Julius the Monkey by Paul Frank

by DebW07

Julius the Monkey is quite the character, and although his name may not be well-known his face is certainly recognizable. He's the playful little monkey with the mischievous grin.

Remember the good ol' days when cartoon characters were well known and recognizable? When I was a youngster the most popular animated series was about a prehistoric family, and when my children were little, a big purple dinosaur was all the rage. Nowadays, it seems as though there are new cartoon characters popping up every day. I've recently discovered a new cartoon fellow. He's a playful little monkey with a rascally grin . . . Julius the Monkey, ever heard of him?

Monkey Business

I stumbled upon this cute little chimp when I received an invitation to my niece's baby shower.  The theme was "Julius the Monkey." At the time, I had no idea who the little guy was. Initially, I didn't even realize that “Julius” was the cute grinning face staring back at me on the front of the invite.

I never imagined that the cute little monkey was the face of a thriving business by the name of Paul Frank.  As I found out more about Frank, he struck me as the type of guy who liked to have a good time. How else would you describe someone who got married at Disneyland? So, it's no surprise he designed Julius as a clever, spunky and fun-loving little monkey with a fondness for a bit of shenanigans.

Although Frank (whose last name is Sunich) is no longer associated with the brand (parting ways in 2005), the company still bears his name. Another name the new company held onto was Julius, Frank's well-known and popular primate. So popular, I discovered, that the cute grinning monkey even flew in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (as a balloon of course). Not bad for a little guy that started out as a sock puppet. I imagine Julius will one day be a big celebrity, and so do his new bosses. Why else would they shell out a reported $50 million for him - and that's what I call a true "Monkey Business."

Julius Flies High in the Thanksgiving Day Parade
Monkey See Monkey Do

Although my first introduction to Julius the Monkey came from a baby shower invitation, I later discovered that this pleasant little primate is ideal for all ages. Whether you’re young or simply young at heart, this little monkey’s sweet smiling face can bring a great big grin to yours.

 In addition to being perfect for all ages, Julius products are quite abundant and readily available. There is no shortage in Julius the Monkey merchandise. You can find this handsome little guy on t-shirts, bathing suits, underwear, notebooks, backpacks, pillows, bed sheets, hats, and almost anywhere you can imagine. In addition, Julius makes a great doll and is ultra-huggable, not to mention extremely lovable.

 Since becoming aware of Julius the Monkey, I’ve noticed people of all ages love him. Julius appeals to all generations and many people own one or more items bearing his beaming face. For example, Julius the monkey notebooks are practical and fun for all ages. In addition, I think almost anyone would look good in a Julius swimsuit. Whatever it is you’re shopping for, you can probably find it with a picture of Julius the Monkey on it.

Celebrate Halloween with Julius and Friends
Monkey Doodle

One of the items I just adore in the Julius the Monkey collection is the variety of plush dolls. These lovable stuffed monkeys make the perfect gift for toddlers, school age children, teenagers, and even adults. The dolls come in an array of costumes and themes, from a spooky werewolf to a cute bunny and more. You can even find Julius dressed up as a leprechaun for Saint Patrick's Day and a vampire (fangs, and all) for a Halloween night full of monkey business fun.

Imagine all the fun you can have with your children playing with all the Julius dolls. They also make great gifts for birthdays, special occasions, showers, and holidays. Create a one-of-a-kind Easter basket and include a soft plush Julius disguised as a bunny or create a special Halloween theme basket and include both the werewolf and vampire dolls for double the fun. Oh, and don't forget, Julius is a character himself. You can give him as a gift (without a costume) for a baby shower, birthday, Christmas gift, or for any other occasion.

Yottoy Julius the Monkey Knit Plush 10"

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The Monkey Hut

Do you have a favorite hangout, a popular place where you get together with friends to have a good time? That’s the theory behind “The Monkey Hut,” it’s a place for kids to hang out and have fun. It can be anyplace, like a child’s room or a playroom, where kids can get together to play with their favorite Julius the Monkey dolls.

The object of the monkey hut is to let your hair down and have fun. Make your child’s "hut" a special place where they can enjoy “hanging around” and playing with Julius. Invite your children’s friends over and ask them to bring along their Julius dolls for an afternoon of fun. The kids might even want to start a Julius the Monkey – Monkey Hut club and get-together once a week or a couple times a month to play with Julius and each other.

The monkey hut is also an awesome theme for a child’s birthday party. Purchase or make a Julius the Monkey invitation and tell all the children to bring their favorite Julius dolls. Give each child a mini cake or cupcake and ask them to decorate it with Julius and his friends. For a bonus, dress-up in a Julius costume and play games like musical chairs, the parachute game, and other games. Make sure to take a photo of each child with the Julius lookalike and send them a copy with the “Thank You” card or make individualized Thank You cards on your computer with the photos. The most important thing to remember is always to invite Julius!

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Get that Monkey off Your Back

Most of us have more than one friend and Julius the Monkey is no exception. The irresistible wide-mouthed little sock monkey has several friends (although your child is his best friend). Other friends include Ellie the elephant, Clancy the giraffe, Scurvy, bunny girl, and worry bear. These are the pals that Julius enjoys hanging out with in his monkey hut. They all enjoy making mischief, creating monkey business and having fun.

It appears Julius has a wonderful circle of friends, but others love the little guy as well. Take, for example, the icon Barbie, she adores Julius, and she owns lots of Julius the Monkey stuff to prove it. But Barbie is just one of the many fans and friends Julius has and he loves them all.

Pirate Scurvy Julius Monkey by Paul Frank 12"

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A Barrel of Julius Monkeys

When I think of the day I received that baby shower invitation with a cute little monkey on it, I didn’t know then that he’d find a place in my heart. It’s been awhile since I had such a fondness for a cartoon personality, but this mini primate has certainly tugged at my heartstrings. Not since my children were little, have I enjoyed browsing through the toy section in search of a particular doll or toy. I am always confident that when I give Julius the Monkey dolls or items out as gifts they are going to be appreciated and loved, and they always are.


 Julius has a face you just can't forget. With his signature wide grin, he has become quite the fashionable monkey. He is a character that represents fun and playfulness, and people are drawn to him. Although his name may not be famous, his face is certainly recognizable. He’s a playful little monkey with the mischievous grin . . . Julius the Monkey by Paul Frank.

Updated: 11/23/2014, DebW07
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