LEGO Monster Fighters Zombies

by mikescoolstuff

It's man against monster as the LEGO Monster Fighters Zombies try to get their moonstone to Lord Vampyre so that can cast the world into everlasting night.

LEGO’s new toy sets pit man against monsters in an effort to keep the monsters from casting the earth into darkness forever. The LEGO Monster Fighters Zombies is only one of the sets and just one part of the whole story.

This is a classic good versus evil story filled with drama, action, adventure and some humor. Each set tells a small part of the story and each story brings you closer to seeing how the story is going to end. The twist is that you can control the outcome of each part of the story and consequently decide how the entire epic will end.

Each set has its heroes, monster, weapons and setting. Each set also has its own storyline and plot. You decide who wins or loses, the good guys or the bad guys.

On this page you’ll find out more about these new sets and just how the zombies fit into the story.

Lord Vampyre’s Evil Plan

The LEGO Monster Fighters 2012 Story

LEGO Monster Fighters Lord VampyreOkay, so here’s is the story. All of the monsters have their own moonstone and Lord Vampyre wants them. Once he has all the moonstones he can use his moonstone device to block out the sun leaving earth in eternal darkness. This will allow the monsters to wreck havoc on mankind 24 hours a day.


Of course the monsters are all for that and don’t mind turning their moonstones over to Lord Vampyre. It is up to our heroes to keep Lord Vampyre from getting the moonstones and it is up to you to give them a helping hand… Or not.

The Fight For The Zombies’ Moonstone

The LEGO Monster Fighters Zombies Story

LEGO Monster Fighters Zombies


Here is the zombies’ part of the story. The hero, Jack McHammer, has come upon the zombie graveyard so he goes in to retrieve the zombie moonstone. He’s just about to grab it when the zombies awake from their coffins and start to attack. Jack turns and runs for his car. He knows if he can make it to the car he can smash the zombies with the dual giant hammers attached to it. He can then get away with the moonstone keeping it from the grasp of Lord Vampyre. Will he be able to do it? Well, that’s up to you.


The LEGO Monster Fighters Zombies set comes the graveyard, Jack McHammer, the zombie bride, the zombie groom, and the zombie driver as well as Jack McHammer’s car. The graveyard has a crypt, 2 coffins and a zombie attack function. Jack’s car features 2 giant hammers. The accessories include the zombie moonstone and a weapon.


As I mentioned before this is just part of the story, you might want to check out the other sets to get the whole story.



LEGO Monster Fighters Zombies Poll

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Who do you want to win this part of the battle? Should Jack McHammer smash the zombies and get away with the moonstone or should the zombies win the day and get the moonstone to Lord Vampyre?

The Other LEGO Monster Fighters Stories

You Know The Zombies' Story Here's The Rest

Here is what's going on with the other LEGO Monster Fighters sets.


The Swamp Creature


Frank Rock is searching the swamp in his swamp boat looking for the Swamp Creature's moonstone. If the Swamp Creature sees him, getting the moonstone is not going to be easy. The question is can Frank find the moonstone without running into the Swamp Creature?


The Mummy


The Mummy has his moonstone and is taking it to Lord Vampyre in his ghostly chariot. But not to fear our hero, Ann Lee, is on his trail in her helicopter. Will Ann be able to catch the mummy and capture his moonstone? 


The Crazy Scientist And His Monster


In the laboratory of the Crazy Scientist, Dr. Rodney Rathbone and Major Quinton Steele have come upon the scientist and his moonstone. But as they go for it the monster is zapped to life. If Rathbone and Steele don't to make it to their car with the moonstone the crazy scientist and his monster will imprison them in the laboratory.


The Ghost Train


The ghosts have a moonstone on board the ghost train and our heroes Frank Rock and Ann Lee aim to get it. If they can catch the train in their acrobatic airplane they will have to suck up the ghosts with their vacuum weapon and make of with the moonstone.


The Werewolf


While looking for the werewolf's moonstone Major Quinton Steele gets a glimpse of it under a tree. He leaps from his hot rod to get it and falls right into an ambush. The werewolf jumps him from the tree top. Steele fights back with his giant blunderbuss weapon, but will it be enough?


Lord Vampyre


Lord Vampyre has one of the moonstones. His faithful zombie driver is taking him to his castle in his hearse. Dr. Rodney Rathbone knows Lord Vampyre has the moonstone and is chasing after the hearse on his motorcycle. However, if Lord Vampyre launches a coffin attack it could mean curtains for our hero.


Vampyre Castle


This is where it all comes to a head. Lord Vampyre has gotten his evil hands on all six moonstones and is ready to start up the moonstone device and block out the sun forever. However, Dr. Rodney Rathbone and Jack McHammer are on their way to stop him, but it won't be easy. They have to make it past the castle's hidden spikes and traps plus keep from being imprisoned by Lord Vampyre's bride and the manbats.


With all of these stories you are the one that makes the final decision on how they will turn out. The fate of the world is in your hands.


Anyone of these sets or the whole collection would make really nice Christmas and Birthday gifts for the LEGO or classic monsters lover in your life.

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