Marathon Running

by saintmoloud

The competitive spirit is alive, especially in the running world. Respect for the personal qualities of resolve and discipline may be a significant factor for the marathon runner.

Sport is a big part of a our lives. If we don’t play any sports ourselves, chances are someone in our family will, or one of our friends. Be it a team sport such as baseball or a solo sport like tennis, different approaches are taken towards training for it. Recently though, there has been an emergence of one sport in particular which has taken off and experienced phenomenal success. Marathon running.

Smart Fitness Choice

no expensive gyms fees!

Why many have latched onto running as a choice of sport is really no surprise at all. It is a cheap way to stay in shape. There is no need to join a flash fancy gym when all you need is the open road or a peaceful trail. Running remains a very convenient sport so facilities and equipment aren’t central to training. If one road is closed, one can go run on another one. There is no huge requirement beyond clothing, shoes and the road. No limitations exists as to how far you must run during training. You can go as far or short as desired. No set direction is required, although many runners have favorite routes and trails which they follow habitually. Everything is done on your time. However fast you want to go, whatever time you want to train, so be it. The recent boom in marathon running has brought out all kinds of runners from the casual “finish the race” women runners group to the tall, lean runners who are looking to shed seconds of their personal bests. It comes as no surprise then that half marathons are fast becoming the benchmark for all sorts runners to test themselves in a competitive environment. You don't have to look far from where ever you live to find a marathon (or half) to participate in. Many of these are very competitive, and have fielded some very quick times. Many of the more popular marathons sell out within months  and this trend looks set to continue. No matter how serious the runners are, many feel comfortable at the races and the support which support staff give is often appreciated.

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Full Speed Ahead

There is currently a surge of marathon or half marathon running within the running fraternity. Whether it be people trying to get back into shape or devoted 100+ miles per week runners, the surge in popularity in running has led to a significant increase in running races, particularly half marathons. Something which shows no signs of slowing down.



  • no gym fees

  • builds discipline and determination

  • stress release

  • aerobic exercise




  • wet weather

  • ankles and knees strain   

Updated: 08/09/2012, saintmoloud
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