Is It Safe to Microwave Plastic Containers?

by katiem2

Is it safe to cook food in the microwave with certain plastics? Learn the dangers some plastics create while used to heat food in a microwave.

This is in no way intended to create fear yet knowledge of another way you can avoid adding more chemicals to your body thus enhancing your health. You should never ever microwave food in just any ole plastic container, this includes any food or liquids period. Food cooked in plastic containers absorb quantities of petroleum based chemicals used to make plastic products, which can be released during the heating process.This process creates gases releasing the plastics base agent which then present in the food you eat. This is another way free radicals are introduced into your body, or other wise known as cancer causing agents. The safe option for microwave cooking is with glass cookware.

Note: You've smelt how bad plastic smells when burning right? Imagine releasing such chemicals into your food. There is an easy fix to insure you and your families safety so follow along as we explore how to Cancer Proof your kitchen.

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The Safe Microwave Option

The safer alternative to heating your food in a microwave in a plastic container is to switch to glass.

You've heard about the latest concerns with plastic water bottles releasing gases which now prove to be damaging to your health.  It is for this reason we are opting to use different water containers and rethinking how we carry our drinks in the summer.  As we learn better we do better, microwaving with glass is doing much better for your health.

The plastic gases are released from the plastic as they are exposed to heat for example setting out in the summer heat on a picnic, sporting event or bike outing.

Imagine this and then consider the gases created and released in the microwave process. It is always a better option to use glass oven safe dishes to micro wave your food.  Over time plastics break down and we often find it hard to toss them in the trash.  

Have You Ever Wondered What Kinds Of Things You Do Everyday Are Feeding The Cancer Cells (they are in everyone healthy or not) in your body?

Heat and Plastic Containers

The visual effects of plastic after having been microwaved leaves tell tale signs of the danger.

Have you ever seen a plastic food container that’s been used to cook in the microwave with the inside of the container bubbled and left stained and pitted?  How many times have you over cooked something in the microwave to the point the food is embedded in the container?  Imagine what the plastic embedded in your food!  Glass cookware does not do this.

Think about the process of the plastic breaking down and where the chemicals from that plastic where released. 

Plastic and Cancer

A Cornell University Study

This is very serious and should no longer be considered a means to warm up or cook your food.

We learn better and do better and thankfully we have the benefit of science and research to help us live healthier lives.

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Safe Guarding Your Health Against Cancer

Anytime we eliminate free radicals from our bodies we encourage the reproduction of healthy cells which keeps us healthy and capable of warding off cancer.

A safe option is to use glass cookware which does not release gaseous chemicals into your food.

This is especially harmful to children and teens as they commonly eat convenient foods that are typically microwaved.

Teens are most at risk as this is a common stay in their diet.

Arm your kitchen with microwave safe glass cookware your kids can use safely and toss out all the old pitted plastic or butter bowls etc.

The microwave is not the place to recycle these plastics.

A safe option for water is the reusable stainless steel water bottle.

Every step taken to eliminate cancer causing agents from our lives insure better health and longevity.

Updated: 09/20/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 10/30/2017

Margielynn, The dangers of microwaving plastic are being talked about more and more.

Guest on 10/27/2017

Oh gosh I have never heard this before, thanks for the great information!

katiem2 on 08/05/2012

Mira, They are safe with the ice cream in the freezer but def not meant to be reused in the microwave. We get our ice cream here in paper containers, there are some that come in plastic but most commonly paper.

Mira on 08/05/2012

Good you wrote this article, Katie! I also wonder about plastic containers in the freezer. Our ice cream over here is in plastic containers -- I wonder how safe those are; and of course, people save those (instead of buying something like Pyrex) and reuse them to freeze stuff.

katiem2 on 07/21/2012

It's all good, these articles belong together :)

Jerrico_Usher on 07/21/2012

I added a link in " No plastic containers in the microwave." in my list of what cancel cells thrive on (and what not to do)... and an article list (like you did, didn't think to do that) near the top

katiem2 on 07/21/2012

We should link them to one another, I'll do that now :)K

Jerrico_Usher on 07/20/2012

your article goes into the detail mine didn't so they compliment each other very well I especially enjoyed the video presentation, I didn't know anything about environmental estrogen- good stuff here

katiem2 on 07/20/2012

Thanks Jerrico for adding your very extensive article. I wrote this ages ago on HP and just moved it over to Wizzley.

Jerrico_Usher on 07/20/2012

Hmmm I remember a cancer article that talked about this too (

:) although I didn't make the link between "environmental estrogen" which is interesting... I don't get, however, how these estrogen causing the breast cells to divide causes cancer?

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