Mary Jane Flats

by katiem2

Mary Jane shoes are a very popular shoe that never goes out of style, looks amazing with anything and is the most comfortable good looking shoe ever see them here now.

Where did the much loved fashion shoe trend known as the Mary Jane first come from? This writer first became interested in Mary Jane's during the nineties. I was taken back to see Courtney Love wearing Mary Janes. After all she is quite the hard core party girl. I loved Kurt Cobain by the way. I’ll include a tribute to him at the end of this page. I digress; I began to feel myself drawn to the shoe I was once made to wear as a child. I think our parents found this shoe to be a good looking shoe both sturdy and functional. This made it safe for kids to frolic about without injuring ourselves or the shoe.

Mary Janes The Perfect Ladies Shoe

No wardrobe should be without a few good pairs of mary jane shoes, they can be worn with anything.

The undeniable truth is flat out Mary Janes look great.

They have that childlike innocence about them adding a bit more of a female flare to any attire.

Courtney Love made this all the more obvious as she began to appear in Mary Janes during the 90’s.  

She was no doubt making a statement of her own all the while staggering about with friends in their subverted sixties look.  

Mary Jane shoes will always be a winner when it comes to choosing a good attractive shoe.

The history of this shoe allows you to put your own original spin on it however ironic or outrageous will be hailed acceptable.

It seems this may well be the one shoe that can do no wrong.

Mary Jane Cotton China Doll Slippers

The Mary Jane Cotton China Doll Slippers is the Perfect Shoe for Women.

 If I had to suggest only one kind of Mary Janes it would have to be the Chinese Mary Janes just above and the hot pink below. These are very affordable, go with anything, come in a variety of colors and are insanely comfortable.  

Although it doesn't look it the shoe is sturdy.

These Mary Janes are made with a rubber sole for perfect traction taking you anywhere and doing anything.  

The perfect shoe to leave in your desk and change into, out of your walking shoes, while at work. 

They are comfy but classy and have you looking professional in a snap.

This perfect shoe goes with any fabric, can be worn in any season, dressy or casual and at any age. 

I’m a shoe watcher, I notice the shoes people wear. 

I've seen this type of shoe worn by young girls, teenagers, middle aged executives in the office, and seniors.

They fit any type of foot wide or narrow, long or short.

The adorable little strap added to the Mary Janes to your left make the foot appears to be smaller than it is.

I know because I have big feet, a size 10 in women’s shoes. 

The price is amazing at only $6.99 a pair, for this reason and all the others I've mentioned I have them in all colors. I originally tried them because I didn't believe this shoe could be any good, it's so cheap. But it is an amazing shoe.  I wear my black the most. They look amazing and classy yet dress up and down well, it’s my chameleon shoe. 

Mary Janes with a Heel

Come As You Are

My favorite Kurt Cobain Song

Courtney Love in Mary Janes

Updated: 02/01/2019, katiem2
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Mary Jane Flats Chat

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katiem2 on 02/23/2019

Tolovaji, Happy to do so.

Tolovaj on 02/07/2019

I had never heard for Mary Jane but I definitely seen these shoes. They are classics. Thanls for sharing this piece of history with us.

katiem2 on 02/01/2019

Derdriu, I like the graphic fun mary jane flats.

DerdriuMarriner on 07/07/2017

katiem2, The ones that I like are the diagonally skewered straps on the shoes that aren't Mary Janes that I'm wearing on my profile page photo and the ones that I guess are Mary Janes above -- just above the Kurt Cobain video -- with the heel.

katiem2 on 04/04/2017

Yes, they stretch out quickly, in fact many people complain that they grow off their feets. I wash and dry mine when this happens.

Carol on 04/01/2017

Do these come in wides or run wide?

katiem2 on 03/18/2013

Brenn, Thanks for sharing your experience with flats.

Brenn on 03/17/2013

I am a guy who wears mary-jane flats all the time. I think they are an incredibly stylish and comfortable shoe.

katiem2 on 02/19/2013

Craig, I agree! I know I'd be thrilled to get any of these silky flats in my Easter Basket. BUT you gave me a great idea. I like adding cool stuff for my daughters.

Craig on 02/19/2013

Mary Janes look so good on any female. These are so adorable and pretty, a shoe I bet would make any girl feel great. The price is to good to pass up. These pastel flats would be perfect for an Easter Basket treat.

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