Make a Custom Zazzle Quick Create Template

by Sheri_Oz

Easily make your own custom template to create a large number of specially designed products in a short time, pre-adjusted to the size and orientation of the different products.

The general Zazzle Quick Create Template is awkward to use. You will find yourself fiddling around with the platform to such an extent that you will wonder if it is worth using at all.

By making one or more custom templates you can simplify your work and make product design more efficient..

The custom template allows you to set the position, size and orientation of images and text on products you specifically add to each template. While setting up a custom template requires patience, in the end it saves you an enormous amount of time and energy.

Pros and Cons of Using the GENERAL Zazzle Template for Designing Products

If you have not yet tried working with the general Zazzle template, here are the advantages of using it:

  1. You can add the same image on to up to 100 different products.
  2. You can type in the text for title, description and tags for all products at once.
  3. You can place all products into the same store category at the same time.


In spite of these benefits, there are disadvantages to using the general template. These are:

  1. You will often need to spend time to adjust the size and orientation of your image on each of the various products before you can proceed with the final steps of publishing for sale.
  2. You will have to delete some of the products as the design just will not be suitable at all.
  3. You will have to add your image manually to some of the products that are not included in the general template platform.


Pros and Cons of Using the CUSTOM Zazzle Template

The advantages:

  1. You can make a separate template for specific purposes, for example: round products, square products, small products, etc. I just made a custom template for electronic products.
  2. You can position and size the image on each product in the way you usually use them and new images will be placed in the same position, orientation and size as you set in the template.
  3. You can position and size text on each product using a font you prefer and make that a template on the finished product so that the customer can change the wording.
  4. You can make a template that uses all the products you like to design, leaving out those that you rarely use.


The disadvantages:

  1. The first time you set up a custom template you need to manually add each product and manually set the position and size of the image on each product individually.

That's it - I couldn't think of any other disadvantages - if you can, let me know.

How to Make a Custom Template on Zazzle

There is no point in me writing down how to do this. I read several explanations and it all seemed so complicated to me. Then I found these video explanations by Shopaholic Chick and suddenly everything was crystal clear.

Sit back and watch and listen and you will have no trouble catching on to the easy steps of making your very own custom Zazzle template that will render your product design so efficient and much more pleasurable.

How to Use Your Custom Template and Create Products on Zazzle

Before you look at the video telling you how to use your new custom template, let me share with you my experience with it.

It was very easy to do the templates. I did only five to make sure I knew what I was doing before going on and making a large number of them. Practice makes perfect and best to start slowly.

It took the full 24 hours before I had access to my new template. I thought I must be doing something wrong and went through the whole process again just to make sure. I reviewed the video several times more just to make sure.


Remember: It might take a whole day (or more) before you can get your template to load and another couple of hours after the template loads for you to be able to actually use it to create products.


From this point, you work as you are used to working on individual product categories and descriptions, just that now you are attaching the same values to the entire set of products. This shortens your time investment considerably.

My Results Making Products Using the Zazzle Custom Template

I did have to fiddle with sizes of the images. This is how you learn what works and how to fine-tune the creation of your custom templates. When you know how much time you are going to save in the long run, this is fun to do.

Note the stationary - the center product. You can see that the image appears twice, once at the bottom of the page and again at the top of the page. The video showed how to do that. I was so surprised that I actually got it to work!

Screenshot of My First Custom Template Products
Screenshot of My First Custom Template Products
Screenshot of My Second Custom Template Products
Screenshot of My Second Custom Template Products

Completing Your Zazzle Custom Template Products

Once you have made sure all the images sit properly on the products, you click "NEXT" and complete the title, description, category designations and tag words for all the products in one go!

Completing Information on the Custom Template Products
Completing Information on the Custom Template Products

Other Things I Learned from the Videos

On the custom template tutorial, Shopaholic Chick talks about using PNG image files rather than JPEG. I checked out the difference and there are times you would want one and time you would prefer the other. Just to be aware that there is a difference. For one thing, PNG images maintain their white color when placed over backgrounds of other colors, whereas JPEG does not.


The other thing I learned was if you hold the control key on your keyboard as you use the arrows to move text or image, they move at a smaller increment and it is easier to control exact placement on the object.

Updated: 03/26/2014, Sheri_Oz
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Sheri_Oz on 09/22/2014

Best of luck with them.

MBC on 09/22/2014

I am also using Zazzle and I have never created a template. Perhaps I'll watch these videos and give it a try. Thanks.

Mira on 06/04/2014

It truly is.

Sheri_Oz on 06/04/2014

Isn't it great having a community where everyone teaches everyone new tricks?

Mira on 06/04/2014

I began using custom templates after reading this article of yours, and it's working out great! By the way, I didn't know that about positioning elements with the Ctrl key. Great tip! Thanks!

Sheri_Oz on 05/20/2014

It's actually quite easy, @chevril, just takes time to do. Good luck with it and have fun!

chevril on 05/20/2014

I've been afraid to venture into this unknown zone. I think I'll take a look at that video now because your article has given me a push. Thanks for good info!

Sheri_Oz on 04/05/2014

After an initial investment of the time required, this technique will, in the long term, help save you a lot of time.

younghopes on 04/05/2014

After reading so much and seeing so many zazzle artists, i too wish i could make my zazzle shop, so i hope this post will help me out then

ologsinquito on 12/29/2013

This is great advice for people thinking about doing their own Zazzle designs at some point.

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