The Mystic Knot - Feng Shui Symbol of Good Fortune

by Roohi

If you are looking for a powerful symbol of good fortune, try the mystic knot. This popular feng shui cure can bring good luck into your love life as well as career success.

What is the mystic knot?

The mystic knot is one of the most popular feng shui symbols of good fortune. Not much is known about its origins. However, it does look like the infinity symbol done six times. 

Also known as the endless knot, it has a special role in Buddhism. It is considered to be one of the eight magical auspicious objects in Buddhism. The symbol reflects the philosophy of endless births and rebirths. There is no beginning and no ending. This is the meaning of the mystic knot.

The mystic knot as a feng shui cure

It is believed that the mystic knot can bring about an abundance of good things into your life. No interruptions, no obstacles, no misfortunes, just a harmonious flow of everything good. 

It can be used as a feng shui cure for abundance, protection, and career growth among many other things. Simply said, if you are looking for a symbol of good fortune, nothing is as powerful as the mystic knot. 

The unending nature of this knot has made it quite popular as a symbol of undying love. There are many people around the world who use it as a tool to protect their marriage and prolong the happiness and success of their wedded lives. Use it as a pendant for attracting romance into your lives or for enhancing the love in your present romantic relationship. 

As a protection symbol, it is often placed on the door or on the windows. While going on long journeys, it is supposed to protect you from all kinds of dangers and accidents. 

It is also believed to reduce the effect of bad feng shui in your home. You can use it for enhancing your good luck or for getting rid of bad luck. This can be easily done by wearing it as a pendant. 

This good luck charm is also believed to reduce anger and uncontrolled tempers. Just rub the knot whenever you feel irritated and impatient. It is supposed to calm you down and help you get a better handle on the situation responsible for the stress. Holding or rubbing this symbol is also believed to help reduce fear and promote a sense of security.

Mystic Knot is the infinity symbol
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Where to buy the mystic knot?

As mentioned above, the mystic knot can be bought in the form of amulets and pendants. However, it is mostly sold as a tassel which can be hung on doors or windows. It can also be worn as a pendant or used as a keychain. Red is considered to be the most powerful color for the mystic knot tassel. 

You can easily buy this good luck symbol online. Take a look at some of these mystic knot tassels.

Mystic knot amulets are available in jade, brass and rose quartz. Take a look at some of these lucky charms which can be worn close to your heart.

Prefer to buy key chains? Then take a look at this piece:


Don't forget to take a look at this marvelous showpiece that is going to add to the beauty of your home decor as well as bring good fortune into your life. This showpiece is made of brass and plated with silver with diamond-like crystals to add sparkle.

The mystic knot is surely one of the most attractive as well as powerful symbols of good fortune. Keep in mind that the use of this feng shui product can actually bring about a flow of good Chi into every aspect of your life, including love and marriage, and career success and money. It will also keep away all kinds of misfortunes ensuring that your life moves smoothly and easily. So, buy it for your home or office or use it as an amulet. Just make sure that you have at least one of these feng shui symbols for good luck.

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Updated: 03/18/2014, Roohi
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MBC on 03/26/2015

I just love to learn about feng shui. Thanks for your article.

Roohi on 06/22/2012

Thanks for stopping by, Katie! The mystic knot is definitely considered to be one of the most popular good luck symbols. The never ending knot depicts the never ending cycle of good luck it can bring to the person using it.

katiem2 on 06/21/2012

Ah I've seen these knots and never knew the meaning behind the beautiful knots. It's good to know the story behind the mystic knot. Thank you! :) K

Roohi on 06/16/2012

Good luck with the mystic knot, Tolovaj!

Tolovaj on 06/16/2012

I never heard about mystic knots before. I can certainly use one or two of them...
Thanks for this info!

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