LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl

by matt78

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl is on sale. Get more info and review of this hot Christmas toy.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl 4184

If you a fan of the best pirate movies of all time - The Pirates of the Caribbean, you will definitely want to get your hand on the latest LEGO toy - the LEGO Black Pearl.

With black hull, woman statue at the front deck, black fabric sail and pirate flag, this LEGO set is the exact replica of the famous Captain Jack Sparrow's pirate ship.

Adding to the awesomeness, you have 2 cannons on the ship's board, an anchor that can be moved and accessible captain cabin.

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LEGO Black Pearl Features

The LEGO Black Pearl set are taken from the second movie - Dead Man's Chest. Do you remember this scene? The one where Captain Jack Sparrow send Will Turner to Flying Dutchman to meet Davy Jones? This LEGO set re-enact that very scene where Jack Sparrow meet Davy Jones and got reminded about his deal with the octopus-face captain.

This LEGO ship is quite big in size matter. It measures approximately 2 feet long and 20 inches high. A nice ship to play with and also a great view for display purpose.

It took 804 pieces to build this Black Pearl ship. Most of the time you will spend is on building the ship's hull. When that is done, it's the easier part to fit in the mast, sail and bowsprit. You'll get the  help you needed to build the set from 2 instruction booklets accompanying this ship.

This ship also comes with 6 minifigures representing the key characters from the movies. You'll have Captain Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Will Turner, Mr. Gibbs, Bootstrap Bill and Maccus. With pirates to populate the ship, the set would be more meaningful and fun to play with, don't you think?


LEGO Black Pearl 6 Minifigures

LEGO Black Pearl Minifigures
LEGO Black Pearl Minifigures

Relive Your Pirate Fantasy With LEGO Black Pearl

With the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl ship and minifugures you can relive your pirate fantasy and imagination. You can recreate many of your favorite scenes from the 3 pirate movies.

One of my favorite scene is when Captain Jack Sparrow rides on the mast of the Black Pearl on the desert sand of Davy Jones Locker accompanied by epic soundtrack. Really love that scene. It's so awesome, don't you think?

Another great scene is the duel of Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones from the third movie.

If you are tired of playing those scenes with this beautiful ship, you can just put it on display on your desk. It will make a good display and make your friends envy you.

Updated: 11/13/2011, matt78
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