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by Lissie

Now you own a hot Kindle Fire which are the best accessories to buy for it? Covers, cases, adaptors, car kits and kindle fire accessory bundles are all covered.

So now you have a new Kindle Fire - which accessories do you need? Well, it depends, on how you use your Kindle, but many owners really like to personalise their Kindles with a case or cover that suits their personality, and make it easier to make sure they have the right Kindle!

If you are using your Kindle a lot when you are commuting or traveling I think you should also check out the options for charging your Kindle on the go.

What Accessories Does the Kindle Fire Come with

Kindle Fire Included Accessories

Amazon really seems to aim for simplicity. Out of the box, this Kindle comes with just a power cable (actually a USB cable) and a power plug. That's it - plug it in, charge it up and you are ready to roll. 

What Accessories Do I Need For Kindle Fire

Must Have Kindle Fire Accessories

Actually there are very few "must have" accessories - but there are quite  a few "pretty cool" accessories. 

The one "must have" accessory I think many new Kindle owners should consider is the extended warranty. 

Out of the box the Kindle Fire comes with a fairly standard 1-year limited warranty.

Buying the extended warranty is very attractive because it not only extends the warranty on electrical and mechanical coverage to a second year, but it also covers you for accidental cover. Yup, that's right, drop your e-reader in the bath, new puppy chews the corner of it, your kids jump on it and break it, they will cover you. OK its not unlimited - but you can make up to 3 claims during the term of the insurance. 

NB: Don't delay - you need to buy this warranty within 30 days of buying your Kindle Fire. 

Another must-have - if you intend to use your Kindle Fire to listen to music or movies in public, or with others in the room - are some good ear phones. 

The first accessory many people buy for their new Kindle Fire is a cover, case, skin or sleeve. Whichever your chose really comes down to your personality and requirements. Kindle Fires are pretty tough, the screen is made of Gorilla glass which will withstand knocks and scratches very well. While the back of the Fire is made of a slightly flexible rubber material which also resists knocks. If you are taking your Kindle out a lot though a robust case or sleeve is probably the sensible option. 

Depending on how you use your Kindle - you may also want to consider a case which includes a stand for the Fire. 

Kindle Fire Accessories - Keyboard

Universal Capacitive Stylus Pen for A...
Only $19.95

There is currently no external keyboard available for the Kindle Fire. You cannot use the USB port to plug a keyboard into the Kindle. 

If you are struggling with the virtual keyboard - consider the capactive pen - particularly if you suffer from "fat fingers" - you may find it really helps. 

Kindle Fire Car Accessories

Kindle Fire PowerBolt Duo USB Car Cha...
Only $29.99

The Kindle Fire has a claimed battery life of about 8 hours, less if you leave the WIFI on. As it takes 4 hours to completely charge, a car adaptor is a good idea if you are using the Kindle to entertain the kids on long road trips! 

Should you buy a bundle of accessories, or just buy the individual items that you want? Its a personal decision, look at the bundles, consider which items you would really buy if you were paying separately.

Say you want a cover, plus a car charger - what do they cost separatly? Add up the combined cost - is the bundle cheaper? You might as well buy it then, even if you didn't actually want everything that comes in it!  

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Tolovaj on 09/04/2012

It's good to know there are so many accessories for Kindle Fire. I hope people will really use Ear Bud Microphones, because it can be pretty annoying listening somebody who uses his gadget in public place.
Thanks for the list!

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