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See and buy the top selling most popular Marilyn Monroe posters to date. Her Ballerina Poster tops the list and for good reason this in an amazing picture of Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe ranks 6th in the line up of greatest female stars of all times by the American Film Institute, what a great accomplishment. What is it about Marilyn Monroe we adore still today? It seems we relate to her on a basic level. Marilyn Monroe seemed to be one of us as she was taken advantage of and discarded by those in power, we imagine she was a victim and that makes our hearts go out to her. The many images of Marilyn reflect an innocence we assume as truth and yet the many accounts of her struggles will forever haunt the memory of Marilyn. There is a sadness to the life and times of Marilyn and it is for this reason we love the images of her, it all ended far to soon. The mysteries of Marilyn Monroe are exciting and tragic to image as we gaze upon the mysterious beauty that was Marilyn Monroe. Enjoy the favorite images of her covering this page with her posters.

Marilyn Monroe Facts

The life and times of Marilyn were short and turbulent.
  • Marilyn was born on the first day of June in 1926 in Los Angeles California
  • She died in the summer dog days of August on the 5th, 1962, Brentwood
  • Marilyn was thought to be a full figured woman weighing in at only 119 lbs (54 kg) and 5 ft. 5 1/2 inches tall, her waist was said to be 22 inches, she in fact was a slim figured woman.
  • She was married 3 times first to Arthur Miller, Joe DiMaggio, and James Dougherty

Marilyn the Ballerina

Monroe was very sensitive and in many ways intensely child like.

Many feel this evolved from her turbulent childhood and the dreams she had for a better more fairy tale life to replace the childhood of longing for things she could not have.  She took every advantage to emulate that in her adult life as one might imagine her doing so while dressing up as ballerina.

Marilyn Monroe Ballerina

Marilyn Monroe-Ballerina

Simply Marilyn Monroe

There really was nothing simple about Marilyn Monroe.

She was a sensitive fragile sort that would cry hysterically at the sight of a struggling kitten or puppy, a dying bird or anything of the like would send her to a sobbing mess.  There is also the sexy Marilyn smoking and seeming as if she were the most worldly woman on the planet.  Yet biting her nail may well be the reveal to the anxiousness always present within her.

Simply Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe

Seven Year Itch

The seven year itch was one of, if not, the biggest phenomenons of her times.

Marilyn in all her beloved innocents revealed a captivating wonder in her photo of legendary per portions in this highly sought after image. With Marilyn you never knew if it were purely an innocent accident or a calculated publicity stunt with both existing in harmony.

Seven Year Itch

Marilyn Monroe - Seven Year Itch

Marilyn and Makeup

Imagine having all the pretty play things at your disposal you once only dreamed of.

Marilyn enjoyed the endless hours of pampering and playing with the wonders of hair, dress and makeup. She no doubt was a kid in a candy store enjoying all her fame allowed her.

Marilyn Monroe, Back Stage by Sam Shaw

Marilyn Monroe, Back Stage

Monroe and Dean

One can only imagine the thoughts racing through Marilyn's mind each time she met another great man.

Marilyn a one time foster child, the little girl with so much pain in her background had finally made it, reached the dreams of her life time with each new real life fantasy.  She met so many amazing powerful and sexy men, what's a girl like her to do?   

Marilyn Monroe and James Dean

Marilyn Monroe and James Dean

Marilyn's Love of the City

She was both excited by and in love with the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Hollywood came as second nature to Marilyn. If ever a girl was born to be a star it was Marilyn Monroe.  It is so sad that it all ended so soon for Marilyn Monroe.  Imagine what she would have done if she were still alive today? Can you imagine Marilyn in her 80's?

Marilyn Monroe at the Ambassador Hotel, New York, c.1955 by Ed Feingersh

Marilyn Monroe at the Ambassador Hotel, New York, c.1955

Reclined Marilyn by Frank Ritter

Reclined Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe: Bed

Marilyn Monroe: Bed

Marilyn Monroe-Diamond

Marilyn Monroe-Diamond

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe
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katiem2 on 07/23/2012

Victoria, I agree and yes she and James Dean seem like a natural fit, maybe they were to much alike...

2uesday, Yes she did, Marilyn has inspired so many people, both artistic and not.

VictoriaLynn on 07/23/2012

I really enjoyed these posters! Isn't the one of Marilyn and James Dean beautiful? What a gorgeous pair!

I didn't know that Marilyn was so thin!

Neat article. Enjoyed it!

katiem2 on 07/22/2012

Brenda, Cool, sorry I missed that. I love Marilyn Monroe.

2uesday, that's a very good point, I never thought about it before but pictures of Marilyn do seemingly fit into any time, decade or trend.

BrendaReeves on 07/22/2012

I watched a documentary on her last week. It pretty much said everything you said here.

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