Made with Love, on Gift Tags, Baby Bodysuits, T-Shirts, and More

by Mira

The “made with love” tagline / meme has been associated with many products lately, on labels, gift tags, and in many other ways. It can be used as a spiritual message as well.

As I've been customizing bodysuits and tees for babies recently, I noticed many "made with love" designs. It struck me that there weren't enough "Made with Love" T-shirts for adults as well, so this article will be partly about my making those.

Then there is, of course, the "made with love" tagline of labels, gift tags, stamps on wrapping paper (or gift tags), stickers, and so on, whether on factory-made products or handmade gifts created with love.

This holiday season you may want to give dear ones personalized gifts. In that case, you may be happy to find here some free "made with love" graphics and a couple of "made with love" stamps, among other accessories to enhance your presents. And I hope you will also appreciate my "Made with Love" T-shirt design.

First of All, Some Made with Love Product Tags

Made with Love Jewelry Tags

Those of you who like to make jewelry may enjoy heart-shaped gold or silver charms, such as the ones below sold by

Made with love Jewelry Tags
Made with love Jewelry Tags (link above)

Made with Love Cookies Gift Tag

These cute gingerbread kids tag was created on Zazzle by Array for Cards and Stationery. The beauty of print-on-demand Zazzle products is that you can personalize them. You can, for instance, easily add your name on the back of this gift tag. Also, you can buy twine (red, gray, red and white, or blue and white) from this site as well.

Find it here

Made with Love Cookies Gift Tag
Made with Love Cookies Gift Tag
Zazzle (link at the left)

If You’d Rather Print “Made with Love” Tags Yourself . . .

you can do that too. Here’s a gingerbread figure in a stylized holly circle, and here’s a sheet of labels that read “I Made This With Love Just For YOU.”

I’m posting their images below as well, but they are not linked to the actual sites.

Here's the image to the left:, and here's the image to the right.

Made with Love Gingerbread Man
Made with Love Gingerbread Man
I made this with love just for you
I made this with love just for you

Made with Love Stamps

There are also plenty of “Made with Love” stamps available, should you decide to use an ink stamp instead of gift tags. They’re not exactly cheap, but they’re more versatile, as you can vary the color of the ink (Zazzle, for instance, offers black and eight other colors), and you can also stamp your own crafted gift tags.

Made with love Customizable Rubber Stamp
Ad Zazzle
Created with love Personalized Rubber Stamp
Ad Zazzle

Made with Love Stickers

There are also plenty of nice "made with love" stickers on Zazzle. Here's one of them. Feel free to explore further on the site yourself.

Made with Love, Hearts Sticker
Ad Zazzle

Made with Love Bodysuit

The message “Made with Love” is especially cute on baby clothes, which is why you'll see many such custom-made bodysuits, rompers, and baby tees on sites like Zazzle. Here are some below.

Made with Love Baby Bodysuit
Ad Zazzle
Made with Love Baby Romper
Ad Zazzle

I have created a bodysuit and baby tee myself, to celebrate not only the love of the parents for their baby, but also the Love of whatever higher power you believe in.

Made with Love Bodysuit
Ad Zazzle
Made with Love Baby Tee
Ad Zazzle
Made with Love Tie-Dye T-Shirt
Ad Zazzle

Made with Love T-Shirts

My favorite T-shirt with the “Made with Love” tagline, among the ones I created, is the blue tie-dye version on Zazzle, for it has a vortex right where I placed my design.

I think we don’t emphasize this message enough, namely that we all come from Love and that we carry inside us the possibility to be happy in that Love. Here’s how I conceived of my design. I used the golden sparkles for God’s realm, red for love that we are able to perceive as humans, yellow for the happiness and bliss that we can attain on this earth, and the shape of a key opening inside God’s realm for God's power, as God has the key to all things.

Enjoy this holiday season, and stay happy giving and receiving gifts!

Updated: 10/01/2018, Mira
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Mira on 10/02/2018

Thank you, Derdriu, for your comment!

DerdriuMarriner on 10/01/2018

Mira, Thank you for the product lines! It's lovely -- as always -- to find your latest contribution because of the timeliness and since I've read -- and voted up of course ;-) -- all your other Wizzleys. In particular, I like your comment that "we all come from Love and that we carry inside us the possibility to be happy in that Love" and your blue, red, white and yellow colors, all of which are Our Lady Mary's colors.

Mira on 10/01/2018

Thank you both! Yes, it's quite a nice phrase :)

blackspanielgallery on 10/01/2018

This shows how a simple expression can find its way into so many ideas of expression.

Tolovaj on 10/01/2018

I love the versatility of "Made With Love" tags. There must be thousands more or less playful ways to use it.

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