List of People Who Owe Taxes - Finding Listings is Possible

by jcmayer777

Have you ever wondered if your neighbor is paid up on their taxes? If so, find out how you can see if they're on the list.

Who Owes Back Taxes in Your Area?

Are YOU in Arrears?

You can find a list of people who owe taxes quickly and easily, right from your computer.  Whether you’re looking to make sure you aren’t delinquent, or someone else isn’t, you can find this information in a matter of minutes.  In this article, I’ll go over the methods to use to find out who owes back taxes for both property and income.  It’s really fast and easy to do online, and it’s free of charge.  Keep the IRS  off your back and find out who they have in their sites.  Even famous people get in trouble for not paying their taxes, so nobody is immune from the law.

Back Property Taxes

As you search for a list of people who owe back taxes in your area, it’s probably the easiest to check out property taxation first.  This can be very important to people looking at buying a house, since the back amount owed could come back to haunt the buyer.  Be sure to protect yourself and learn a little about your potential neighbors in the process.

The easiest way to find what you’re looking for is to check out your county or city website.  You’ll find most are now posting property value and taxes online, since it’s a matter of public record.  Simply go to their site and check out the tax roll information online. Most areas will post the total amount due, the arrears, the mill rate, and some other information.

If you’re looking to a buy a property, you will also want to work with the realtor to find out if there are any back taxes owed.  This can save you a lot of money during negotiations and help ensure you don’t get stuck with a tax bill.

Income Tax Arrears

This is harder to find.  Residents of California will find a listing for free, but those in areas other than the state of California will have to look at local IRS sites, newspaper listings, and news broadcasts and websites that report this kind of information.  Since many people come into legal trouble as a result of their arrears, the information is often made public through newspapers or news outlet.  You’ll have to do a lot of digging, but the information might be possible, just as those owed a refund can be found.

If you find yourself behind, visit the IRS website for payment options, so you can get current again.

 As you can see, if you want a list of people who owe taxes, you can find it with a little work on your end. 

The IRS Wants Their Money!

Updated: 12/30/2011, jcmayer777
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