Ladybug Birthday Party Supplies

by lobobrandon

If you're in search for Ladybug Birthday party supplies, this page lists out everything that you're going to need right from the invites to take away goody bags

Ladybugs are probably the most beautiful of all bugs, people just adore them. Usually when you're organizing ladybug themed birthday parties for your daughters, you'd be in search of ladybug birthday party supplies.

However, young boys too would love this colorful bug, and it surely makes a great party theme. There are so many games that you could organize that match this theme.

Ladybugs don’t usually bug us, they’re beautifully decorated: Black polka dots on a shiny red body – Wow!

That’s not all, they’re friendly and cause you no harm when placed on your hand, so who wouldn’t want to celebrate a birthday based on this beautiful theme?

Ladybug invites

The first item that you need when it comes to your Ladybug Birthday Party Supplies are party invites

No matter how much you plan for a party, if there are no invites, then surely you're not going to get plenty of guests. Therefore, you need to make sure that you've got the invitations sent out well in advance - at least 3 days or so.

When you're planning a themed birthday party, you could send out themed invites, this would be the best way to let the people know what you're planning. 

You could also create your very own invites on your computer and get them printed, but if you don't have the time and patience to do that, there's no need to fret; because, there are plenty of options available when you consider the Ladybug theme.

Customize these Ladybug Invites

Like I said, when it comes to Ladybug invites there are really pretty and completely customizable Birthday party invites. Take a look at some amazing and really well thought out Party invites by artists at Zazzle. 

About the Zazzle Cards:

  • You're free to choose the quality of paper and you've got six options
  • All of them are really high quality and full color on all sides.
  • Each and every invitation comes along with a white envelope to suit it.
  • Sizes vary and you can customize them as you need. 

Ladybug Napkins

One of the most important Ladybug birthday party supplies are the Napkins. No party can go on without napkins as they're needed almost all the time. 

Therefore, you should have ample napkins before you host a party. There's no problem in having extra as you could always use them later on for your daily needs. But, a shortage of napkins is definitely a party spoiler. 

There are plenty of fancy Ladybug napkins for you to choose from, each of them with a varying design. Some even say 'Happy Birthday' on them! 

Each one of the sets below has a total of 16 party napkins each and they all measure 6.5 inch squares. Usually it's ideal to have a minimum of 3 napkins for every individual at the party.

Ladybug Cups

Another important Birthday party supply for your Ladybug themed party are Ladybug Cups. They look pretty and the kids would love drinking from them. 

Usually at kids parties Juices and Cold Drinks are served and these glasses bearing 9oz each are idea. Moreover, they're capable of retaining both cold as well as hot beverages. 

The set below consists of 8 paper cups which are disposable. 

Ladybug Party Plates

When you host a themed party, it would be a great idea to even have themed plates, even though it's not a necessity. However, if at all you're going to be using paper plates you should definitely pick some ladybug themed dinner plates.

Here too you've got options to choose from and each of them are high quality dinner plates. The sets contain 8 pieces each - all of exactly the same design.

There's something special about these plates, you could either choose the usual round plates or go in for the unusual but beautiful ladybug shaped plate. Everyone at the party would love them! 

Ladybug Table Cover

When you consider Ladybug Birthday party supplies, you have to definitely include a table cover in the list. Themed Parties always have a themed table cover as the table is usually the center of attraction - after all, that's where dinner is served and also the cake is kept on the table after it's cut. 

The table cover below measures 54X108 inches and is created so as to fit a standard banquet table. 

Once the party is over, there's no need to dispose of this table cover, you could use it as a permanent piece on your table, it's pretty and your child would enjoy having her meals on the table along with the rest of the family.

Ladybug Party Hats

Young kids love party hats, it makes them feel special, just like a crown! So, your party should definitely have party hats. It isn't necessary that the hats need to match the party theme, but if they do it's an added bonus. This would surely make the party stand out as one of the best!

The one below comes in a pack of 8 each of them bearing string straps. It's beautiful and would make your daughter look pretty as well. The photos that you take when she's wearing one of these would surely be memorable.

Ladybug Balloons

Small kids love balloons at their parties and it's not just kids parties that have balloons. They act as a decorative element that kids can play with during or after the party. So, they definitely give the party spirit a boost. 

It's not necessary that the balloons need to match the theme, but when they do, it adds splendor and awe to the celebration.

Ladybug Banner

What better way to wish your daughter for her birthday than a flashy Birthday banner based on the party theme? Even though there are plenty of Ladybug birthday party supplies, it's not really necessary that you completely go into the theme. But, a party banner is the center of attraction, just like the center table and therefore, it must be based on the overall party theme.

The 'Happy Birthday' Banner shown below measures 8 feet long and is ideal to place over the table or a window as well as hang at the entrance door of your home. It's made of foam and is really colorful, thereby brightening up the day.

Updated: 11/01/2020, lobobrandon
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lobobrandon on 08/08/2014

Kids usually love ladybugs, they're cute little creatures :)

ologsinquito on 08/07/2014

One of my daughter's friends used to love ladybugs when she was about three or four, so I imagine there are a lot of little girls right now who'd love these bugs as a birthday party theme.

lobobrandon on 08/22/2012

I'm sure they won't :) Maybe you could help some friends plan one?

wrapitup4me on 08/22/2012

These are wonderful. Makes me wish I had a kid I could make a ladybug party for! I don't think my grown up children would go for it.

lobobrandon on 08/16/2012

Yup, they surely are

katiem2 on 08/16/2012

Ah Ha great ladybug party supplies, the colors and image of the fun ladybugs are delightful. Great for putting smiles on the faces of happy party goers. :)K

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