Top 5 Rhinestone iPod Touch Cases

by puzzlemaker

Sparkly rhinestone cases with lots of bling for your iPod Touch 4.

Pink, Sparkly, Jeweled, Rhinestone, 3D, Foo-Foo iPod Case

Best iPod Case for a Teenage Girl

iPod Touch Rhinestone Pink Case 3D

When my daughter sat down to pick out a case for her 4th generation iPod Touch, I was amazed at the number of options. I casually observed as she looked at hundreds of designs and finally narrowed it down to five. Who knew there were so many sparkly blingy choices in iPod Touch cases? The cases she drooled over had any combination of gems, jewels, crystals, pearls, roses, butterflies, swirly patterns etc. and some even had 3D designs. Yes, I said 3D designs where the butterfly (or other design) sticks up off of the case. Honestly, the cases are pretty amazing. Here are her top 5 choices - The best iPod Touch cases chosen by a very girly 13 year old who loves all that bling. Which one did she choose? This one...

3D iPod Touch Case with Rhinestones, Pearls and Roses - See Product Below
3D iPod Touch Case with Rhinestones, Pearls and Roses - See Product Below

Here it is! A Jeweled, Blingy, Pink Pearl, Rose and Strawberry 3D iPod Touch Case

Can it get any more girly?
Smile Case 3D Strawberry Bling Rhines...

More About These Sparkly iPod Touch Cases

Things we wondered when we ordered it

Is the case hard? Yes, the case is a hard case, comes in two pieces and it snaps together around the iPod.

Is the color in the Amazon photo accurate? The color is not exactly as the photo (see our personal photos of the case). My daughter says she likes the color better than the picture because the case has more color definition.

Do the openings in the case line up with ports, camera etc.? Yes they do. All the openings in the case line up exactly as they should for the iPod (even though the picture looks like they are off a little). On the iPod Touch Cases there will be several cutouts. This allows easy access to ports and buttons. On the 4th generation case there are cutouts for: 

Front Camera, Back Camera, Microphone, Home Button, Power Button, Volume Buttons, Speaker, Headphone Jack, and the USB port

Is she happy with her purchase? YES!

#3 - Pink Butterfly Rhinestone Cases - Totally Girly

3D Design with a Butterfly
Smile Case 3D Butterfly Bling Rhinestone Crysal Jeweled Snap on Full Cover Case for iPod Touch ...

Smile Case

#2 Choice - Blue Plaid Rhinestone Case

This was choice #1 for a long time
Blue Plaid Design Full Rhinestones Snap On Hard Case for Apple iPod Touch 4 4th Generation with ...

Only $29.99

#4 Hello Kitty with Pink Leopard Print Background

A Cute Combination
Smile Case Hello Kitty Leopard Bling Rhinestone Crysal Jeweled Snap on Full Cover Case for iPod ...

Smile Case

#5 - iPod Touch Rainbow Colors Case

When You Can't Decide on a Color - Get Them All!
Silver with Blue Yellow Orange Pink Rainbow Wave Sparkling Luxury Rhinestones Full Diamond ...

stylish polycarbonate design complimented with littering rhinestones to add an air of glamour. With our cases it's the perfect way to personalize your device.comes with a ...

Design & Motion

Here's a Look at the Runners Up

Lots of Rhinestones and Lots of Bling
  • #2 Ah yes, this was her favorite for months before she changed her mind. She looked at this blue plaid case over and over and over again. She says she may get it in the future as a back-up.
  • #3 3D Butterflies. When she saw the 3D cases it was love at first sight.This is her second favorite 3D case for iPods.
  • #4 My daughter has never been crazy about Hello Kitty, but because this 4th Generation iPod Case also has the pink leopard print she just couldn't resist the combination of cute and wild animal print.
  • #5 She loves rainbows and the bright beautiful colors of this rainbow designed case were eye catching.

Which is Your Favorite Blingy iPod Touch Case?

If You are One Step Behind Technology (like I was) Then You May be Interested in...

What is an iPod anyway?

iPod Touch Guide for Parents in Plain Speak
If you aren't sure what an iPod Touch is, here's a informational article for parents. You won't believe what an iPod can do.

More Totally Unique iPod Touch Cases

Zebra Print Cases
Everything you can image.

Updated: 06/10/2011, puzzlemaker
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tandemonimom on 06/04/2011

Wow, that is some real blingy bling!

KathyMcGraw on 06/03/2011

LOL my grandkids have several models of Ipod's that I don't even know which kind of case to get. Now I know what works for the new one...and it is pretty foo foo..:) Thanks.

WebWriter on 06/03/2011

Love all that bling bling.

JoyfulPamela on 06/03/2011

Very pretty! My teen daughter would love all of these. : )

puzzlemaker on 06/03/2011

Thanks Susan52. My daughter is so very foo-foo! I was a tomboy when I was her age even though pink is one of my favorite colors. The pink case is perfect for her.

Susan52 on 06/02/2011

Wow! I love pink (I'm wearing pink in my black-and-white picture) and I think your daughter made the perfect choice!

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