Jump Rope Songs

by sheilamarie

Do you remember the jump rope songs from your childhood?Jump rope songs have a natural rhythm and sometimes zany meanings.They pass from kid to kid.Now Double Dutch wows the world!

If you are anything like me, you spent hours as a kid jumping rope and singing jump rope songs.

Kids get great exercise by jumping rope and even though the songs can be kind of strange, they spark a child's imagination and make the jumping a whole lot more fun!

Jump rope songs serve to keep the beat of the jumping feet. They often include the alphabet or the months of the year. They can be nonsensical, but who cares? They are passed from kid to kid over many generations.

Jump Rope Songs Were Passed from Older Child to Younger Child

Language Play in Action!

So much of my childhood was spent jumping rope that the words and rhythms of the songs -- 50 years later -- still come readily to mind.

When I taught elementary school, I was surprised to find out that the children in my school no longer sang songs when they jumped rope. As the songs were always passed down from child to child, teaching them seems silly and almost defeats their purpose as a kid thing. Certainly the words were nothing particularly profound or important. As an adult I would prefer to have the rhythms of great poets come quickly to mind!

Still, I think the rhythms served their purpose. They kept us focused on the exercise. They helped establish the rhythms of language and they encouraged us to make up our own combinations of words and rhyme in a way that adult directed activities would never have done.

Maybe it was an urban thing, and rural children, without the numbers of neighborhood friends from which to draw, found other ways to use their time. Maybe children of today, too, have other rhythms they create in play.

Did You Sing Jump Rope Songs as a Child?

Jump Roping in the Neighborhood

All in Together, Girls!
Suzy Creech and Friends, Typical Girls Known as "Pigtailers" Jumping Rope

Here's One Jump Rope Song!

All In Together Girls

All in together, girls

Very fine weather, girls

I spy teacher

Hanging up the clothes.



Teacher is a liar!













Articles About Jump Rope and Jump Rope Songs

Find the Words to Lots of Jump Rope Songs Here, With a Little Double Dutch Thrown in!

Jump Rope Songs
Jump rope songs from the past and present. Double Dutch becomes an international competitive sport!

Great Book of Jump Rope Rhymes

Anna Banana, by Joanna Cole
Anna Banana: 101 Jump Rope Rhymes
$11.99  $4.09

Jump Rope Is Still a Great Way for Kids to Get Some Exercise!

Good for a Healthy Heart

Kids love to move their bodies! And a healthy body helps a child's mind to be healthy, too.

In a day when many children spend way too much time before screens of one kind or another, encouraging more active and interactive play is crucial! 

Jumping rope is good for adult bodies, too. When you jump rope, your cardiovascular system is getting a good workout. 

When was the last time you used all those great jump rope songs?

Double Dutch Goes International

Double Dutch as a Competitive Sport

Double Dutch originated in the inner city neighborhoods of the U.S.

Double Dutch has always been about competition, in a sense, because it's a challenging thing to jump inside the egg beater motions of the ropes. But new moves have been added to the double dutch repertoire over the years. Breakdancing moves are often done within the spin of the ropes. Other gymnastic-type moves have been added, too.

Double Dutch has spread to Europe and to Japan as well. Groups from these countries gather for International competitions where each team performs their choreographed presentation. If you have never watched a double dutch team strut their stuff, you are missing something amazing. 

Take a look at the following video and see if you agree.

Safe Jump Rope for Kids

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Many of the other options out there do contain these dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer and birth defects, so be careful to check what the rope you are considering is made from before buying.

This jump rope is made from safe nontoxic materials.

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Green Toys Jump Rope

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Green Toys Jump Rope, Green

Double Dutch Holiday Classic

Includes Entries from the U.S., Belgium, and Japan

Does Everything Have to Be Highly Competitive?

There's Room for Competitive and Non-Competitive Sport

Now I don't know about you, but I think that video on double dutch shows that jumping rope is still something that kids teach each other. Most of the teams shown used rap or hip hop as a background to the activity.

I hope, however, that jump rope does not become solely a competitive activity, as a child such as I was -- a bit clutzy but a big lover of words and rhythm -- would quickly be squeezed out of the mix. I guess what I most enjoyed about jump rope as a kid was that it was an activity that could include me and my other less athletic friends. Some of us were better than others in jumping pepper, but all of us could learn to do the basic and work up to the faster jumping. We were just having a good time, after all, and weren't trying to impress or gain trophies.

I suppose because the children can usually find a piece of rope and can control the speed of the ropes themselves, they will find a way to just mess around without too much imposed structure on the activity, after all.

Updated: 08/18/2016, sheilamarie
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sheilamarie on 08/26/2011

I'm glad I brought your memories back! Frugalrvers, I'm still a shrimp!

Guest on 08/26/2011

What a great walk down memory lane!
My memories of jump roping are picturing me hunched over, as the twirlers kept hitting me in the head with the rope. Why? Because I was super-tall (still am) as a child, and the other girls were much shorter...they just couldn't keep that rope high enough, so much of my jumping was done bent over. Double dutch? Forget it! I didn't have a chance....:)

puerdycat on 07/19/2011

Great to find your jump-rope memories here. Mine, too, are clear as a bell!

Guest on 07/04/2011

This page is so much fun. Great memories. My girls only skip rope by themselves as part of their exercise program. Good thing as between my girls, most sport activities are competitive.

sheilamarie on 07/03/2011

Thanks for the comments!
Peggy, I have a couple of versions of that Cinderella song in the article link above. There are also lots of other songs on that page.

PeggyHazelwood on 07/03/2011

I liked the "Cinderella dressed in yella went upstairs to kiss a fella, made a mistake, kissed a snake, how many doctors did it take?" Good times!

ohcaroline on 07/03/2011

Jumping rope just wasn't my thing. Oh to be able to do what those kids in the video could do. I could run fast...but don't ask me to jump rope.

Cace on 07/03/2011

Wonderful memories. I passed down my jump rope rhymes to my daughters.

kajohu on 07/02/2011

This brought back some good memories of jumping rope to rhymes. One rhyme that comes to mind is "Apples, pears, peaches, plums, Tell me when your birthday comes." Then going through the months of the year, and jumping out on our birthday month.

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