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by saintmoloud

If you are considering writing, or indeed, are in the process of writing an ebook, particularly if it's a non-fiction work, you might consider using Wizzley as your testing ground.

A hyponym tree (below) is a useful device for the teaching of vocabulary to learners of a foreign language. Even though you probably aren't teaching a foreign language, if you are hoping to sell your knowledge on a particular subject it could be said in doing so that you will be increasing the knowledge or vocabulary of the reader. So you need to know a bit more about hyponym trees.

Ebook marketing strategy

Ordered chapters and subheadings



hyponymWith reference to the illustration alongside, if I am writing an ebook on the restoration of furniture, I might want to use the third level categories ie cupboards, chairs, etc., as chapter headings. Then when I get to writing about the subject of chairs, I might then use the categories at the fourth level eg armchair, dining chair, etc as subheadings of the chapter on chairs. However, a problem is presented. At any of these levels which chapter heading or subheading should the reader first? This might at first glance be an inconsequential problem, until one considers that it may actually be quite important in terms of one of those magic factors which keeps the reader turning the pages. If you are like me you will tend to remember those books which you read cover to cover, and will almost always forget about the books you read a little bit and then discarded as a waste of time. However, in Wizzley you have an almost perfect laboratory to encourage the reader to turn that page 

Testing Your Format

... and make money while doing so

woman with sawUsing the above illustration, I am an author who has just finished writing a chapter in my furniture restoration ebook on the restoration of chairs, with subheadings of armchair, dining chair, etc. I have no idea of which order of subheading I should be presenting to the reader, for instance, if the order of the sub headings should be armchair, dining chair, and then stool, etc., or if the order of sub headings should be stool, armchair, and then dining chair, etc. To resolve this problem I then submit each chapter to Wizzley, (which of course must have a suitable beginning and ending in order to make it fit into the Wizzley format). Immediately upon the publishing of the chapter(s), I now have access to the 'court of public opinion'. From the statistics page of my Wizzley account, I now have a good gauge as to which of the subheadings are the most popular, and given a certain amount time, such statistics will now inform me as to which order the subheadings of the ebook should be put. For instance, if over a period of time I received 300 visits for stool, 100 for dining chair, and 600 for armchair I will now have the order of the subheadings in the chapter on chair restoration. The first subheading in the chapter will be 'armchair', the second 'stool', and the third will be 'dining chair', etc. But if I get very little response from any one particular subheading I may have to drop it from the forthcoming publication of my ebook, even if I consider it the very best example of my craft.  

Wizzley Money Generator

Keep your work in-house!

Another reason for considering Wizzley as your laboratory is the possibility that the experimentation becomes such a great money generator to the extent that you become reluctant to move it. This could happen! But, if you don't try, you will not know.


Happy publishing!     

Updated: 08/14/2012, saintmoloud
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