Longer Lashes With Latisse

by CRfan

Latisse is an FDA approved medication to thicken and lengthen eyelashes.

Celebrity Lash Secret

Latisse ads are probably well-known to everyone who has ever watched television or read a magazine recently. Stunningly attractive actors, actresses, and models widely endorse this product for its proven eyelash-rejuvenating properties. A lot of people lust after luscious, longer eyelashes. Many are highly skeptical of advertising claims made by contemporary cosmetics vendors, however. Even pictographic evidence that is widely displayed within popular ads and during TV commercials are insufficient to convince many of this product's major effectiveness.

FDA Approved

Latisse is currently the only eyelash enhancer that is FDA-approved for use in growing fuller, longer, well-defined lashes. Its well-known safety and effectiveness may be attained only via a valid doctor's prescription. Folks with skimpy lashes as a result of health disorder or hereditary may simply apply the liquid to the upper eyelash base prior to retiring for the evening. This protocol should be followed for a minimum 16- week period. Any facial makeup or contact lenses must be removed before the product is applied. The upper eyelids must also be cleansed completely.

Reddening and itching within and around the eyes are the most common adverse side effects of long-term Latisse usage. Dry eyes, general eye irritation, eyelid reddening, and skin discoloration are experienced less frequently by users. Most patients actually tolerate the solution quite well. Infection or other trauma to the eyes rarely occur. If such a condition develops, immediate medical advice is strongly advised.

Results Take Time

Most people's eyelashes grow gradually and require several months to reach full length. Many people notice significantly longer lashes as soon as one month after beginning Latisse treatment. Others require a little bit longer to see dramatic results. Quite often, maximum benefits are realized within four months. Extensive clinical research document this timeframe as a realistic expectation. Another factor that prospective Latisse users should know about is that discontinued usage of this product results in eyelashes returning to their prior length and fullness within a few weeks or months.

Would you use Latisse or an alternative for longer lashes?

Based on a Glaucoma Drug

Adverse side effects have been found to occur more frequently within specific patient subsets. Those who are allergic to bimatoprost or any other active ingredient should not use Latisse. Bimatoprost is a chemical substance that is commonly found within eye drops that is prescribed to relieve inner eye pressure in patients who suffer from hypertension or certain types of glaucoma. Latisse is marketed for the exclusive purpose of eyelash lengthening. Before beginning product usage, people undergoing active glaucoma treatment should consult their opthalmologist.

Since Latisse gained official FDA approval in late 2008, consumers have bought over 2,500,000 packages of the eyelash lengthener. The retail price is about $120 USD per kit. Each unit contains a single bottle of the Latisse solution and 60 individual lash applicators. Patients in many states can buy the product directly from healthcare providers at a significantly discounted price.

Updated: 04/04/2012, CRfan
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