Keep ants out

by KwelX

There are a few simple steps to follow in order to keep ants out.

Ants Everywhere

Do you absolutely need a natural ant repellent?

Does the actual thought of working with unsafe poisons in your home in order to eliminate ants terrify you and your family? Perfectly it ought to. Along with creating an instant harmful effect on children and pets, bug killers could have a long lasting effect on an individual's DNA. That is why lots of individuals prefer the all-natural ant repellent.

Depending on where you reside, ants can be a hassle throughout the year. For other people, summer time provides a wide open invitation with regard to all those little and powerful ants to make their own way into your own home, specifically in your kitchen space. There are simple actions to look at which could assist to prevent ants from wanting to get in your house and also pantry.

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Follow these steps:

Ants operate by folowing scent. So if they cannot smell anything fairly sweet or fatty then likelihood they might search in another place. What this means in your case is actually:

1. Sweep up in addition to wash down the flooring surfaces more often than normal. Even the smallest crumb can easily attract numerous ants, therefore you may have to add some extra sweeping time and energy to your current day-to-day schedule.

2. Should you hold foods on your own counter-top (for example coffee, tea or maybe flour make certain you actually save it within sealed bins.

3. Don't hold pretty much any meals or perhaps plates around the countertop for even tiny time frames. This is especially critical through the night seeing that ants prefer to show up at midnight and will definitely have a fun time on your unwashed bowls. It's worth it in order to be sure to wash it all up before heading off to sleep.

4. Always maintain pet food plates clean and replace food often.

5. Tidy up splatters rather quickly. For those who have young kids about then you will almost certainly end up spending lots of time wiping up little drink spills, notably within fall period. Fruit juice is a tremendous ant attractor, so ensure that you mop it up with a bit of water and after that some moderate dish cleaning soap. Ants don't like dish soap, so cleaning up slight spills by using it can simply assist in keeping ants far away even much more.

6. Be certain that your trash can remains clear of food crumbs or any leaks.

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Updated: 10/27/2011, KwelX
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KwelX on 10/27/2011

Great tip DrDarko. I'll be sure to try that.

DrDarko on 10/27/2011

Good tips about getting rid of ants.

What I found out is that common table salt works great. You just need to sprinkle it on the invasion routes and the ants will soon be either dead or gone.

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