Mean People Suck Shirts

by pawpaw

We all know that mean people suck, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't proclaim it by wearing the words on a shirt. By all means, do.

Here you will find many shirts to choose from, that all have the words......"Mean People Suck" on them.
We all know mean people, and we know they suck, so let's let them know it, by wearing shirt that let's them know, that we know.
And don't worry that you might be mean by wearing the shirt, because you are just being honest, not mean.
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Mean People Hate Pink

It isn't a widely known fact, but most mean people hate the color pink.

What better way to annoy a mean person then, than to wear a pink mean people suck shirt.


Don't Even Try to Figure Out Why Mean People Suck

You could spend all day trying to figure out why mean people suck, so I will help you out, and explain it. 

Mean people suck......because they are mean. I discovered in middle school many years ago, that mean people especially suck when they are much larger than you. Being a victim of a mean bully isn't fun.

A couple of years of growth took care of the bullying part, but even though I got bigger than the mean people, they were still mean, and they still sucked.

Why Wear a Mean People Suck Shirt?

Sometimes you want to wear something that is just for fun. One of these great shirts should fit that purpose perfectly.

 You can subtly, or maybe not so subtly let all mean people who see you, know that they suck. Sometimes if feels good to just say something, and get it off your chest. These shirts can do that for you.

There are shirts here in a range of colors, to fit most tastes, all with those 3 magic words that we all want to shout sometimes, but we are just to nice to do it.  

Not only can you probably find one in a color that you can live in, but there are also some long sleeve ones to choose from.

Whatever you do, have fun with your Mean People Suck Shirt, and make sure that you aren't mean.

Mean People Suck T-Shirt

Tell it like you mean it, because mean people do suck! Bold, black letters on a crisp, white cotton tee.

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WARNING MEAN PEOPLE SUCK! Ladies T-Shirt (Various Colors Avail)

The Design/Saying is printed on the front of this T-Shirt, we use the newest & best technology to print the design with great inks that are cured into the product. This new high...

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Goodie Two Sleeves Mean People Suck Girls T-Shirt Plus Size 3XL

This fitted white tee features the truism "Mean People Suck."

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Updated: 04/11/2013, pawpaw
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katiem2 on 04/11/2013

Agreed, Mean people are a waste of time and suck for sure! Great tees. :)K

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