you are just not aware of it right now. You can say that you just don't have enough information to determine if you are harming someone or not.

For example, what if you are using magic to get the promotion you want so much. You want the promotion and you aren't doing any harm to anyone. However, what if someone else deserves the promotion more than you do and they also want it as badly as you do. In fact, they may need it more than you do as well. They are just not using magic spells to get it. So, wouldn't you be harming that person? It is probably unintentional but again, it is indeed quite difficult to decide whether you are harming someone else or not.

Some people argue that it is the intention that counts. If the intention is good, it is white magic and if the intention is bad, it is black magic. However, does everything depend on intention? Sometimes you start with good intentions but may end up doing harm. So, again is it really necessary to use white magic to get that money, or that dream man or woman into your life? That's the question to ask.

Can someone else harm you with black magic?

Probably yes. I guess most of us have had occasions when the arrival of a person in our homes tends to cause some sort of problems and it happens every time and it happens consistently. Evil eye? Another form of black magic? You may call it anything. But it does tend to disturb your peace and happiness at least for a while. However, does it really happen or is it just our imagination?


All religions and cultures provide solutions to ward off the evil eye and to remove the effects of black magic from your life. So, does that mean there is some truth in it? Probably yes. Probably no.


All religions have particular prayers for warding off black magic. However, all religions also point out that nothing happens without the knowledge and the permission of the One Supreme Being. So, why do we need to use these specific prayers? Why not just simply say our prayers as we want it and be assured that nothing bad will befall us?


It is probably because not all of us are as good with words as our Wizzley authors! Not everyone can come up with specific words to use in prayers. These specific prayers have powers because they are so clear in their meaning and intention.


However, if you have a way with words and know exactly what prayer you want to say for protection against the evil eye or black magic, you may just use your own particular words. These may be more powerful for you.


So, basically you say your prayers and rest assured that you will be protected by your God.

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Vibration Level and Black Magic Effect?

Some people say that black magic or the evil eye is more likely to affect you if you resonate at a low vibrational frequency. If fear, guilt, shame, depression are your prominent emotions, then you are vibrating at a low frequency. At this level, you are more vulnerable to black magic spells, evil eyes, and the cursing tongue.

On the other hand, if you are surrounded by feelings of love, joy, happiness and everything positive, you are resonating at a higher frequency. This means that you are surrounded by such a strong positive shield that the intentions of the evil spell casters will never be able to reach you. Something like the Law of Attraction, perhaps?

If you fear the evil eye, you give it strength and it will cause chaos. If you have no fear, then it can do you no harm.

So, basically stay positive and no harm will befall you.

What to do to protect from black magic?

 Well, you could try the above. Just let go off the fear and other negative emotions and surround yourself with positive energy. There are thousands of herbs such as basil, hyssop, St.John's wort and allspice, and crystals such as amethyst, black onyx and obsidian that you could use to protect yourself from evil spirits and black magic. You could carry out elaborate rituals of burning incense and saying spells to send the evil back to the person who sent it to you. 


Or just say a simple prayer of forgiveness and protection and allow your God to take care of it. Just say thank you for God's protection and move on with your life. The more you worry about it, the more it is going to take over your life. So, just let go and let it be taken care of by the One who knows it all.

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Is black magic real?

Yes, black magic is real. People can curse you with their tongues. People can harm you with their evil eyes. People can carry out elaborate rituals and spell to make bad things happen to you. But keep in mind that if your faith in your God is strong enough, nothing will harm you, at least not for long and not as strongly as the evil doer wishes. Simply said, only you can harm yourself and no one else can. Don't worry about it at all. Let others do what they want. You do what you want to do. All the best!

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Roohi on 07/26/2012

Yes, indeed, Tolovaj. If you constantly fear something, it will keep controlling your life. So, it all depends on you. You want to focus on black magic, it will indeed work on you. If you focus on the Almighty and are free of fear, no black magic will have any effect on you. Thanks for stopping by and adding your very useful comments!

Tolovaj on 07/26/2012

I like your conclusion. I have read a lot of books on magic, some based on ancient writings and other total rubbish and my conclusion would be: yes, everybody can influence you life, but in the end you are the one who create your reality.

Roohi on 06/04/2012

Thanks, Katie! True. Stay positive and nothing negative can really touch you. Thanks again for stopping by!

katiem2 on 06/04/2012

I adhere to maintaining a positive high frequency of protection attracting and maintaining good. There is a need to maintain that level of high frequency as with any energy it can be exhausted. Great article, enjoyed reading. :) K

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