Landscaping with Best Decorative Garden Bridge Plans - Lattice, Cobblestone and Wooden Yard Bridges

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Perhaps you dream of a country garden dressed in sun-loungers and sun-bathed beaches or moorland setting with garden bridge plans and breathtaking waterways to stroll along.

Knowing that there are few striking picturesque views of garden bridges than a bridge crossing in the countryside with serene lake surroundings, your dream of perfect garden bridge plans setting amidst a lush green walking trail can still come true in reality. A dream garden with cobblestone bridge in the foggy weather that forecasts a wild rainstorm can be realized with customized wooden yard bridges in your backyard whicht features a whimsical cypress tree and winter blooms.

Beautiful garden structures can be adopted into your garden and your backyard can be transformed into a panorama of astounding greenery. Enjoy the best scenic views in your very own garden with lattice bridges of beautiful patterns that are incredibly magnificent in appearance. You can use them over any topography whether it is a small stream, rough terrain or even a minuscule pond; bridges are capable of enhancing the landscape of a garden.

I have always been captivated with the origami of a garden. The breathtaking panorama of a garden arch entangled in an English Ivy is just not an ornamental accent, it is geometry that enhances beauty with traditional structure. It is true that technology and architecture can infuse art and aesthetics in addition to the greenery of your garden.

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The Halfpence Cobble Stone Bridge

Bridge for your Garden Pond
Design Toscano NG30290 Halfpence Cobblestone Bridge Decorative Outd...

Decorative Garden Bridge Plans


Bridges have a wonderful history of technology and design, in ancient days they were constructed to enable people cross wide rivers and wild streams in forests and rough territories.

Some of you might not have the space and cannot boast of a 10 acre garden with ponds, trestles, water features with pastoral scenes. You can still create a green meadow that features decorative Japanese bridges, topiaries and turns your shabby little dwelling in a terrific canopy of greenery. What’s more, to top it all, you can even place a cool vintage locomotive or a model train that carries you around the lush forest featuring wild life of Amazon.

Redwood Garden Bridges

6 ft. Handmade Redwood Construction Bridge (6 ft. Single Rail Span Bridge)

Hand-built at time of order with hand selected redwood only. Galvanized hardware, preassembled pre-drilled and sanded. The only tools needed to assemble your bridge are a cresce...

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4 ft. Hand Crafted Redwood Garden Bridge w Rope Rail (4 ft. Sealed Rope Rails Bridge)

Hand-built at time of order with hand selected redwood only. Galvanized hardware, preassembled pre-drilled and sanded. The only tools needed to assemble your bridge are a cresce...

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Garden Bridges for Artistic View

Bridges give a sense of variation to the garden design, a change that attracts. For instance if I was roaming around a Japanese garden and I happened to see a bridge, I would certainly want to go over the bridge to explore both sides of it. Probably a bridge over a sand dune, a pond or an in accessible part of the garden is a good idea. A garden bridge is good to  have if one can afford it.

Traditional Cobblestone Bridges


One of the best traditional cobblestone bridges belong to Acadia National park. The cobblestone bridge is divine and is something that you encounter in a fairy tale. The architecture is lovely and unique, they don’t make such bridges any more. A real treasure this is meticulously designed with details and complements the landscape perfectly. Old traditional cobblestone bridges were believed to bring luck, people used to throw pennies in it and Lady Luck was supposed to bring them fortune. You too can replicate the enchanting garden bridge that is made of cobblestones. 

Decorative Garden Bridges on eBay

Lattice Wooden Yard Bridges


Egyptian, Medieval and other period bring beautiful bridge architectures that withstood the test of time and rough weather. Lattice garden bridges measuring over three-foot-long, boasting ancient design are awesome when cast over a man-made stream, narrow valleys or gorges. They alter the setting and bring a completely different outlook and traits to the home garden.

Wooden yard bridges bring a distinct aspect of the garden transforming the landscape into scenery of countryside. Contemporary designs showcase smooth textures with rounded edges that are safe for kids and your four-legged pets. To add safety, you can consider bridges with strong railings for support.

Which is your favourite garden bridge design?

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/17/2023

In particular, I appreciate the wood because it acts so companionably with the woody plants in the garden and lawn even as I also like metal structures for their lean, simple designs.

Wouldn't it be beautiful to have a glass bridge?

WriterArtist on 04/30/2021

I agree Mira. They are awesome for kids to play and explore.

Mira on 03/23/2019

A little bridge must seem so big to a little kid! They make nice addition to gardens.

WriterArtist on 07/18/2013

Dear BrendaReeves,
There ought to be some DIY projects for landscaping bridges.

BrendaReeves on 07/17/2013

I could use one of these. I think I'd like to make it myself..

WriterArtist on 07/16/2013

Dear Dustytoes,
The bridges really look pretty if you have adequate space to showcase them in your home garden.

dustytoes on 07/14/2013

I really like this idea. I wish my backyard was big enough to accommodate a little bridge.

WriterArtist on 07/10/2013

Dear Chevril,
I love the traditional designs of old bridges, some of the historical bridges are amazing examples of how our ancestors used science and art to combine beauty with technology.

chevril on 07/08/2013

The bridges are beautiful! Your writing style is lovely too. I had no idea you could buy a bridge on Amazon.

WriterArtist on 07/05/2013

Hi EliasZanetti and jptanabe,
Bridges do add to the aesthetics of the garden. Some of the Japanese bridges in Zen gardens that I have seen in photos are awesome. So are the old bridges in European countryside.

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