Line 6 Floor POD Plus

by brlamc

The Line 6 POD Plus is a great device for Amp modeling. This article looks at this device and how you can use it to create amazing guitar tones.

Floor POD Plus Introduction

Line 6 offers a great variety of amp modeling devices and the Floor POD Plus is another one of their great products. If you are new to amp modeling this might not be the product for you since it has a ton of features but for those with some experience with amp modeling this device has what you're looking for. 

POD is recognized as a leader in the way you can get authentic amplifier tones in a small compact device and use those in your guitar playing. You can use those tones to create your own songs and come back to them time and again as you use your creativity to make new music. In this article we look at the Floor POD Plus device from Line 6.

Some of the Amp Models in the Floor Plus From POD

This device features 32 distinct amp models, 16 cabinet models, and modulation effects such as chorus, tremolo, or flanger. The device features delays, reverb and more sounds so you can customize and tweak your own sounds with the device.

POD® is recognized throughout the world as the way to get authentic amp tones and effects in a small package.  Now you can take those amazing sounds heard on countless albums on the road with zero hassles. You’ll find a sound on this device for almost any style of music or situation. The device features amplifier simulations such as Line 6 Clean, Line 6 Crunch, 1952 Fender Twin, Vox AC30, 1965 Marshall JTM-45, and a whole host of other amplifiers so you can find that sound you have always dreamed of but didn’t have the cash to buy the full expensive amplifier. Now you can have those sounds in one package with the Floor POD. You can use headphones with it, attach it to a CD or use the MIDI out with your MIDI device.

POD Devices From Line 6

Line 6 Pocket POD

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Only $139.99
Line 6 POD Studio UX 2 Audio Interface Bundle with POD Farm 2.5 Plug-In Suite, Cubase LE Software...

Line 6 POD Studio UX 2 Audio InterfaceThe Line 6 POD Studio UX 2 Audio Interface is the ultimate home studio for guitarists. It provides premium quality mic preamplifiers and up...

Only $199.99
Line 6 POD HD500X Guitar Floor Multi-Effects Pedal

MORE POWER TO CREATE POD® HD500X is the ultimate tone palette for players who want to define their sound on their own terms. Sure, POD® HD500X has a world-class collection of am...

Only $399.99
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Do You Use Line 6 POD Devices?


You can buy this device for around $200.00. This POD device is ideal if you want to get a robust modeling device for your guitar that will do just about everything but don't want to spend tons of money on expensive amplifiers or single effects pedals. Just hook it up to your amplifier at home and access tons of great tones with this device. i have used POD devices in the past and they really do sound great. I can't say that they will replace a vintage tube amplifier sound but what you do get is well worth the price you pay for these devices. Most people who aren't guitar players can't even tell the difference in the sound this POD will make. This POD is well worth the price and you'll have fun with all the different tones it can produce. Just remember that these devices aren't as good as real tube amplifier and I doubt they ever will be but they are starting to sound pretty good from the early days of amp modeling when the sound was terrible in every way. Check out the Floor POD Plus it's well worth a listen to, you will like it.

Demos of The POD Plus by Line 6

Updated: 01/19/2012, brlamc
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