Lives of Lions

by MBC

Fun and educational facts about the King of the Jungle or the lion. I also include the mountain lion not just the African lion.

I have always loved all cats, but I became more interested in researching lions when three Royal lions came to the Denver Zoo from Qatar. I will include some photos of these particular lions which offer a new gene pool to lions in captivity in the US today. Actually it is now a couple of years later and all three cats have been moved to other zoos exactly for this reason.

According to folklore lions symbolize strength and honor as well as courage and self-confidence. They also are associated with generosity, loyalty and leadership. Lions come in second in size among wildcats to the tiger, which is quite a lot larger. The genus of the lion is Panthera.

Photo of a Female African Lion in the Wildflowers

Female African Lion in the Wildflowers
Female African Lion in the Wildflowers

Video of the Denver Zoo Lion Cubs from Qatar

According to the Huffington Post, there was a lion euthanized on March 1st, 2013. Her name was Tawny. Tawny gave birth to 3 cubs in 2004, but now she had a bad paw (right front) and had gone lame. According to the article: “The Denver Zoo says the median life span of a zoo lion is 16.8 years, and that they may be bracing for more loss to come. The zoo currently has 5 adult lions who are all age 15.”

All the more reason to celebrate having the cubs from Qatar. Aren’t they cuties?

Lion Kills Woman at a Wilderness Preserve in Dunlap, CA

The preserve in Dunlap, CA, not far from Fresno, was called Cat Haven. Dianna Hanson lost her life at age 24 due to a broken neck. The lion had been at the preserve since he was 8 months old and was 4 years old when the incident happened on March 6th, 2013. Lions reach puberty around 3 years old. Dianna Hanson was a volunteer intern.

This unfortunate incident demonstrates that lions in captivity Can kill, just a word to the wise.

The Sacred White Lions of Timbavati

Linda Tucker has written a book about the Sacred White Lions of Timbavati, who she believes were sent to us from the stars to bring humanity a message. You can see a book review and learn more about these special white lions here. Notice the BLUE eyes.

After many years these lions are being protected in Africa at the Global White Lion Protection Trust which Linda Tucker established for them.

Photos I took of the Royal Lions at the Denver Zoo

Please honor my copyright
Lion Face Shot
Lion Face Shot
The Babies Together
The Babies Together
Three Baby Royal Lions
Three Baby Royal Lions

Here's a Photo I took of a Recent Lego Exhibit at the Denver Zoo

This was a great exhibit to see!
Lego Lion Sculpture
Lego Lion Sculpture
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Here is a Photo of Raja taken at the Denver Zoo

Photo can be ordered by clicking the Viewbug link in blue below
King of Beasts Raja Lion at Denver Zoo
King of Beasts Raja Lion at Denver Zoo

Here in the US we also have wild mountain lions. Watch this National Geographic Video

It's about a mountain lion loose in Los Angeles

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