Kazuma Four Wheeler Review

by jcmayer777

Have you considered this type of off brand ATV? Read about my experience with Kazuma four wheelers.

Chinese Clone Quads Save Money

Kazuma four wheelers are a good, cheap alternative to the major brands on the market, assuming you are going to use them within their limits.  As an owner of two Kazuma ATV’s and a RedCat (made by the same company), I’d like to offer you my unbiased review.  Whether or not this off brand youth quad is right for you or your kid is something you’ll have to figure out.


My Purchase


About 7 years back, I bought a RedCat 150cc and 2 Kazuma 110cc Falcons.   While none of them have an odometer, I’d guess the 110’s have 1500 miles on them each and about 1000 miles on the RedCat.  I paid under 1000 dollars each for them.  At the time, you could find the 110cc “teenager” model for under 600 dollars, but I opted to buy from a local dealer and paid a little more.


My Son's 110cc Kazuma Falcon

110cc ATV
110cc ATV

First Impressions


These off brand Chinese four wheelers looked great.  They are all patterned in appearance after the Yamaha Raptor lineup.  The wheelbase appeared a little narrow on the Kazuma brand quads, but otherwise, my first impression was very positive.


Issues I’ve Had 


Let me start by saying this will be a largely positive review, since I have done virtually nothing in terms of repairs to any of them.  That said, there are some issues that I think need to be addressed.

Narrow Wheelbase:  As noted earlier, the wheelbase is narrow on the 110cc kids quads.  This can be fixed with spaces, which can add about 3 inches, making a big difference in stability.  Plan to spend about 50 dollars on these upfront.


Flimsy Rubber:  I’m not talking about the tires; those are still looking great.  I’m referring to the hoses.  On all of them, I’ve had to do some patching and replacing.  The hoses are made with a poor grade of rubber that deteriorates and tears.


Cold Blooded:  I have to choke the 110cc models even on warm days.  They always start, but it can be chore.  The 150 has an automatic choke, which I hate, but it does do the job.


Loctite:  If you don’t buy from a dealer that uses Loctite or similar product on all the nuts, buy a tube and do it yourself.  This was one of the first things the dealer told me about.  The dealer used it on the Kazuma and RedCat four wheelers, since the nuts coming loose is common and they don’t use locking nuts.


Limited Power:  Nobody should expect a 110cc Honda clone engine to have a ton of power, but they are sorely lacking torque.  These are best suited for groomed trails and not the back forty.


Low Top End Speed:  While the 110cc Kazuma Falcon claims a top speed of 45mph, 32mph with a 100 pound rider is more realistic.  This is what they do for speed.  The 150 goes about 36mph with the same rider, not over 50 as claimed.


How Do You Ride?


As I just mentioned, these work great on trails and not so great when you’re blazing a trail through the woods or on the dunes.   If you’re looking to pull trailers, plow, or use them as a workhorse, you’ll be disappointed.  If you just want to ride on the trails and go from point A to point B, they’re a good, cheap option to keep in mind.


Do I Recommend Them?


Yes, assuming you are going to ride them on the trails, in the backyard, or just for cruising.  While you’ll read some bad reviews, my experience has been positive.  I feel this is because of the way we ride.  I believe I could still get around 500 dollars for each of them, so resale value is fairly strong.  Had I paid $2,000 for a major band, I would lose 50% by now as well.

Updated: 12/30/2011, jcmayer777
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