Kindle Fire Review - Should You Buy Kindle Fire?

by sammy

Are you trying to decide if you should buy Kindle Fire not. Read my personal Kindle Fire review to get the full details on this new tablet computer.

Looking For More Information On The Amazon Kindle Fire?

kindle fire reviewThe holiday season is upon us and that means it is time to start hunting for gifts for family, friends and loved one. If you are looking for the best gift for someone who loves gadgets and electronics, look no further than the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet computer.

Trust me, this is one of the hottest selling items this season and is breaking numbers for the amount of people that want to get their hands on this device. It is set to officially launch on November 19th and has already sold millions of units in it's pre-launch phase. People love the idea of a tablet computer, but when you are trying to stretch your dollar as far as possible in these economic times, it's hard to justify paying $500-$900 for other tablets like the Ipad 2.

With this new Amazon tablet being so affordable, it is a no-brainer to buy Kindle Fire as a gift or to splurge on yourself. This is also a great gift idea for kids, as it will keep them entertained for hours with the ability to watch movies, read full color children's books, and play games via the Apps available in the Amazon appstore.

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Amazon Kindle Fire Review

kindle fire

So what exactly is the Kindle Fire and what can it do? Read on and this will provide a Kindle Fire review so you can get an idea of all the wonderful features of this new tablet device. It is not just a simple eReader like the original Kindle's it is a powerhouse entertainment device.

Where To Buy Kindle Fire And How Much Does It Cost?

Let's start off with this because the first thong I want to know before I buy something is, how much is it going to cost me and is it within my budget? I can read all the glowing reviews I want on a product, but if it costs thousands of dollars, it's simply not feasible.

Depending on where you buy the device, it could be more or less, but the lowest I have found for the device is from Amazon at just $199 rather than in stores. Makes sense, as they made the device and have the highest margin on selling it.

What is interesting to me is that there are numerous reports that Amazon is actually losing money on each sale. This is so they can have the device at the lowest price compared with other tablets. This is sure to allow them to come out ahead of their competition, because we all want the best deal right?

Technical Nerd Specifications And Peripherals

Now let's get into the specs for the Kindle fire, for all of you nerds like me that go crazy over the latest and greatest processors. On that note, the tablet runs on a 1GHZ dual-core processor, making switch in and out of apps extremely fast.

Operating System: No surprise here, that the tablet runs on Google's Android operating system. It is the most popular OS for a tablet beside Apple's iOS. Amazon has customized the OS to make it even better and more integrated with their various other services. Android has come a long way since it's inception as a smartphone operating system. This is why it is being adopted on so many tablets nowadays, it simply works and looks great – on top of being easy to use.

Media Storage: This is one of the things that people either love or hate and it comes down to how much media you can store on the device. The specs list it as having 8 gigabytes of storage with 6 GB being actually available to the user. 2 gigs are being used for internal operating system uses.
So it this enough storage space for you? You may not think so, but this is where Amazon is one step ahead of the competition with their free Cloud Storage.

Cloud storage allows you to store all your movies, games, music and books. This way you have access to your full content library without having to choose a select amount of content. Want that song or movie? Just download if from your storage locker. You access the cloud over any Wi-fi connection, and with so many places like coffee shops, restaurants and book stores offering free WI-fi, you have plenty of options to access your content.

Web Browsing: Now tablet would be complete with a full web browser. Amazon takes it a step further in their cloud accelerated Silk browser. It means that the tablet has the advantage of amazon's servers helping load web pages so they render very quickly while jumping around the web.

Color Display: The display utilizes IPS or in-plane technology to give you the best viewing angles on the 7-inch color display. The display itself is gorgeous and is made of gorilla glass, a protective material, shown to be 7 times stronger than regular plastic. This helps keep the screen in top shape to prevent scratches. The screen is of course touch screen so you tap, swipe and pinch to navigate around the tablet. You can also hold the tablet in portrait or landscape mode and it frame automatically switches to each as you rotate it.

Connectivity: The Kindle Fire has built in Wi-fi, so whenever you want to access new content, stream music or movies, or browse the web, you can do so. Be sure you have a wireless router set up so you can jump online right when your get your new tablet.

Light Weight Design: As mentioned the display is 7 inches diagonally and it is slightly less than a 1/2 inch thick. It weighs less than a pound making easy to hold for hours and when you put it in your bag, you won't even feel it.

Amazing Content

Buy Kindle Fire For Endless Entertainment

appsThis is the best part of this device and the whole reason for buying this tablet over others. Amazon offers the most content for your entertainment and with exclusive rights to various media, you will get the most out of the tablet.


TV and Movies: They have exclusive deals with broadcasting companies and movie studios to bring you streaming movies and TV shows.

Books: They also have agreements with publishing houses to bring you kindle books and their latest lending library that allows you to borrow books for 1 month. These include the New York Times Best Sellers and over 5000 other titles at this time.

Music: You have access to all their MP3 downloads for all your favorite music. Amazon runs specials on albums and various music from time to time including free offers on popular music.

Apps And Games: The Amazon appstore was originally launched for Android phones but has since evolved to bring exclusive games and applications to the Kindle Fire. These include games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope and many other top games. Another great feature is Amazon's “free app of the day” where each day they give you the ability to download a featured premium app at no cost. As of now, the appstore hold over 10,000 apps that are handpicked to make sure they are of the highest standards.

Kindle Fire Accessories

kindle fire coversAs this Kindle Fire review has pointed out, the price for the tablet is among the lowest out of all the leading tablets and with this savings, it leaves money to buy kindle fire accessories. These make it that much better and one thing many people choose to buy with the device is a cover or case.

This is a great way to make sure it stays protected. There are various types of cases including portfolio style, zipper sleeves and leather cases. In addition you may want to get some headphones if you don't have any or an extended warranty to replace the device, should you have any accidents in dropping it.


In conclusion I hope this Kindle Fire review has been helpful. I really like the device and have wanted a tablet for awhile, but just could not bring myself to shell out $600 for an iPad. This tablet has come at the perfect time and I will be buying a couple for family as gifts. I am glad I chose to buy Kindle Fire because I use it every day and it is great to sit on the couch or use in bed rather than a clunky laptop.

Updated: 11/15/2011, sammy
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