Light Your House for the Holidays Without a Ladder

by landocheese

There is nothing quite like a street lined with lit homes over the Holidays, but if you want to light your house for the Holidays without using a ladder, you can do that too.

House Lighting is Festive!

There are many images that immediately get us into the Holiday spirit, and one of the best is a street lined with houses and yards lit up in the winter night by decorative lights. Some people go all out for this annual tradition, but if you want to light your house for the holidays without using a ladder, don't worry. There are some great options for you too. The bonus? You won't fall off the roof setting up these decorations.

Tree Trunks

If you have a few nice trees in your yard you have a great way to light up your property for the holidays. By wrapping your tree trunks with string or LED lights you will create a beautiful light that will reflect on the snow and light your property at night.

You can create very different moods with these lights. Using all blue lights creates a softer and muted look. Using white is clean and bright. If you want to do something really neat, alternate white and red lights to turn your tree trunks into giant candy canes.

If you have some branches that you can reach you can top it all off with a few hanging lighted decorations like hanging tree bulbs.

Sidewalks or Paths

If you have a sidewalk or path to your front door, you can create an inviting Holiday walkway by lining your path with lights. Here, a selection of seasonal lighting that has some height to it works well.

Just as we suggested candy cane stripes on your big trees, a path lines with lighted candy canes is great fun and the kids love it too. Other options include things like candles, or even small lighted artificial evergreen trees.

You may even want to consider a solar light option if you get enough light in the winter. For those of you up north, perhaps you should stick to the corded options.

One tip on pathway lights that you should consider. If these are to be inserted into the ground in order to stand up, you will want to get that done before the hard frost turns your yard rock hard.


Your front facing windows are a great place to add light to your house without trekking up to the roof. For a classy look, select single candle lights in each window. You can find them in both corded or, for maximum convenience inside the house, cordless versions.

For a long lasting winter touch pick snowflakes that hang from a hanger which attaches to the inside of the window. If you are feeling more adventurous you can go wild with multicolor lights or choose LED rope lights, which will save you money on your electricity bill.

Any way you do it, your interior window lights bring the light right to the house and are easily removed after the Holidays, regardless of the weather.

Yard Art

Holiday lighted yard art is a great idea if you lack trees or just want to include something else in your yard that enhances the Holiday spirit.

You can find all sorts of yard art that lights up, from trains to Santa and his reindeer to artificial trees. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

If you want to embark on a project consider making your own yard art with plywood. You can cut out the shape you want, build a supporting stand with 2x4 lumber, and paint it up. Then, to light it, all you need is a small spotlight that can be installed in the yard a few fee in front of your creation to light it up for all the neighbors to see. If you or your kids like to paint and create, this may be a great project for you.

Projector Lights

If you have ample space on your house to show images from a projector, the projectors that cast Holiday pictures or quotes on your house are really neat, take up little space in your yard, and will get the neighbor's attention.

The cool thing about these projectors is that they are moving, creating interest to the viewers as they move from scene to scene. You can even find projectors that rotate from among various Holiday songs if you so desire.

You can also get other images to make your new projector useful during other holidays and events, so it's not just for Christmas. This means you can use it several time per year if you like.

You've Got Options

So you see, you have plenty of options to light your house for the Holidays without a ladder. Don't worry about the slope of your yard or the ice on the gutter. You won't be up there anyway.

This Holiday season, add a little light to your property and keep your feet on the ground.


Updated: 02/15/2012, landocheese
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solar path lights on 06/27/2012

Trying solar lights may be a good idea. Easy installation, no wiring needed., no power needed from the grid.

jidianer on 10/25/2011

Good idea, lighting decoration is much funny.

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