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by jptanabe

I love MADArt! Megan Aroon Duncanson's art that is. She uses color so brilliantly. And her art is featured on so many products I could fill my home with her art many times over.

Megan Aroon Duncanson is a self-taught artist who creates the most amazing, inspirational works of art. I just love the colors she uses, as well as the wondrous forms she creates on her canvas.

Her work is available in so many different media. I first found her work in the form of metal wall art - really cool, contemporary looks. Then I found her work on more traditional posters and canvases. Finally, I saw lots of items for the home with her gorgeous designs - pillows, blankets, duvet covers, even shower curtains. I was so excited, realizing I could have her work in every room in my house!

"Glory Horizon"
by Megan Aroon Duncanson

About the Artist

Megan Aroon Duncanson grew up in Alaska, in a remote village without the conveniences of modern life. It was pretty cold there, she talks about how they had to cut a lot of firewood for their stove to keep warm. And as soon as she finished high school she headed for Hawaii and then Florida - because they're warm!

Art has been part of her life as long as she can remember, from drawing with a pencil to painting with a brush. She sold her art while still a student, and as a partner in her husband's home building business, but not full-time until recently.

I think it's a blessing for all of us that she now devotes herself to her art, both the creative side and the business side. Hopefully she will continue to produce more inspired artworks, as well as working to make them available to the public (us!) in the increasing variety of items with her designs that are already on the market.

Her goal is to bring happiness and joy into people's lives through art - something she's well on the way to achieving big time. Just take a look at the sample above, doesn't it make you happy?

About her Art

"Art that Colors the Soul"

Megan says she draws her inspiration for her art from nature around her. She has lived in Alaska, Hawaii, and Florida. That's quite a variety of landscapes, fauna, and flora to inspire her art!

I love many things about her work. She uses vibrant colors, colors that wake you up and make you feel energized (in a good way). Definitely the emotions she evokes are happy ones.

She paints a lot of trees, and they are so fascinating. Her trees are clearly based on real trees, but just taken to a higher level. Not so far that you feel they are out of this world, more how the world could be if it was infused with a bit of extra energy. I love that!

She also includes a lot of cute birds, often perched on a branch of a tree. Did I say cute! Other animals, and fish, appear too. All fun.

A lot of the forms in her art are twisted, but not in a way that seems dangerous or evil, in a fun, fascinating way. Her art is just light, bright, and exciting - fun!

Video showing the art of Megan Aroon Duncanson

with lovely music!

MADArt for the Home

Now, if you think these colors and designs look good as works of art, but you don't really want an art gallery in your home, how about these amazing home furnishings? This is how to really appreciate inspiring art - on useful items!

I love throw pillows and blankets. They make even the most boring old couch look like a fun place to sit, or snuggle, or relax watching TV. I might need to clear a bit of space, but these would certainly brighten up my living room!

And then there's the bathroom. Shower curtains make a huge difference in a bathroom. I have dolphins right now, but when they get old I'm going to check out these exciting possibilities. Trees would look pretty good I think!

Well, I'm a fan!

I haven't got all these amazing items yet (need a bit more money than my budget would allow!) but I'm definitely excited to start decorating my house with them.

Of course, I could buy pieces as gifts too. Especially for people whose houses I visit often so I could enjoy them ... and then there's my daughter who's a student so her stuff comes back home periodically! Yes, I need to find a way to buy these pieces for myself.


Are you a fan of MADArt?

What do you think of Megan Aroon Duncanson's work?


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DerdriuMarriner on 12/14/2013

jptanabe, Just another visit back here to appreciate Megan Aroon Duncanson's artistry, especially "Blue Essence." Her artworks translate so beautifully into merchandise.

jptanabe on 11/27/2013

Yes, trees! I'm planning my new shower curtain too.

dustytoes on 11/26/2013

I'd love one of those shower curtains! Beautiful work, and I love trees.

jptanabe on 11/26/2013

Glad you like it! I do think her work is gorgeous.

VioletteRose on 11/26/2013

Love the beautiful art work, so colorful! Thank you so much for sharing this article.

jptanabe on 11/17/2013


ologsinquito on 11/17/2013

I'm pinning this to my "Wizzley Writing Board."

Jo_Murphy on 10/29/2013

I can't get over it. Wouldn't you like a shower curtain? Jo

DerdriuMarriner on 10/19/2013

jptanabe, A remote village can mean that she grew up in a "color poor" environment, particularly if her house was beyond the tree line. On the other hand, she may have been influenced by all the fun colors of the aurora borealis.
It's so lively the way places like Hawaii (and other all-round temperate islands and small countries) so appreciate vivid colors and patterns.
One of my favorites is her "blue essence."
Thank you for decorating Cyberland.

marciag on 09/21/2013

Wow what a beautiful art, I really like this artist!

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