Samsung TecTiles - Really Cool New NFC Technology Makes Your Phone More Convenient

by Jerrico_Usher

Near Field Communication Chips Embedded In Stickers Give Your Phone RFID Like Function

Samsung, one of the innovative smart phone manufacturers has been hard at work to take advantage of a technology called NFC or Near Field Communication. Taking advantage of the APP concept built into most new smart phones they've created a "power sticker" of a sort. These are interactive stickers that work a lot like RFID tags but they contain programming that interacts with your phone when the chip (embedded in a sticker) comes within an inch of your phone .

Samsung smart phone makers have taken the NFC (near field communication) chips and in cahoots with software in an application you can get free, you can program chipped stickers to do a variety of tasks that normally would take several movements/steps

In this article I'm going to explain how this works and how cool it really is. This is the next generation of cool coming to cell phones!



Samsung Galaxy III With NFC and TechTiles!


Samsung demonstrated the technology with a Galaxy S III by placing it in front of an NFC sticker called TecTiles. The sticker wasn't attached to nor do you generally attach it to a cell phone, it's more like a sticker you can attach to a business card that would instantly interact with the phone to perform a task or action.

(Only have one business card left and 4 new contacts with NFC equipped phones? Just tap the card on their phones and instantly they have ALL of your cards contact information- and you can even keep your last business card!)

By holding the business card next to the phone the contact information appeared on the screen. of course there would be security precautions where the user would have to approve the action but this shows how it works.


Tech Tiles

The TecTiles, the current name for the technology, contain an NFC chip embedded in the sticker. The NFC chip essentially, when in range (very close range) communicates instructions to the phone using an app installed. 

These stickers will have a lot of great uses beyond just contact information and they will even be programmable. Samsung is going to offer them through the major 4 carriers retail locations for about $15.00. The TecTiles will come in a pack of 5.


Tec Tiles Applications

The app you will need to use the chips will be free, rather it will come with the purchase or you can download/install it free of charge. It will be an Android App that contains the actual programming that gives the TecTiles their function. TecTiles will in essense hold information that the app can extract from the chip and the App will process that information.

Some things you can do with the TecTile stickers is:
  • Setting your alarm
  • Checking into a social network
  • Auto create a text and to send to a specific person/phone
  • Set the phone to various states
  • and a great deal more...

What's really cool is you can use different stickers to do a variety of tasks but you can also network stickers to perform various tasks as well. For example, when your ready to go to bed at night you can apply a sticker to a dresser or lamp near your bed and instead of having to switch your phone to night mode, setting your morning wake up call (alarm) and various other things (like auto-texing your sweetie good night?), you can have the sticker automate all of this like flipping a switch- only tapping the sticker to your phone and bam- it's all taken care of! You can have it all reverse into day mode by tapping a sticker on your dashboard in your car... the possibilities are endless!


Imagine tapping your phone to a sticker in your car to switch it to bluetooth mode so you can use your phone (legally) while driving without having to manually switch it.

Another sticker can be tapped when you're ready to get out of your car.

The app gives you the power to program your 5 stickers to anything within the realm of the apps current program limitations.

It's a lot like a task scheduler only activated when you tap (bring the sticker close enough to the phone to activate the near field communication technology).

You could put a TecTile Sticker on the stand so when you "dock" it, it's automatically in bluetooth mode on the road :)


Current, the technology works with the following phones:

Samsung Galaxy S III

  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Galaxy S II
  • Galaxy S Blaze 4G
  • and Nexus S.
  • HTC One X
  • More will be added later, any phone with NFC capabilities can use the Tiles.

You can also have it dial and place a phone call, set a message to someone elses phone, open an application, jump online and go to a specific website (great for business cards!) and more.

It's a time saver and has many applications and a large variety of configurations you can program into them.

The TecTiles act as a trigger while the software runs the back end programming and makes it's functions possible. As the software updates the TecTiles become more powerful.

The applications for Business cards alone are staggering (i.e. you can send people to your linkedIn page, Facebook page, and even control any function your phone can perform in sequence to create macros to just about anything you want to do on your phone (or offer to others to tap into on their phone).


Already Have An NFC Compatible Phone?

Get the TecTiles here:
Samsung TecTile Programmable NFC Tags :: Samsung Galaxy S III
$19.99  $5.99
Updated: 08/08/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 02/27/2013

I'm getting the Galaxy S3 the S2 also has it, you just buy the stickers and download the free app :) thanks for reading!

RubyHelenRose on 02/27/2013

Now that is awesome! I am going to try to see if I can get a new phone with this Tech Tile info already on it, that would be totally sweet. I love how simply you explain this stuff, for us non techies to understand, thanks.

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