Jealousy in Relationships - Overcoming Jealousy

by Dynicky

How to Overcome Jealousy in Relationships


Is It True that Misery Loves Company?

Are you dealing with Jealoousy in relationships?  I am speaking of any and all relationships.  It could be a friend, significant other, or family member.  Why is it that some people can't be happy for you when you celebrate success in different areas of your life?

How Does Jealousy Affect Us?  Do you feel increasingly jealous when you are around a particular friend?  Jealousy can go either way.  Jealousy can kill a good mood and ruin a great time!  Jealousy can ruin a great friendship as well.  You can have someone in your life who is jealous of you and your accomplishments and you can also be the one who is boiling over with Jealousy.  I think if we all be honest with ourselves we can all think of a time when we felt some sort of jealousy towards another.  When one experiences jealousy it can be hurtful & break up relationships as well.  When something happens good for you in your life you want for those in your immediate circle to be the happiest for you.  When you are met with sadness or sarcastic remarks this can be very hurtful and disappointing.

The Great News is that Jealousy from both angles can be overcome.  Let's talk about some ways of overcoming jealousy...

  • If a friend accomplishes something great in their lives, even if this isn't happen for you at the present moment practice smiling and truly being happy for them.  It helps to verbalize this happiness regardless of how you are truly feeliing.  Say things like: "I am truly happy for them.  One day that will be me!"  This will help you to relate good experiences that happen to others with the good that is coming into your own life.  Learn to smile and think good thoughts when someone has good news!
  • For those who love to brag... I don't think anyone enjoys being in the presence of a constant bragger.  I know its hard to pass up when you are enjoying life but fight the urge to brag "too Much" to your relatives and friends.  Mention a little about yourself and learn to listen and ask about what is happening in someone elses life.  Be Humble.  Show true concern for someone other than yourself.
  • If you know that one of your friends suffers from jealousy it may be a good idea to offer words of encouragement to them when you speak with them in reference to their own lives.  Show concern by reaching out and listening more.

These are just a few tips to help overcome jealousy.  Sometimes there is nothing you can do when you have a jealous person in your life.  Unfortunately, some of these tips won't change a thing.  When good is happening in your life and you are experiencing change for the better all of your friends won't bare being present to enjoy it with you.  When you are happy, you want people around you with the same energy.  You may have to release some relationships for a time until they can overcome feelings of jealousy. 


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How Have You Overcome Jealousy in the Past?

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tandemonimom on 06/18/2011

Good advice for overcoming jealousy!

Dynicky on 06/15/2011

Thanks for commenting & visiting!

GonnaFly on 06/15/2011

I like the way you give strategies for dealing with jealousy in both my life and the lives of others around me.

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