Make Money Blogging Through Guest Blogging

by AlexandriaIngham

Is guest posting dead? Is it possible to make money blogging through this method? It is, as long as you use it effectively.

Have you ever wondered if you can make money blogging? Guest posting, or guest blogging as it’s also known, is a great way to help you with this. Matt Cutts recently spoke out about the death of guest posting, but it is still a powerful tool when used for the right reasons.

This is not just something to help your blog make some money. It’s a way to get yourself known as an authority in your niche. Here are some tips to make sure you make money blogging with the help of guest blogging.

Understand the Benefits of Guest Blogging

Just how is guest blogging going to benefit you and your blog?

This isn’t just a way to make more money. That is the first thing you need to understand about guest blogging. The aim is to expand your audience and get more people to your website. That in turn helps you make more money, but the financial side should not be your only goal. When the financial side becomes your aim, your content tends to suffer.

How will guest blogging help you?
How will guest blogging help you?

Google is catching on that more and more people guest post just to get back links. Because of this, guest posts become spammy and uninteresting. Of course, there are people who still opt for guest posting for its original need, and those people are rewarded with ranking well in the search engines.

Get your priorities in order before you start writing the content. While you’re benefitting yourself, you’re benefitting the blog you’re writing on. You’re creating content so someone else doesn’t need to, and reaching out to their audience. That leads us onto the next tip to make this work.

Know the Audience of the Blog

If you don't write for the audience, they will never respect you as a blogger and you will not make money through this method.

This isn’t about your audience. You need to know the audience of the blog you’re guest posting on. They’re not going to conform to your writing.

Great writers will be able to do this without much hassle. Good writers may need a round of revisions. The good news is there are some things you can do to limit the amount of revisions your posts need before it is accepted by the blog owner.

Start by reading through posts on the blog. This will also help your pitch. You’ll see the type of content already created, the post topics already covered and the style of writing. This gives you a better idea of the type of content that will reach out to the readers, and get them interested in the things you have to say. By showing that you’re willing to get to know the audience, you come across as a more thoughtful writer. You want to benefit the blog with your content, as well as gaining some benefit yourself.

Write about flowers? Think about other flower niche blogs.
Write about flowers? Think about othe...

Look for Blogs That Cover Your Niche

(or ones that at least have the potential)

Like any type of blog, you need to find a blog that will cover your niche. This isn’t that hard. There will be plenty of blogs that already cover your particular niche.

What does this mean, exactly? Well, if you blog about TV shows, find a blog that covers TV show reviews or are about a particular show that you blog about. If you share content about gardening, find other gardening blogs that will take your content.

Another option is to look into those that have the potential to cover your niche. For example, I’ve blogged on a running website before and linked back to my weight loss blog. This is because running and weight loss go hand-in-hand. I covered the benefits of running for weight loss, since it was something that had only been covered a little previously—the rest of the blog was mainly about running tips and staying safe while running.

There are other topics that lend themselves. As a writer, you could blog about technology use for writing on a technology blog—you could even do this as a technology writer on a blog for writers. If you regularly make money blogging about studying and revision, you could blog on a TV show blog sharing content about how a certain TV show helps you study. Those are just examples, but there are many options out there.

Concentrate on High Quality Writing

Make sure your writing speaks to the audience, and anyone else coming across your content.

You’re not writing to promote your own blog, product or service that you offer. The aim is to blog to help people. This is the best way to make money blogging. The audience of the blog is going to be more appreciative of your guest post, and will enjoy reading the content that you share. You come across as a conscientious writer, and someone who is highly knowledgeable in your area. In short, you become a credible authority that others want to listen to.

But how does that get someone to your blog? Your back link is in your author bio. This is where you tell people more about you, and share your blog, your social media profiles or links back to your products or services. Some bloggers will set the limit to one back link, but others are generous enough to offer a second one to a social media profile if you have one that you really want to share.

It’s really important to focus on the high quality writing in your post. If your writing is shoddy, not only do bloggers reject your post but the audience will turn their nose up if you are somehow miraculously published.

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Reply to Comments Afterwards

Don't forget to be around on the publishing date to show you care more than just about making money blogging

On the day that your guest post is published, the blog owner’s readers will come by to read it. They are likely to make comments, whether it is to agree with you or ask you questions. Some will want to hear your opinion on something related to your post. It’s really important to check in on the post on the day, and be there to reply to comments throughout.

I tend to do this for a couple of days after the published date, because there will be stragglers depending on the day of the post. Some people won’t read the posts until the weekend because they want to spend time taking onboard everything you have said, and then have time to check out your own website or your products you have on offer.

If you’re not there to reply to comments afterwards, it sends the wrong message. It looks like you’re too busy to care about the readers, and you’ve just posted the content for the link. This is going to rub the readers—and the blog owner—the wrong way, and they’re not going to check your website out. Do you really want to come across as uninterested or uncaring?

Guest blogging isn’t dead, and you can make money blogging through it. The trick is to learn how to do it effectively. This isn’t just about making money or getting a back link. It’s about making a good impression on other readers, and building your following organically. The only way you can do that is offer high quality, relevant and useful content to someone else’s readers.

Updated: 06/02/2014, AlexandriaIngham
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Guest on 06/04/2014

Some of them actually were well written and informative posts. But yes, usually written by the copywriters or marketers in a large corporate, with a handily placed link at the bottom. Google then judges those as unnatural and promptly slaps the blog owner with a warning for unnatural links followed by a DMCA if nothing is done. At least the writer pays the blog owner rather than the other way on; mind you, as a writer I'd rather be paid for my work or submit the guest posts, if it's all the same to everyone?

AlexandriaIngham on 06/04/2014

I signed up at PostJoint a while ago, and accepted one post on my blog. Did the Copyscape check first. I haven't seen any backlash on my blog since, but I'm not putting anymore up there. I've not even bothered checking it out since. But I see that site as people who simply want something for backlinks, rather than offering high quality guest posts.

Guest on 06/03/2014

Be careful, be very careful. Google comes down HARD on blogs which host guest posts at times and if you choose to host, be Very Sure that the content you are hosting is legal, original and not plagiarised. I had to take my blog down because I had accepted guest posts through PostJoint. That site, along with MyGuestBlog, was hammered by the G-Gods. I had one DMCA but realised after reading up about it, that if I took that post down, they'd come after me with 50 more for all of the other guest posts I hosted. Was easier to lose the lot than lose my page rank.

Not to mention the oddity that as the writer, through PostJoint you paid the host of the chosen blog for their blog's rank and reach. Not the other way on.

I'm always happy to write guest blogs and contribute regularly to several such sites, but I'll not be going anywhere near PostJoint or its like again.

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