Camo Samsung Galaxy Phone Cases

by pawpaw

If you are a guy, sometimes it can be hard to find just the right case for your phone. Lots of girly stuff out there. But girls like camo too.

If you have landed on this page, then you have probably made up your mind to get a cover for you phone with a camo theme. Whether you have the new S5, or an S4, you should be able to find something to fit the bill.

Now that you've decided on a basic look, there are a few more factors to consider....such as cost, durability, how well it will protect the investment you've made in your phone, and a few other things.

Here I will list a few cases that I really like.
Intro Image (Galaxy S4)

Camo Otterbox Cases For Samsung Galaxy S4

When it comes to protecting your phone, Otterbox has it covered.....Literally. If you came here looking for a galaxy S4, or S5 camo otterbox case, you came to the right place.

Their two-piece inner layer has a built in screen protector, that helps protect from scratches. Along with the screen protection, the memory foam pads add some much needed shock absorption, for those oops moments we all have, when we are holding our phones on second, and it is hurtling towards the ground the next. Or even worse, those drops onto hard surfaces like concrete.

To add a layer of extra protection, they also have an outer layer that is made of silicone. Some models even have a belt holster, that can also be used as a viewing stand. 

I would encourage people to read the customer reviews on these. Thousands have been sold, and they have a pretty solid score compared to other cases. To be honest, I don't have an S5 yet, but my son does, so it won't be long before I pull the trigger on one. When I do, these are some of the first covers I will be looking at. He had an S3, and didn't have a case. He dropped it, and it wasn't fixable. He got an S5, and went with the otterbox case, and he loves it. The price can be a little higher than some cases, but I can't argue with the quality.   


Reasons to Get a Camo Case For Your Device

1. Style. If you live in a rural area, you will see more camo. People wear it a lot. Camo hats, name it. How do I know. I live there.

2. Protection. Any case will protect your phone a little bit. Some better than others, but along with that protection, you don't want to look like a dork in front of your friends. 

3. Great for hunters. I don't hunt anymore, but I know what it is like to spend half a day in a tree stand, waiting for that big buck to come along. You are dressed from head to toe in some kind of camo. Your phone might as well be too.

4. Pier pressure. This might not apply to you, but when your friends see you with one of these, they are going to want one too, and that will put pressure on the rest of your buddies. 

5. Military. If you've been in the military for a long time, you just get used to camo.

Unique Designs For the Samsung Galaxy S5

Case-Mate Barely There Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases

If you are looking for something that you know will be unique, for your S5, here are a couple that you won't see around.

How do I know they are unique? Because they are my own designs. The photo of the trophy whitetail buck, was taken in Kansas, where the bucks are legendary. If you are a hunter, this one might be a good choice. There have only been a handful sold around the country as I write this. 

The other design, is a Rustic Tree Bark Camo. It is one of my most popular designs. 

These are made of impact resistant plastic. They will protect the sides, and back of your phone. They aren't as bulky as some cases, so you can keep that slim profile that many people like.

These two cases can even be customized if you like.

They will fit all U.S. and international models. 


Updated: 11/21/2014, pawpaw
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