Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Party Invitations

by Marie

For a truly Middle Earth celebration, you'll need some Hobbit or LOTR party invites and announcement cards to either make or buy. Find a great selection for Birthdays and more.

Having a fantasy themed party or even a wedding? You'll need some suitable invitations to send out to all your guests. Finding any party items for a themed birthday or celebratory event is not at all easy because there is a lack of information on this topic online. You're lucky because I've put together lots of helpful ideas on this classic Tolkien theme and many which will help you to arrange a great bash.

This guide contains official Hobbit invitations that you can buy online and have printed out for you. And, in addition to that, it also shows where you can find some free suggestions for invites and cards to make your own range of Middle-Earth stationery as well. One free printable is my own design showcased here for you.

Actual Tolkien themed invites are pretty hard to get hold of unless you choose the official versions available below from Zazzle. 

These are actually licensed invitations and you will have difficulty purchasing anything else since the people who own the rights to the movie franchise are very strict on what is sold online. So your choice is either to go with the official announcement cards via Zazzle which is a very good print-on-demand service and I have used them myself.

You can also try somewhere like etsy where you may be able to buy some handmade cards or invites on a LOTR or Hobbit theme. Also look out for traditional Celtic designs because many of these really suit the fantasy look and feel of Middle Earth.

Another idea is for you to make your own celebration announcement cards - and I have my own design that you can print online for free and use which you will see it further down the page. Or you can make your own design using items like rubber stamps and paper punches. Get other ideas for the celebratory event below.

Look out for some nice Celtic themed invites which really have that Lord of the Rings and Middle-Earth style which is best suited to adult parties like weddings and Hobbit Day events. It's a possible alternative that some people choose to use instead. Green leaves are a great choice because these are often associated with the Tolkien Elves and especially the leaf clasp cloaks that were presented to the Fellowship of the Ring members by Lady Galadriel.

Feeling Crafty? Make Your Own Invitations!

This One is My Own Free Printable Design with Traditional LOTR Styling. There are very limited options for buying official party invites for birthdays and weddings. I have designed a unique invite which really invokes the Middle-Earth and Lord of the Rings spirit with its design in hobbit greens and pale, earthy browns.

This invitation, which you fill in yourself, is made in two parts. You have the front part with the round Celtic border motif that looks like a typical hobbit home door - just like Bilbo's Bag End in Hobbiton. 

Free Middle Earth Tolkien Hobbit and LOTR inspired invitation design
Free Middle Earth Tolkien Hobbit and ...
Image belongs to the author of this a...

This round entrance door section opens up into the main part of the invite where you fill in all the birthday party or wedding / celebration event details.

Since the wording on the design states A Middle Earth Celebration, that makes it very open to use for whatever occasion you have in mind: whether that happens to be a birthday, wedding, party, retirement or something else. You can just opt to print out the part with the wording on and pop that into an envelope in order to cut down on the time spent making or putting this design together. 

Get the FREE Invitation Here to Print Out and Fill in Yourself

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Making Handmade Hobbit Stationery and Cards

Choose Traditional Designs from Nature Like Leaves and Acorns

If you opt to make your own invitations, then it's best to stick to natural themes and colors for a Hobbit theme. Acorns are heavily associated with The Hobbit and Bilbo Baggins wears acorn buttons in the movie An Unexpected Journey as decoration on his clothing. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Leaves and the color green go hand in hand with that natural feel of The Shire and Rivendell. So choosing those themes for your party or wedding stationery will work perfectly.

Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Party Invitations
Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Party Invitations
Image is in the Public Domain from Pixabay and has been altered by the author
Updated: 10/05/2017, Marie
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